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Oro 2015 Struggle: 'Don't Send A Slave To Me…'- Robinson Uwak Cautions Gov. Akpabio

Good afternoon your excellency. I have heard of your government house press release over my post on Facebook of over two weeks ago. While I am surprised that it
has taken the uncommon transformer of Annoying land over two weeks to gather himself to confront the TRUTH, it is
pertinent to ask if you briefed your managers of your phone conversation with me where you clearly admitted marginalizing Oro and pleaded with me to
bring down the post on Facebook and come to a negotiating table with you. Did you tell them that my only condition for meeting
with you is the award of Oron road by Isanghedighi to Julius Berger? I plead with you your excellency to let the slaves toiling
in your exco into our conversation of Saturday the 5th of July. Maybe they will gather the courage to advice you sincerely when you do wrong. Please tell your slaves I am a free man I and I will only exchange
conversation with a freemen like you so they need not bother. In the future your excellency, if you have anything to respond to TRUTH please deal directly with me and don’t send a slave to me.

In the meantime hurry,fix roads in Oro and support Oro 2015 or you will not have a vote from Oro.

Best regards

Hon. Robinson Uwak

Ubeadai Oro.

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