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Uyo Sen. Dist. : Ita Enang Out, Tony Akan In – By Nsikakabasi Umoren

tony akan
I have kept quiet for too long and evil thrives when good men keep quiet so I have decided to open up on in this quest for a credible person to sit in the Senate of the Federal Republic for Uyo Senatorial district in the next dispensation. This quest, I must admit has left many asking the question, who shall sit there for us? It is no longer a hidden fact that senator Ita Enang is eying a second term ticket having stayed at the National Assembly for 16 years.
I had kept quiet this long because his re-election as far as I am concern is a huge joke. Having represented the people of Itu/Ibiono Ibom Federal constituency in the House of Representatives for 12 long years and now is representing Uyo Senatorial District in the Senate I felt he has been richly rewarded by the PDP. In fact his career as a legislator should come to an end since he started as a lawmaker at the local government level then moved to the state house of assembly before coming to the national assembly at the return of the current political dispensation. He started at the base and today he has reached the peak in Nigerian legislative arm. However, since he has indicated interest for a second term, I have decided to add my voice to tell our distinguish senator to come back home and prepare for the future.
The youths are angry with Senator Ita Enang because of the wasted opportunities in the last 15years. Senator Ita Enang is yet to empower the youths through a mentorship programme that would have produced councilors, House of Assembly members even up to the national assembly. The process of electing councilors would have been less traumatic as those from Senator Ita Enang Legislative School would have been a ready option. Yet this selfish man from Ibiono Ibom has wasted those precious years and now he wants a second term so that we can continue to count our wasted years under Ita Enang as our representative.
How many of our youths are in federal establishment courtesy of Ita Enang’s long standing connections? How many completed projects are there in his federal constituency? His selfishness has blinded him from seeing the fact that now is the right time to raise those who will take over from him tomorrow. His senses have been dulled by the fact that he feels threatened by the fact that today’s youths know what they want and will go for it at the right time which is 2015.
I have said not said this because I hate Ita Enang or that he does not give the people he represents a voice wherever he finds himself. I am a supporter of a sound mind, I love it when people give account of themselves and that is what our senator has done over the years. He is a voice to be reckoned with, Nigerians envy Uyo Senatorial District, Ita Enang has carved a niche for himself in the legislative business but the sad question is what has all these brought to the people of the district? An attempt to answer this and many other questions will take you to some of those things listed above which the senator has not done and makes the question WHERE IS TONY AKAN most apt at this point in time.
The search has been on for a replacement for Senator Ita Enang since it became public knowledge that the distinguish senator only represents his personal interest and not that of the people of Uyo senatorial district. The youths who bear the direct consequence of his selfishness as exemplified by proposed citing of the federal polytechnic in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area. Those who know him very well are happy that the polytechnic has been taken to where it will be completed and put to use as Senator Ita Enang only wanted what he could use as the basis for a second term campaign. That has been his strategy since 1999 when he has been representing the people of Itu/ Ibiono federal constituency always bring one project or the other in which he knows there is no likelihood of completion. Therefore the long search for a worthy representative who will collectively represent their interest especially in the area of mentorship and empowerment as well as engage our graduates in various federal government agencies has come to an end with the indication of interest by the present Chairman of Uruan Local Government Area.
My joy is half full now that our elders have come to realize that speaking in the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly also include bringing back home something tangible for the good of the people. It is not in the promise of a key project that will never see the light of the day despite the much talked about relevance of the senator in national politics. The decision to have Uyo federal constituency produce the next senator is the best decision by the elders and narrowing it down to Uruan will go down in history as the best option in the sharing of political power in the senatorial district.
Let me use this opportunity to appeal to our Uruan brothers who are eying the senate seat to please drop their aspiration and support the man who will within a very short time in office as our senator restore the confidence of the people in their representative. Let us support a man that has support across board whether among the elders, women or youths of the district. Rt. Hon Anthony Jude Akan is the man in whom the cap fits, he has done it before and I am sure he will do it again, this time not only to the people of Uruan but the entire nine local government areas of Uyo Senatorial District from 2015 and beyond.

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