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Assam's Open Letter To Udom: "No Threat by Akpabio Can Deter Me…"

Barely few days after Oro born lawmaker for Oron Federal Constituency at the National
Assembly, Hon Robinson Uwak, updated a catastrophically post on his Facebook timeline, warning Governor Akpabio to desist from sending someone he referred to as ‘a slave’ to him, this time, Nigeria’s Ambassador
to the Russian Federation & Belarus, Chief Assam Assam, has taken his turn.

In an open letter dated July 22, 2014, addressed to the SSG, Mr Udom Emmanuel, the Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), on his
Facebook timeline explained that no threat by Akpabio can deter him from the pursuit of a goal he has set for himself and no coercion can force him out of a match.

I serve you unedited version of Assam’s open letter to Udom.

July 22, 2014
Elder Udom G. Emmanuel
Secretary to Government of
Akwa Ibom State
Governor’s Office
Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

My dear Elder,

I heard the blood curdling story (reported in every Nigerian
Newspaper in print and on-line, including the Punch newspaper of Thursday the 19th of July 2014
at page 19) of the decision of Governor Akpabio, CON, to
assassinate all of us who want to contest the 2015 Governorship
elections against you, his anointed political candidate and
presumed successor. I could have addressed this letter to him but find it unnecessary in the belief that as the would be beneficiary of the political assassinations
which Governor Akpabio has promised to unleash on the State,
you are in the best position to persuade him not to kill us,
on your behalf, just for exercising our rights under the Nigerian Constitution.

I take this option because Akpabio is not joking. The word
of the Governor is the word of the Pope ex-Cathedra and
cannot be taken lightly. As the head of a Government,
whose primary responsibility ought to be the protection of
lives and property of its citizens, when he threatens the elite political class with death, he gives us clear notice of what he intends to do. He has the ability,
determination, willingness, persuasion and experience to
carry out his decision. After all, he enjoys immunity from prosecution.

You must be aware of the politically motivated murders in
Akwa Ibom State, under the leadership of Governor
Akpabio, which have remained unresolved to date. Under
the circumstance only a fool would take the undertaking
by the Governor, to kill more politicians as a mere gaffe.

The assassination of a few of us who have dared to indicate interest in the race, even before it
begins, may not be the most difficult thing for a man who
found the presence of the National Chairman of the
Peoples Democratic Party the most convenient occasion to make the declaration.

One thing I can guarantee you is that whoever is killed in
your name will certainly leave a trail of revenge killings
which the dead may be unable to end. The consequences of such an act could also spell doom for you
and your family but will surely never make you Governor. As an
Elder of the Church, you know the futility of such an act.

No man becomes King unless the Almighty God proclaims
him. Herod killed thousands of male children in Israel, yet
Herod could neither impose himself nor his protégée. How
then will Governor Akpabio’s decision to impose you succeed, by killing your opponents and how will the killing of political opponents ever stop if you
succeed him?

And who are those he wants dead? Citizens of Akwa Ibom
State of your ethnic stock, fathers and husbands, those who worked, campaigned and spent their time and money
for him to become Governor, those who salvaged his
Government and laundered his image, those who stood by
him when he was wearing the garment of cultists, those
who gave him hope when he was hopeless, those who faced the difficult times with him, and my
dear brother, you were not there.
If you have to harvest what
you did not sow, why kill the owners of the farm like the
owners of the house, the only ones entitled to enter the house through the back door?
I do not share the view that you are such a bad candidate
who cannot win an election unless all your opponents are
dead. The point is however moot, that as a politician under the aegis and shadows of Godswill
Akpabio, you seem to live by his tenets, sharing his vision,
not having yours, adopting his character and abandoning
yours, and accepting his aspiration as yours. If you ever
intended on your own to contest election for Governor,
you would have been your own man. I have had an occasion
to tell you on telephone that you have inherited the sludge
of Godswill Akpabio’s political personality by accepting to
contest the elections as his protégée. It seems, you are
stuck with him and have to ride out the storm in that dingy
boat and take responsibility for his actions, in the understanding that whatever he does to us, your opponents, is for your
benefit. In other words whatever you are doing is through
Godswill Akpabio.
I wish you well. You must know that the entire Country’s
political class now knows why Governor Akpabio would
kill to put you in office. I wish you could be the man that
you are, step out of Akpabio’s shadow, contest the
primaries as your own man, denounce this evil plan
publicly now and distance yourself from it, perchance it
happens. Seek for a transparent contest and let us meet at
the congress. This is the only way to assure the people that you are not a part of the scheme and
would want no benefit from it.

Speaking for myself, I can assure you that no threat can deter me from the pursuit of a goal I have set for myself
and no coercion can force me out of a match.
I will use this forum to warn other aspirants to treat
Governor Akpabio’s threat with the seriousness it deserves. We cannot cower before him just to make you Governor, otherwise we would have fertilized the grounds for the

next dictator in Akwa Ibom.
Since he has put me on notice of his intention to assassinate me, to make you Governor through the front door, I have taken certain precautions in the hope that we will not get there, if you can persuade him. If you can’t persuade him, I will be waiting for you at the rear door, as the owner of the house, should you want to use the owner’s entrance.

As always, please accept my best and sincere regards.

Chief Assam E. Assam, SAN

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  1. micheal joseph okon

    Coalition of Supreme Youth Leaders in Akwa Ibom State
    Should I write Chief Assam E. Assam(SAN)?

    An open letter to Chief Assam E. Assam (SAN).

    follow me @micheal_okon

    Respect to you Sir,my attention has been drawn to your open letter to Mr Udom Gabriel Emmanuel on Akpabio’s Assination plan as you call it on you and other aspirants for the 2015 election.

    I am writing to you as a concerned electorate and son of our great great state. I am writing to you as a core supporter of The New Akwa Ibom dream, I am writing to you on the behalf thousands and thousands of Akwa Ibom youths who would not want you joining issues with an Innocent man just to score cheap political points and insult our dream. UDOM GABRIEL EMMANUEL.

    Chief Assam E. Assam(SAN) ,once again Respect,but I’ve a few questions to put across to you and I wish I could get answers fast. Are you a Christian, do you go to Church,have you read or heard The Absolom Strategy of becoming King from The Holy Bible and what became of him? Where you present at the said meeting where Akpabio threatened to Assasinate you and other aspirants as you claim he did?

    I want to believe your answer to the last question would be capital NO. If NO,then you are getting all worked up on a reported speech. In as much as Gov. Akpabio is no Clergy,yet he is of the Christian Faith as you are I presume and we Christians have our way of communicating scriptural truths under Divine Inspiration and Illumination. Yes Akpabio was scripturally RIGHT when he asserted that The Absoloms of his making will not make it to The Hill Top Mansion,because Absolom did not make it to the throne though he chased his Father David out of Jerusalem on Mutiny.

    I dare say Gov. Akpabio has the RIGHT to speak thus to BOYS he made MEN. Except you are one of Akpabio’s many protegees I see no reason why this Allegory story of Absolom being an Issue to the dragging of THE MAN We Youths of Akwa Ibom greatly respect,Love and Demand to step into the race for the plum Job and deliver us from the mess that you said you helped in its creation and sustainance.

    Yours sincerely was in the said meeting and I heard with my own ears what Akapabio said. It might not have been the best of speeches from his excellency,but he was at home with his people,he spoke to a people who had full knowledge of the Political trend in the state,he spoke to his sons,daughters,brothers,sisters, parents and peers. He was re-counting the challenges of having to lead a great state and at a point he became too emotional for comfort on The Absolom Allegory which to the likes of you was way too much,but we understood our KING.

    On the grounds of Christiandom truth and preaching excesses Governor Godswill Obot Akapbio was in the RIGHT on saying That the Absoloms will not have The hill top Mansion for Absolom never did,but how does that Concern UDOM GABRIEL EMMANUEL?

    I am speaking as a free citizen of this state and on persoanal grounds. My Chief,taking a shot on UDOM GABRIEL EMMANUEL will give your political ambition very short lived fame. You have taken your strategem quite too far. If you have issues with Gov. Akpabio,please sort it out yourself,don’t meddle our future with your plight.

    Chief Assam E. Assam (SAN),respect as aforetime,please go on with your campaign but leave UDOM GABRIEL EMMANUEL out of your frustration. Since you intend waiting at the back door of litigation and counter litigation when we win through the front door,go ahead and wait afterall the Court is your natural abode.

    We the youths of Akwa Ibom state will not want UDOM GABRIEL EMMANUEL to reply your letter,so please consider this as our token of honour to you. Do not call for blood where there is non,do not let the fear of death take its toll on you and tag your demise on an Innocent man. We will not undertake for your failure. In your church prayer time,you have prayed for the vengeance of God on your percieved enemies,it is normal in christiandom to say”back to sender,who ever digs a pit shall fall into it,in Christiandom our enemies hardly enjoy the good prayers of ours,so Absolom shortcoming scripturally is no issue”.

    We are Religious politicians in Africa and Akwa Ibom is a highly Religious State in a terribly Religious country-Nigeria. Do you know how many times we pray for the destruction of Boko Haram and do your know that war and Terror is still politics through other means?

    Religious Politics as brought into play by Gov. Akpabio on The Absolom story should also be seen as a mere Religous political strategy for we The Ibibios have a proverb that says; The Masquerade that’s beats does not ring a bell. Gov. Akpabio meant no harm in his Biblical story,me-think and me believe.

    We are able to see through your attempt of calling attention to yourself by attacking the most preferred,most loved,most admired of would be contender for the plum Job. Don’t let your fear of the unknown belittle you and cause you to run amock,maintain your presence of mind and go about normal campaign for we are ready to defend our future by all legimate means possible.

    Please leave UDOM GABRIEL EMMANUEL out of your political mess for we hope to have a 4 year contract with him for the betterment of our future subject to renewal as he Industralizes this state and generates employment for our teeming youths through world class developmental policies.

    Oh! Akpabio,Iya Umiss. The news papers must sale for overhead cost,but our Governor we Love you. You have made us proud to be Akwa Ibomites. The attacks are the price you pay for making us proud of our state. Oh! Akpabio Iya Umiss.

    #‎Hurricaneright‬…putting things right for our future.

    Okon,Micheal Joseph(ACE)
    President Uruan Supreme Youths Associatio/
    National Cordinator Coalition Of Supreme Youth Leaders(COSYL) In Akwa Ibom State.
    Writes from Ituk-Mbang,Uruan LGA(07036688283-SMS ONLY)

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