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'Your Insult On Gov. Akpabio is a Cheap Tactics For Second Term' – Emmanuel Nicholas Blasts RobinsonUwak


By Emmanuel Nicholas
There is a timeless aphorism that’s says that a man who seeks sympathy from the open market by stoning his Elder, seeks disgrace not grace and whoever cries like a toad in the streets, earns damnation and reproach, not glory.

It must be said and swiftly too that Robison Uwak’s recent insult on the personality of His Excellency, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Chief Dr Godswill Obot Akpabio CON is a cheap school boy tactics aimed at getting a second term mandate from his people through falsehood.

In his tiny, shallow mind, the lawmaker thinks whoever blackmails the Governor and his tribe will please the people of Oro nation. Unknown to him, the intelligent and discerning Oro sons and daughters will refuse to be bought with such 13th century politicking.

Honourable Uwak (that is if there is any dose of honour left in him) is aware his people are out to vote him out of power, because he has not impacted on the people instead he is being alleged by the same people who voted him as the one building cult groups to turn them into thugs during his re-election. We are living witnesses to the efforts of our security men to battle the menace of cultism. Who knows, maybe, the people are right in their accusations.

These cult groups are funded by Oro politicians and the lads are killing themselves every night. They are recruited from primary to secondary schools. The situation is worrisome, in secondary schools; there are about eight more cult groups different from those in the universities. In the universities, you will find groups like Vikings, Black Axe, KKK, Eiye, Mgbamgba, Agaba, Black Berret and so on. In secondary schools they have Idi Amin Children (IAC), the Secret Sons of Satan (SSS), Red Skin (RS), Saint Stephens (SS) and September Eleven Groups (SEG) which are new dangerous and funded heavily.

They are known to put on certain colours of attires like black, red, green and yellow berets, so also they put on mufflers with different colours, depending on the cult gang they belong to. Some put on the chaplet, it is either yellow, or those mixed with different colours, with the same bangles especially yellow, depending on which group they belong to. This has turned the entire region to a cult hub and politicians are fuelling the fire and are watching it rage on. The region accounts for the greatest number of Cult groups, and not even the fishermen are out of it, as there is increased number of waterway crimes cause by them. The Uwak onslaught on the leader of Akwa Ibom State is a clear testimony of his childishness and youthful exuberance.

The below statement does not show any attribute of a leader but that of a toddler with brain dysfunction. It reads, ‘’Good afternoon your excellency. I have heard of your Government house press release over my post on Facebook of over two weeks ago. While I am surprised that it has taken the uncommon transformer of Annang land over two weeks to gather himself to confront the TRUTH, it is pertinent to ask if you briefed your managers of your phone conversation with me where you clearly admitted marginalizing Oro and pleaded with me to bring down the post on Facebook and come to a negotiating table with you”.

Uwak betrays the confidence given the youths to occupy public offices. He leads a renegade generation of men with brain impairment, whose sole weapon is blackmail. Can this toddler, Uwak take his hands off this fire he has prepared without getting burnt? Can he fight this war to success? I understand his frustrations and peculiar circumstance, the desperation for a second term without tangible achievements to present. The fears of  going down into political abyss like Hon Eseme Eyibo, who made  much noise on the floor of the lower house and no achievements back home.  He thinks he needs to do the exceptional. But this is the silliest idea of the 21st century.

Uwak’s listless leagues are not fast to reasoning, that uncommon goals are not achievable in lip wars but by hard work. How far can he achieve it with blackmail? The young Uwak should learn from others who built shrines of evil rumours in 2011 and the way they ended up as political chrysalis. Then he will know whether to continue in the absurd trade. Robinson is not alone. He is only a stubborn lad dancing to the drums played by cowards in the bush.

The same ones who will disown him when the chips are down. The boy, Robinson and his misguided timorous beings only see the blackmailing of Akpabio as the only ladder to election mandates ; forgetting that election is not won on the pages of newspapers or on internet Medium. The crying of the frog does not stop the Chinese chef from making it into a delicious meal, neither does the fighting of a hen with a cow hamper its movement.

But the hen will be tramped to mire by the large steps of the cow. It is said that the dancing of a beautiful maiden is not by over wobbling of the body but her beauty will make the steps of her dance worth watching. A man of integrity does not climb to the mountain to shout with trumpet to gain votes, but his pedigree and virtues will honour him with the needed mandate to lead.

Hon Uwak should know that blackmailing a man who has created a track record of integrity, credibility and gained honour, respect and acceptance from it, is like climbing a mountain on a rainy day, you will slip to the ground and the mountain will remain where it was.

Stop running your mouth, come up with your constituency projects to show your people your performance, because it will x-ray your manifestation in government.

Can you set aside blackmail and have a focus? Can you make their focus visible so that they can have a vision? Can you declare your  vision so that they can have a mission? Can you embark on your mission so that you can achieve your goals? Can you make your goals as target so that they can be established? My brother Robinson, I still have a few questions for you, before the advent of the administration of Chief Dr Godswill Obot Akpabio CON which government had constructed one road in Oro nation? Today more than 28 roads have been constructed by the Gov Akpabio government and many are still on-going.

Uwak, can you consider the Construction of Etebi-Ewang Road 24Km Road with Spur and 2 Bridges (Bridge one 650m and Bridge two 100m) 22.5m X 1.5m Prestressed Beams for Bridge and how much this has cost the State? You should have these answers my brother or I will be left with the other conclusion that you have a medical challenge of brain imbalance.

Although Scientists believe that for most people, Alzheimer’s disease results from a combination of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that affect the brain over time. Less than 5 percent of the time, Alzheimer’s is caused by specific genetic changes that virtually guarantee a person will develop the disease. And is known that people with this type of brain disease behave and speak in like manner like you, Alzheimer patients suffer memory and language loss, impaired judgment, and other cognitive changes. A person with Alzheimer’s disease may not be able to communicate the true condition of situations, while most of their reactions to issues are out of proportion.

You have embarrassed your office and the good people you represent. For stooping so low to hide under the cloak of your face book account to insult and abuse the Governor of your State. It is sad, regrettable and worth drums of tears. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself and your people should do well to disown   or recall you  for putting them in bad light. Your motive is to use it as a campaign tool for your re-election. These have further shown that you don’t merit the exulted position.

You have walked the inglorious path, waking sentiments of Oro nation marginalization against the image of a detribalized leader like Akpabio who has made all two ministerial appointments from Oro nation. The government repeatedly made all oro local government Areas to have representatives in his government. At a time, Mbo Local Government had two commissioners in one fell swoop

Governor Akpabio is the first Governor who deemed it fit to construct new roads in Oron and work with all earnestly to make sure the Maritime academy is lifted to a University status , a pursuit he begged you to join and you did, there and then  Akwa Ibom people started seeing you a responsible young-leader they can depend on. Today, few seconds of drunkenness has dimmed that light. The glory has departed. No sane Oro person will congratulate you for this mess. You have brought the esteem and prestige of an amazing nation down.
There are sobs of disappointment all over the land. The feelings of disappointment and shame are deep. You have lowered the flag of your nation and flown it at half mask. You have inadvertently declared mourning as the people weep for your ego.

Your recent outburst has made many to doubt your mental capacity and temperament, as they now also try to compare notes whether the allegations made  by your people on the pages of newspapers on your involvement in funding Cultism and spread of violence among the tribes in Oro nation is also true. The battle of good versus evil always has and always will exist in our world. But must it be from you? You were seen as a light to the youths around the State but see what desperation for a second term mandate has turned you  to. You are now a complete clown and a total ridicule, a direct opposite of what you ought to represent.

You were once intelligent but now you have begun a dreadful dance as a whore on the streets of the polished men, oh Uwah! Why have you gone self-destructive? What sins have you committed that the gods want to destroy you by making you run amok? I can see your predicament and your depression is known, the second term mandate is your cross, why not take it to the Calvary of performance and see if it will fail rather than taking it as a cross to the blackmail Governor Akpabio CON , abusing him and calling his subordinates slaves, a honourable commissioner of a State you presume to represent.
Oh Uwak! Why you? Hon Robison Uwak a cat that meows at night, does not want the caregivers to sleep and an aged man who gnashes his teeth throughout the night does not want his daughter in the fatting room to have a sweet rest and grow fat. Uwak, as you have refused to respect the exulting office of your Governor Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio CON the second term mandate will slip off your hands.

God hates the proud and gives power to the humble. Blackmailing Akpbio to buy votes out of sympathy from the public will only make your ambition, a fairy tale of the tortoise and cat.

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  1. wot so eva u cal urself dnt insult uwak he is sayin d truth,it is bcos he does nt want 2 dance wit u d way u do dat is y u say so,remember dere is god.

  2. No matter what Esu Edet Uwak now known as Robinson Uwak a friend ive known for over 20 years should never hwve opened his muth to insult the Governor of a state he is representing in the N.A.S.S because he is a very junior person to the governor and he was just lucky to have been favoured by the Akpabios structure of government to represent the good people of oro ok i want to ask a question Hon Uwak if all those your friends you have offended greatly decide to come on the internet to abuse you would you be happy?please dont do what you dont want others to do you this is my candid advise.

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