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It was in 2005, that he conceived th dream. Nsima Ekere, a successful entrepreneur and acclaimed Estate Valuer stepped into the arena of politics. His goal and inspiration were to bring his rich pedigree,  private sector investment and management savvy to bear in triggering economic boom, human empowerment and capacity building, and social development to the Akwa Ibom homeland.
His party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP was in power and doing well in the state. As the administration of former Governor Victor Attah was winding down, Ekere indicated interest in succeeding him in 2007.
The rest they say is history. But, here it needs recount. Ekere came fourth in that primaries crowded by 57 other formidable aspirants. Impressed with his equanimity and decorum in conceding defeat, the winner of that contest, His Excellency, Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio nominated him as his running mate.
That was not to be. His Excellency, Nsima Ekere offered himself as a sacrifice to usher in the peace and political stability in Akwa Ibom State following the charged and tense aftermath of that rancour-laden party primary. His Excellency, Engr. Patrick Ekpotu was the compromise beneficiary of that position he was persuaded to decline. He was appointed Chairman of Akwa Ibom Investment Promotion Council, AKIPOC, and Ibom Power Plant. He loyally helped to drive the vision of the Akpabio administration in that all important sector.
By 2011, he held in abeyance the still pending vision to lead Akwa Ibom and contribute his inspired quota to making her great. That was imperative to support Governor Akpabio have another term and complete his blueprint for the state. Already, Akpabio was doing very well and a second term held out more promise. Led by that conviction, Ekere subsumed his ambition and accepted the invitation to serve as Deputy Governor under Chief Akpabio. What a window that was, bringing him ever closer to his dream.
Intimidated by the fact that, he was a natural choice to succeed Akpabio in the making, his opponents could not stomach their dislike. They moved against this rising statesman with a web of complex and intriguing conspiracy. The ultimate scheme was to cause disaffection between him and his boss, Akpabio. Ekere took the better choice of stepping aside. He offered to resign and enhance political and social stability against grandstanding to defend his rights. The worst case scenario would have torpedoed the glowing achievements of the administration and brought about a schism that may distract the tempo of development. Ekere put the interest of the State first. He suspended his rights to move the state forward. He resigned his plum job as Deputy Governor, but never aborted the bigger picture of serving his people as governor.
By 2015, it will be ten good years of political incubation for a divinely inspired vision that will finally manifest. When by the Grace of God, His Excellency, Nsima Ekere is sworn in as Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State. There is already a groundswell of opinion amongst the majority of stakeholders and the good people of Akwa Ibom at the grassroots, that Nsima Ekere is the Answer.
Yes! Answer to the question, who is the best and right choice to succeed and continue with the good work of Governor Akpabio? Answer to the puzzle of which Federal constituency should produce the governor since Akwa Ibom people by overwhelming consensus have endorsed power shift to Eket Senatorial District. Ikot Abasi, like Oron Federal Constituency is yet to produce a Governor from that Senatorial District. But with a Minister of the Federal Republic and the Senate seat in 2015 slated for Oro, Ekere’s Ikot Abasi Federal Constituency solves the riddle. Nsima Ekere is the answer that resolves all the mounting tension and unease about whose candidature will be less acrimonious, labourious and controversial for the system and Eket Senatorial District. He has the profile, stature, contacts, network, goodwill and broad based coalition to mobilize and weld a mass movement that will berth success come 2015.
Talking about Senator Iyiola Omisore, PDP’s Governorship standard bearer in the August 9 Elections, The Ooni of Ife, His Royal Majesty, Oba Okunade Sijuwade,  told President Goodluck Jonathan of the personal sacrifices that has made in his quest for the governorship of the state since the return to civil rule in 1999. The royal father disclosed that, twice, Omisore has stepped down for others to become governors of the state, even when all pointers was that he would have won. The Ooni did not mince words, when he argued that, Omisore’s time may have finally come. He sued for support for him purely on the grounds that, he has paid his dues. With patience and patriotism, he has made sacrifices for his Party and state.
I made this allusion to observe that, Obong Nsima Ekere is a statesman of that mould. He has never allowed personal interest override the collective good of Akwa Ibom, in the last decade of his consistent quest to become their servant. It is my view that His Excellency, Nsima Ekere as Governor of Akwa Ibom is a man and idea, whose season and time have come.
There is no need to strive or contend against that notion. Nsima Ekere is the answer. He has the ‘cross-country’ appeal. The charisma, integrity and experience needed for a time such as this.
Nsima Ekere has consistently engaged in the elevated politics of ideals, principles and ideas. Like other great statesmen and leaders of note, such as, Mahatma Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, he has practised his politics without bitterness, antagonism or malice towards anyone or institution. He has lived to let others live and have their fill. His very nature of near self-effacing gentility abhors strife. Effortlessly, Obong Nsima Ekere has built enduring bridges of brotherhood, alliance and friendship through the classes and strata of society.
He is at ease with the grassroots as he is with the elites. His domain name has been entrenched with his people, whose interest tailors his choices. For 2015, when we are having a transition, it is such a man that we need to give Akwa Ibom a jerk-free leap to the next level. He has effectively been part of the best era of our Uncommon Transformation. A prominent participant and player at that, and even acted as Governor without blemish. He is sure-footed and well-groomed to take over from Governor Akpabio and seamlessly sustain the tempo of the success, with no loss or slow-down associated with on-the-job-training any person new to the job description will suffer. Never forget this fact, if you forget any other thing in this narrative: NSIMA IS THE ANSWER.

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