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Akwa Ibom 2015: The God Factor – Bringing back the Good Old Days…

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The God Factor (TGF) series returns. Today, let’s make a little point and leave you with something to ponder over. It is no longer news that Akwa Ibom is well blessed with both human and natural resources. In terms of wealth, the state is second to none in the country as it receives the highest allocation from the federal account. The beauty of the land radiates on the faces of her people. Talents, gifts and other resources abound in this land.
In time past akin the good old days, these resources, though they not so much in abundance as we have them today, we collectively and almost equally shared among the people of the state regardless of the tribe and ethnic background. Simply say, Akwa Ibom was one big family. That is why our forebears from all the ethnic groups could come together and raise funds to send their brilliant children (regardless of the child’s surname or tribe) abroad for education. That is why we Ibibio State College was established in Annang land.
Today, what we have is Oron sending ‘Ayei’ to Annang; Annang seeking autonomous state and Ibibio claiming the first born. What happened to those good old days? Who planted this seed of discord in our land? Oh! Akwa Ibom. Fears have been raised over the reoccurrence of the 2011 election mayhem in the build up to 2015 governorship election of the state following the depth of disunity and bad blood existing in land.
However, there is good news for the land. The God Factor bears the love of God; that unconditional love. It is time for the people of the state to come together like our forebears did to decide for the good of the land. God had long prepared our next governor and we can not see that ordained man with hatred in our eyes. TFG is one golden opportunity for the people of Akwa Ibom to bring back the good old days. Yes, it is possible. Choose The God Factor today.

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