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Is Keke Ticketing one of the Akpabio's Promised Industries?-By Unyime Isemin

It is obvious that the honourable
commissioner for Transport has never been in my mind to send a letter to, but due to his recent interraction with James, the
anchor-man of the AKBC Centre Point, AM 45 on the topic, KEKE NAPEP: MATTERS ARISING, I thought that it is necessary for
me to send this letter secretly to you.

I practically know that truth is always bitter in Akwa Ibom State, but that will not stop
me from saying the truth that I feel that it is important to share with you. However, I do not wish to consult a prophet or oracle
before knowing that after reading this letter, that you and your supporters will regards me as a public nuisance that is
capable or trying to incite the public, especially the Keke riders against the government. I pray that you will not ask the
SSS guys to come after me.

Well, it is on record that early January, 2014, that the irate Keke Napep riders went to the streets of Uyo to protest the multiple ticketing, which prompted the stopage of
the sales of the ticket till this month. But I was so surprised that you claimed that it was the government that felt it was wrong to have multiple ticketing.

Today, you are saying that it was the chairman of Keke Napep Association with others that suggested the daily ticket at the
cost of N400, and I wish to ask, who among the members of the executives of the so-called Keke Napep Association are keke

Mr. commissioner, before now, I used to think that funds generated from the sales of
tickets like Keke ticket or daily market ticket goes directly to the government pulse for the purpose of contributing to the development of the society. But, the sharing formula that you gave to the public shows that the funds do not go to the government at Local, State or National levels, rather, it is
shared among the selected personalities like RTEAN, NURTW, the ticket sellers and …you know now. So, to every right thinking citizen of this state, it is obvious that no tier of
government in the state can truely present a balance sheet that will capture the internally generated funds like Keke
ticketing. So sad, but it is uncommon happening in the 21st century.

Also, I feel that it will be important to engage you on a common reasoning on this
Keke matter. If you were not a
commissioner, which of this profession will take; being a keke rider or being a keke ticket seller? I presumed, you will go for the keke ticket seller, why? Because, if you sale ticket to 50 keke Napep, you are sure of
N2500 with ease, while the Keke rider will be tolling to go home with the same amount or less than that.

My commissioner, I was so surprise that you were so proud to announced in your thick Ibibio accent that the government
have engaged about 340 youths as keke ticket sellers, meaning that 340 youths have
been employed this month. That is a good industry, keep it up.
When you were aguring with one of the callers to the programme who said that he has been making only N3000, I was thinking that you will told us how much were making as a keke rider before becoming a

My point is that nobody will so proud to be called rider, but due to lack of employment opportunity in the state, most grauduates have resolved to be come the keke riders to
put food on their tables.

Finally, I wish to say that it will be right for you to mention the name of that politican that sponsoring hoodlums to stop the law-biding keke riders from going about their normal services.

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