I read with absolute shock, the recent social media broadcast by my friend and brother, Hon. Robinson Uwak, member representing Oron Federal Constituency in the House of
Representatives . He started by saying , “My fellow brothers in the struggle”, those he described as the people with ‘Oro blood.’
and went on and on with venomous and hate filled
vituperations. My first impulse was a pressure to dismiss the insidious, fabricated and
unfounded bias that characterized the content of that broadcast as not emanating from the honourable lawmaker, but another sham by
desperate opponents of our amiable brother, who are trying to foment trouble.

I was however taken aback when on surfing his Wall, I confirmed he actually authored the script, as it is posted thereon, thus
compelling this rejoinder. ensign
Let me wager that, there is nothing amiss for any man to identify with his own people,
with who he shares natural filial and tribal affiliation, as in Akwa Ibom state, we have the Ibibios, Annang, Oro , Ekid, Ibeno and
Obollo .

But, it becomes worrisome when such affinity is exploited for a sinister and ridiculous motive
to incite unsuspecting people for political gains. I have to remind my brother, Honourable Uwak, that although, we have our
ethnic identities over which we had no choice, but found ourselves born into by divine
predestination, we remain in reality, one big family. I also put it to our brother that, the blood that flows in all of us does not have different colours. Besides, what unites us as a people is far stronger and more important
than what differentiates us.

That we all use and read the Efik Bible or Literature is a potent proof of our common heritage,
culture, ancestry and destiny as Akwa Ibom people.

I became more alarmed when my brother, dovetailed into making cynical and ironical statements, insinuating that, our Leader,
His Excellency, Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio, CON, hates Oro nation, has marginalized them.
I could not help but laugh at these spurious and wild allegations made against the
person of the Governor with a view to discredit his legacies.

In a brazen but futile attempt to spite the Governor, Hon. Uwak described him as, “… the uncommon transformer of Annang land and just parts of uyo with nothing to show
in Oro for nearly eight hard years” Such an unfair assessment of the man, who has come
to be internationally acknowledged as a change agent, is to put it poignantly, dishonest, dishonourable and a disservice
to the Government and people of Akwa Ibom State.

As a Legislator, who ordinarily should know, the starting point of development and governance is the House of Assembly,
which makes Appropriation Laws for the State.

Over the last seven years of the Akpabio Administration, it is a well known fact that, the
State Legislature has commendably allocated
80% to Capital expenditure and 20% recurrent, which is justified by the unprecedented pace
of development and radical revamp of social and economic infrastructure in the State,
resulting in the Uncommon
Transformation, Uwak seems hell-bent on putting down.

Before I address Uwak’s lie that Oro has been totally neglected, let me remind him that, Uyo
is the epicentre of the Akwa Ibom story being the State capital. That is obviously why, the major projects of Governor Akpabio
including, but not limited to the brand new Governors Lodge, Deputy Governors Lodge, Governors office, Banquet Hall and Press Centre all with
state-of-the art finesse are located in Uyo.

For the same consideration, the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Complex, E-Library, 20th
Anniversary Referral Hospital and all major road dualizations, redevelopment and flyovers
are found in Uyo. Or will our dear Honourable lawmaker fault the siting of the world class
30,000 seater International Stadium, which is already a showpiece attracting accolades
and jubilation from the state and beyond in Uyo?

But, maybe, our Honourable member has forgotten that, the Ibom International Airport
which Governor Akpabio met at site clearing level on assumption of office in 2007 and completed it, is largely in Okobo Local Government Area of Oro nation. Could he have also conveniently erased from mind that the longest bridge in the State (1.2KM) is being built at Ukonteghe in Oro nation even as
government started with the construction of 34 urban roads in Oron many of which have
since been completed.

Can we also refresh our Honourable’s memory
that, the man he falsely labels as
‘Uncommon Transformer of Annang land and a small
part of UYO’ has undertaken 18 urban roads in Ikot
Abasi, 49 in Eket, 11.2km of road in Etinan, 11km in Mkpat Enin and we can go on and on.

It will be unfortunate, if Honourable Uwak has also failed to reckon that the ongoing
dualization of Eket/Ibeno road, even distribution of amenities through the widely acclaimed instrumentality of the Inter
Ministerial Direct Labour Agency and political appointments by this ‘Annang Governor’, as
he chose to tag him, have been kind to all component units of the State, including Oro.

I am under no illusion that, my brother, Uwak, knows a lot more than he is faking to advocate, and it is really unfortunate, he
can lend his ensign to this utter falsehood and blackmail. The only logical thing to do, is for
Honourable Uwak to toe the line of true honour by correcting the wrong accounts he has rendered as I fear, he may not have
been deeply reflective in thought before issuing the broadcast. He must work to strengthen the
bonds that tie us as a people and rise above primordial sentiments, political grandstanding and playing to the gallery.

We are also aware and alert to the fact that, with the 2015 General Elections around the
corner, all manner of contrivances and mendacity will be on display to unnecessarily
hoodwink the people or manipulate public sympathy, albeit, with concealed selfish or
sectional interests delivered with persuasive oration. Our people must be wary of such antics which does not serve the general

It is an incontrovertible fact that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has endorsed
the overwhelming aggregation of public consensus that the Governorship seat of the
State be zoned to Eket Senatorial District come 2015, as was manifest during the Town Hall
meetings held across the ten Federal Constituencies by Governor Godswill Akpabio.

This further underscores His Excellency’s position that all aspirants including Uwak’s
Oron Federal Constituency, which is a bonafide part of the favoured Senatorial District are eligible to contest for the office.
Consequently, Hon. Uwak is as much at liberty to support and vote for any aspirant of his
choice, and should also concede to me, or indeed, the rest of his fellow citizens the right to support whosoever they so desire. At the end, our common prayer is to affirm the petition of His Excellency, Governor
Akpabio, that, God’s will should be done again, and again and again.

Ojei! OJei ojei Bari akpaniko !


Mr Aniekan Umanah
Honourable Commissioner for Information & Communications
Akwa Ibom State

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  1. Prince Emmanuel Edem.

    The Hon. Commissioner for Information is doing his work. Otherwise he would have been sacked by now. These are the kind of people who will suppress the truth in other to remain relevant in the state politics. He is aware his master has re-designed the marginalisation plan of Oro nation. Aniekan Umana is aware that Oro Nation is underdeveloped under his master’s administration but will not say for fear of being relieved of his appointment. This honourable Parot is also aware that there is no duallised road that leads to the Oro nation. He has seen that there is no tarred road in Urueoffong Oruko, Mbo and Udung Uko. This So Called Honourable talkative is sure bet that the people of Oro nation is grossly marginalised but will not advise his master on what is right. Umana, do you know the problem of Nigeria? Destroying the region that put Nigeria on world map. Oro nation is the region that put this state on history as oil producing state. One day, you will learn to say and support the truth. Read what the bible says in Jn. 8:32? ”And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

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