By Emmanuel Nicholas

Most times I don’t love writing on issues that get unmerited attention. This one clearly belongs to that class. I only get worried when people are deliberately deceived or just hope for what will never be. I have read few articles from Obong Nsima Ekere’s hurriedly assembled and volunteer media hands. I deem it obligatory to correct their infantile political deviousness and hallucinating visions which they have attempted to accentuate in their many concocted and quack narratives.

Let me do a small analysis and I love to be frank and direct in my approach. I want to talk politics. The intention of Nsima Ekere to run for the position of Akwa Ibom State Governor in 2019 is a dead dream on arrival. Why? Even within the divided house of the Akwa Ibom All Progressive Congress, neither the faction of defeated Governorship candidate, Umana Okon Umana, nor the Real APC led by Senator John James Udoedehe accept the candidature of Nsima Ekere .

To them, the position occupied by Nsima Ekere, as the MD of Niger Delta Development Commission is too sumptuous for Nsima who did not make any tangible sacrifice like Obong Umana Okon Umana and others. Their major agony is that, if Umana was the person heading the commission most of them would have been given appointments and contracts to alleviate their sufferings.

And information evolving from the innermost caucuses of these divisions has it that, Umana has ordered his supporters to support Governor Udom Emmanuel, whom he sees as a better leader to associate with than Nsima Ekere. Leave newspaper report, see the writings on political walls.

My Sources (very impeccable sources) reveal that, Umana was instrumental to the sacking of Nsima Ekere as the Deputy Governor to Senator Godswill Akpabio, CON, and he believes, Ekere is still nursing the lesions of his untimely expulsion by Umana and his tandem. In view of these deep hurts of Ekere , Umana’s camp fear that, if Ekere succeeds as Governor, he may likely use his felonious and aberrant deals in that Government to send Umana to jail to avenge his sack. It would be recalled that Umana was the engine room of Akpabio’s administration. Stitch these facts together and see them blend.

The source says Nsima is a very antagonistic and bigheaded person who does not forgive or forget any wrong doing by anybody against him. They add that, their leader Umana knows he is pretending to love him now, just to get what he wants, and later, he will come with a jack knife of avenge and take his pound of flesh. God forbid Umana to go to jail. He is a good man. Instead they will return to PDP which they believe, will take back power in 2019 as APC has failed Nigerians.

On the other hand, the James Akpan Udoedehe faction boast of being the original APC in Akwa Ibom State (whatever that means) meaning that other groups within the fold are squatters, swashbucklers and buccaneers who came to forcefully hijack the party structures from them. This faction hates Nsima Ekere with passion and sees him as a stray goat bonded with an insolent spirit who has no regard for their leader Udoedehe. There is nothing Udo has not accused him. I can’t write them here.

This Udo’s faction is the largest formation of the APC party in Akwa Ibom State and they were partly instrumental to success of Governor Udom Emmanuel, whom they believed then, that he was a better leader than the failed Candidate of their party in the 2015 gubernatorial election. They are die hard and never waver. They never bling or slumber. They will slug it out to the very end.

This caucus of APC met sometime in June and unambiguously agreed to continue their support for Governor Udom Emmanuel whom they believe, is performing beyond their expectations, despite the recession ushered into the Country by their Political Party at the centre .

This faction convened a meeting of their Uyo and Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District caucus and considered options for the forthcoming elections in 2019. The following resolutions were reached by the caucus

1. Supporting Nsima Ekere will mean that Uyo Senatorial District have to wait for another eight years before power returns to them, after waiting for twelve years earlier.

2. That Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District have to wait for sixteen years after waiting for four years already

3. Finally they resolved to play along with Nsima Ekere pretending to support him and when the time for election comes they will get their supporter’s advised to give their votes to Governor Udom Emmanuel to succeed in his second Term bid. This is politics.

Just like a anonymous scorpion, Senator Ita Enang is one trickster in politics that no one should toy with. His eyes are on 2023, well fixed with Ibiono LGA highly favoured. His interest in the 2023 election is not negotiable. As a miser and tight fisted hand whom everybody knew him to be, Ita has slowly begun an unusual show of generosity and he comes to Uyo now every weekends to oil his structures and expand his caucus within the party against 2023 general election. Nsima Ekere hangs out there in the cold, akone and alone.

And of recent he has been singing the praises of Governor Udom Emmanuel on all radio stations and television stations in order to write his name in good books of the Governor, knowing fully well, as the incumbent Governor, the Akwa Ibom leader will play a major role to who succeeds him. Ita Enang knows the formula well and he is adjusting to the rhythm

With this aspiration of Senator Ita Enang, he knows Nsima Ekere’s success will spell doom to his ambition and because of this, he has been meeting the Ibibio elders and youths secretly, to drum support for the Governor while pretending before Nsima Ekere to be in his support. Mbre Ikid.

The lumps in the breast of Nsima Ekere’s fluke ambition are too many to be extracted in one day but I won’t fail to divulge this to the public who may be having false assertion that his ambition will be successful .

Chief Don Etiebet the former Minister of Petroleum is another political chameleon in APC and strong supporter of Umana Okon Umana whose opinion about Nsima Ekere is not different from others. Chief Don Etiebet who happens to be the inlaw of the present Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr Udom Emmanuel and secret lover of his administration’s performance, is in the business of Rat –in and Mouse –out every forth night to the Akwa Ibom State Government house to see his in-laws.

The Oruk Anam born Politician is part of Umana’s Caucus whose resolution is to support Udom Emmanuel instead of Nsima Ekere to protect Umana against been avenged by Nsima. Apart from protecting his bosom friend, a vote for Nsima will mean extra eight years to Eket Senatorial district at the expense of Uyo Senatorial who are supposed to have their turn in 2023, then Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District will have to wait for the Lord’s coming to have theirs.

There are blind bootlickers who see the presence of Obong Victor Attah at the thanksgiving service of Nsima Ekere as a plus to his support base. But they are blinded with false assessment without considering all the candidates that have failed before due to Attah’s support to their ambition. Infact, going by history, they are some supports that are not good for political aspirations. Bo Ifiok.

Let me try to rekindle their brain with historical facts that no one can deny. Obong Attah’s support for his son in-law , Mr Bob Ekarika was a failure no one really envisaged. Being an incumbent Governor he had so much power in his position to upturn the election in his son in law’s favour. But the son inlaw failed to clinch the ticket to become his successor. A bile that he has found so difficult to forget and forgive his close allies who betrayed him.

Then in 2011, Obong Victor Attah the Edeuk Ekpe Ibesikpo Asutan vaulted again into another political abyss ,when he lifted the hands of his once perceived political enemy , Mr John James Akpan Udoedehe at four towns primary school, Abak Road.

During that endorsement Obong Victor Attah referred to Udoedehe as one of the thieves on the Cross with Jesus who had a good word in his mouth for the Lord ,and Jesus promised him that he will be in paradise. Udoedehe is that thief Attah resounded as he held his hands up the sky.

Udodehe did not only lose the election , but he lost his political followership and this ran his popularity into the abyss of political bankruptcy and decay. As this was not enough for our worthy leader to have a rethink of trying to fly against a thundering-wind of destinies , he threw his weight behind Umana Okon Umana in 2015 and the APC candidate did not only fail as dung-sack, he was also ruined by that election.

So the support of Obong Victor Attah to Nsima Ekere is a failed crusade and by now the Akwa Ibom former Governor should know that he doesn’t have the anointing to enthrone Governors. Anointing ado nsio nsio.

Obong Nsima Ekere should know that Oro Nation instead of supporting him as another Ibibio Son to have another eight years , after Governor Udom Emmanuel have had four years, instead they will support Governor Udom to complete his eight years so that power may rotate and return to Eket Senatorial District , after Uyo and Ikot Ekpene will have their slot as Eket had voluntarily zoned the slot to Oro Federal Constituency .

So When will Nsima Ekere will be sworn in as governor of Akwa Ibom State, that year the tortoise will kill the lion, and the rat will make the cat its prey. Then men will swim in the desert, and then will spirits will drink tea instead of blood. Petrol will quench fire, then the leopard will not stand the strength of a mouse. The frogs will swallow the python, and the lizard will chase the dragon, as the rooster will escape death in the hands of a butterfly. The serpent will sing for the rabbit to dance as both will hug. Banana will become poison to the monkeys. May that year come soon.

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