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Oro 2015 Struggle: 'Stop Castigating Gov. Akpabio' – Martin Umana Advise Robinson Uwak


Hon. Robinson uwak, I would advice you stop castigating Chief Godswill Akpabio for transforming and helping his person and those that supported him,are you not in position and representing people the same way Chief Godswill is? what have you also done to your own immidiate family not even community nor ward not to talk of your LGA then Oro nation you representing.

Where you not being voted for the same way he was being voted for?.Look at all these that stood by Chief Godwill to be where he is, can you compare any one to all those that stood by you? Please stop using what he as done to work on Him,come to tink of it, are you just noticing bad roads in Oro nation or is it because Chief Godswill Akpabio as advice you to go and marry and look respondsible, my brother as long as this your fight is concern,you are absolutely on your own you sent your step sister out of your house and rendered her homeless simple because she is supporting Barr. Ekpenyoung Ntekim as Governor.

Which is an Oro man and you are talking about Oro 2015 your fears are that if Ekpeyoung Ntekim should become the Governor Your second term/third term ambistion will be denay because you are from the same constituency with him you prefer Barr. Effiong Abia from Mbo.

 Please go and rest all you figting for is to look for who will come back and stand by you for the second time mind you, your on tenure is finish, you where to complete Hon Peter Linus’s second term whch you have done that,thanks you have represented us well. Please I would advice you meet all your special advicers on what to do,if u need to overhaul your cabinate of special advicers 

Please do it will really help……shine your eye…Good day

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