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Emmanuel Ukpong Udo (Macaire) : A Political Tout or a Leader?


By Ubong Otong Ekpe

I am not a fan of rejoinders. I believe every human is entitled to his opinion and such opinions are voiced out of convictions. You either agree or disagree. More so, I pooh-pooh rejoinders because many persons use that opportunity to abuse people instead of focusing on the main issues. I do not intend to join issues with the media vuvuzelas of the Ikono Politics but I must set the record Straight.

Their principal has ordered his men to embark on the task of making him a saint, while demonizing Akparawa Ephraim Inyang –eyen before the entire world, Ikono people can never be fooled by any selfish man who thinks he can hoodwink the whole Local Government with little ill-gotten wealth.

I remember in 2015 during one of the political meeting how Ikono Youth in Ibiaku Ntok Okpo beaten Macaire due to his senseless utterances, when he delisted names of elders from the list that was to be sent to the State party office and it took the men of Nigerian Police to save him from going to grave suddenly.

 I wonder why Emmanuel Ukpong  Udo  should persist  in engaging in causing crises , considering his past activities ,As   a once  renown tout in Port Harcourt,  he   was once charged to court for Armed  Robbery ,  was in awaiting trial for years , if not for amnesty of Dr Peter Odili  who was  then the Governor  Of Rivers State  set him free on mercy grounds .

Report  emerging  from the meeting over the weekend had that Macaire is aggrieved with the Transition Chairman , Mr Itoro Columba because he mentions to whoever cares to listen that Akparawa Ephraim Inyang is his political mentor . And he has vowed to use the media to blackmail the person of the commissioner until he let go his support for Ikono Transition Chairman .

Obong Emmanuel Ukpong  have also anointed Medical Doctor who was the coordinator of Umana Okon Umana campaigns in Ikono, whose wife till today is the personal Assistant to the wife of Umana Okon Umana . This one clearly   xrays  why Uduak  Ikpatt an APC writer and supporter of Obong Umana Okon Umana   chooses  to be the vessel for Macaire’s  dirty agenda .

During the last local Government election Macaire brought mayhem upon the people of Ikono Local Government when he use his Cult group to hijack election materials and burgled the zoning system of the area . This led to burning down of many building of political leaders and that of the helpless masses, leaving the community in sorrow till date as many cannot be able to reconstruct their building till date.

The recent Macaire’s  dirty games  is to burgled the present zoning formula of the Local Government  bring mayhem against   the people , Ikono LGA is clearly divided into Ikono middle, Ikono South and Ediene Itak. Power has always rotated among these zones. For the records, Dr Clement Bassey (Ikono South) was Chairman of Ikono LGA from 1999 to 2002. Hon Aloysius Etok (Ediene Ittak) was in the House of Assembly. During the same dispensation, Sir Sunday Udo Akpan (Ikono Middle) was appointed the Commissioner for Finance. In 2003, that trend continued. Dr Clement Bassey (Ikono South) represented Ikono State Constituency in the House of Assembly, while Engr Edet Umotong (Ediene Ittak) was council chairman. Dr Clement Bassey was re-elected to the House of Assembly in 2007. Hon David Udo (Ikono Middle) was the council chairman from 2008 to 2011. The trend goes on to this day. Ikono has an established zoning structure and the so called Ediene Ward 3 does not exist.

I will never allow Macaire to run away with his lies and will not allow these megaphones to continuously butter the hearts of the people with fallacies, let me expand their sensibility with more sententious truths, without running away from the projected evils which divinity can surmount with a blink of an eye.

There is a lot of wisdom in the story of the vulture. The neck of a vulture is as long as the desires of the vulture is, but this is because most vultures have a large pouch in the throat (crop) and can go for long periods without food—adaptations to a feast-or-famine scavenging lifestyle.

 Humans should not be like vultures. We are not given to greed like vultures, we are without large pouch. That is how our conducts should be. Even our adventure into politics ought to be forthright and upright. Not so for the tandem of Macaire and  tout politicians. Theirs is a nest for adulterous politicians.

When one thinks in retrospect about the dirty bickering that characterized his ascension as the Political  leader in Ikono , one will see clearly that Emmanuel Ukpong  Udo is wolf in sheep clothing

 Macaire should know  that a  right thinking leader should be responsive to the people. The major reason we all aspire to lead must be service to humanity not in pretense  to   oppress  the right of others  ,  his recent gimmick shows that  his reason for aspiring to be  Ikono leader is to continue to divide the people against each other and drown the people into eternal poverty .

The people of Ikono  have the right to choose the leader of their choice and Macaire should  not attempt again to destroy the integrity of Dr Ephraim Inyang , as the Honourable Commissioner of works . who  is not here in the State for self-empowerment but he is here to join hands with Governor Udom Emmanuel and build Akwa Ibom State to an enviable height.

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