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There is absolute certitude that life is a gift from God. But how we use it, is our gift to God. Life continues to move. One is born to live and in living, one begins to die. When born, we are; born to die we are; when here we die; to live ‘there’, we die; for one lives to die, and one dies to live. The arrival of a new baby, especially when long expected, is often greeted with great joy and happiness. This, surely, dear friends, was the case, when this homo sapien was born into this cosmos. Having arrived, how far, so far? This article departs, therefore, with the aphorism that “it is not how long one lives, but rather, how well”.

In this space of time, O readers, and having agreed with the Socratic dictum that “the unexamined life is not worth living”, I consider it then great honour, ab initio, that the opportunity has offered itself for me to undertake a writing on a young man, and adept who has not only metamorphosed into a towering phenomenon in the Media practice, but has been Destined for Greatness. Deo gratias!

The task of writing on a personality whether young or old has never been an easy one. If however then you are adjusting your seats and thinking that this essay shall in any away give a compendious description of the celebrator, despite a queue of ideas, then, it may be safe to assume that you are in for a shock April fool in August, for I shall undertake none of that. When William Shakespeare (1564-1616) in his work Twelfth Night averred: “be nor afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them”, he was not mincing words. This celebrant fits into the second Shakespearean category. Whereas birthday is a day in each year which is the same date as the one on which one was born, it is permissible on this propitious occasion to celebrate with this celebrated celebrity who is, in strictu sensu, a genius ipso facto.

The date as revealed by his Birth Certificate was the sixth day of the Eight Month in the year Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Nine. The Hospital was Saint Luke’s Hospital, Anua, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State; the day was a Sunday. The object of joy was the birth of a promising male child, Paul, who arrived the planet earth 19 minutes after his twin brother, Peter, who was born at 8.00 in the evening. Their parents are Dr/Mrs Ime-Obong Bassey of Nto-Otong Village, Midim Clan in Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Like the Biblical Peter (1st Apostle) and Paul (the greatest existential theologian) and like the twin, Peter and Paul Okoye (P. Square), Peter and Paul Ime-Obong Bassey have also grown to become outstanding, intelligent and hardworking young stars who have witnessed (and are witnessing) meteoric rise in the Media practice. As Venerable members of Confraternity of Professorial Minds (CPM), a group inspired and animated by God the Summa Sapientia (Highest Wisdom) and committed to learning, rigorous research, teaching, public speaking and the like, Peter and Paul Bassey have distinguished themselves as disciplined, humble, committed, responsible, honest, patriotic, diligent, courageous and young men of our age who do good things. Paul, to whom this article is specifically dedicated, is a bundle of joy and happiness who has been able to tower above his peers.

Particularly loved by mother, little Paul began his early education in 1993. He attended Social Nursery School, Idu Uruan, AKS (1993-1998) and Immaculate Conception Nursery School, Afaha Obong Abak (1998-2001). He had, from infancy, a curious turn of mind. He was more reserved in his disposition, that he often teased his friends with questions they could not answer, for which reason they dislike him as they supposed that he was either foolish or insane.

Queen of Apostles Seminary, Afaha Obong, Abak (est. 1952), which has remained one of the best Institutions the world can proudly boast of, graciously welcomed and got young Paulo and his brother, Pete(r) enrolled in 2001 in JSS1. They pursued their studies assiduously and underwent the compulsory disciplinary/ formative Seminary training and passed their WAEC, NECO and Latin Examinations with flying colours. Paul whose name in Greek (Paulos), Latin (Paulus) and Hebrew (Sa’ul) means “asked of Yahweh”, upon completion of his Secondary education, proceeded to the Northern part of Nigeria. He attended the Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu, Yobe State, where he studied Electrical Engineering Technology. As a result of his contributions to Student Unionism, he was awarded and honoured as Atuekong Nto Ufok Nwed Annang by Akwa-Cross Students Association, Fed. Poly, Yobe State.

Determined to make tremendous impacts in the Media World, just like St. Paul who never wanted to be a burden to anybody at any time (Confer 2nd Thess. 3:7-8; 1st Thess 4:11-12; 2nd Thess 3:10-12), Paul Bassey decided to secure a living for himself. He worked as Managing Director, Pauba Telecom(2008-2010), Manager, North-East Communications, Yobe State (2012), Website Content Manager, UyoCalyAxis.com (March 2013- September, 2013). Armed with these vast experiences, Atuekong Paul Bassey (APB) founded the Ibom Mobile Media in October, 2013.

To the admiration of many, Ibom Mobile Media, proud producer of www.ibommobile.com came as he puts it, “from a desire to create a platform where one can read latest news updates live within and beyond Akwa Ibom State”. www.ibommobile.com which is committed to updating unbiased News reports is dedicated to Akwa Ibom State. This he said is as a result of the uncommon transformation the State has witnessed under the leadership of Chief Dr. Godswill Obot Akpabio, CON.

History has been one marathon lesson in unpacking the mystique surrounding great achievers. The Bassey family of Nto-Otong, Abak just like the Ekpoudom family, has a genealogy of great leaders. Paulo who commemorates his Silver Jubilee Anniversary on earth today, is also a Media Consultant to ShadeCover Group. He is thankful to God for his life so far lived. He has a passion for inspiring and impacting the younger generation. His Philosophy in anchored on the Pauline teachings: “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

This day, as APB marks a new beginning in his life, may I, at this juncture, on behalf of Confraternity of Professorial Minds (CPM), offer him our congratulations and best wishes. We wish him peace, love, joy, more healthy years and all the good things possibly imaginable.

“He hath showed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God” (Micah 6:8).

Happy Birthday, (Peter and) Paul. Long Live Atuekong. May the good Lord bless you bountifully, Amen.

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