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2015: THE NSIMA EKERE YOU DON'T KNOW. – By Iniobong John


His Excellency, Obong Nsima Ekere appeals to different people in different ways . As a politician,he is like the proverbial elephant that’s easily described in a myriad of adjectives by onlookers depending on the part of the body that catches your fancy . Some political foes sees him as someone who knows the system so much to be caged and made a stooge or puppet . Those that conspired and mobilised the state legislature to impeach him on trumped up charges with a view to truncating his future political ambitions feel they have hurt or injured him so much and that if he should become the governor of the state,he will move against them . The guilty shall always be afraid . But Nsima Ekere is too large hearted and forgiving to nurse malice against anybody .They may have hurt,injured or offended him . But the man had since forgiven everybody,forgotten about the past and moved on with his life . He is such a free minded and easy going person .Others see him as being too prudent with his hard earned money while some narrow minded elements misconstrue his prudency as stinginess.

Nsima Ekere is one man that doesn’t believe in giving you fish to eat all the time. He believes in teaching you how to fish yourself,giving you all the fishing instruments with a view to making you not only useful to yourself but to the society . That informs his philosophy of developing and empowering people to be well empowered to empower others and in developing the society.

As a close person to the man,I know the thousands of people that Nsima Ekere has been developing and empowering without fan fare . He doesn’t believe in making noise or blowing his trumpet when he assists, develops and empowers anybody . That’s Nsima Ekere for you .

Nsima Ekere’s brief stint as Deputy Governor of the state might have helped in oiling the paint his political opponents are using in tarnishing his image in the politics of the state . Nobody will deny the tenacity of the intrigues and conspiracies that led to his resignation as Deputy Governor of the state . His ability to escape the trap set for him unscathed is still confusing and causing a lot of people in the state sleepless nights . The fact is that he is always vigilant.

As someone who has monitored Nsima Ekere’s politics over the years and related closely with him,I have found it imperative to correct apparent misconceptions about the person and character of the man who served this state diligently,first Chairman of AKIIPOC and MD of Ibom Power Company and later as Deputy Governor of the state.

In 2006, after the party primaries that produced Governor Akpabio as the party’s gubernatorial flag bearer,he was picked to be the running mate of the party but was later asked by the party apparatchiks to drop to accommodate the interest of Obong Victor Attah . His obedience and submission to the party leadership unconditionally rattled his supporters but he prevailed upon them to respect the party decision . Some people had expected him to say NO to that arrangement.

To some politicians, there’s nothing virtuous about Nsima Ekere’s voluntary resignation as Deputy Governor when the state legislature was mobilised to impeach him . To those in that school of thought,what he did amounted to an act of cowardice . Some will say that he chickened out and ran away . But the Nsima Ekere that I know is a very brave and strong-willed person who chooses his fights carefully and knows when to fight . Yet there are people who thought by now Nsima Ekere would be hitting the newspaper headlines attacking and smearing the present administration in view of the circumstances under which he was made to quit the government. They expected the man to start talking what he knows and even what he doesn’t know about the present administration . But fortunately or unfortunately,Nsima Ekere is one man that doesn’t betray friendship . He doesn’t betray confidence but you are free to betray or stab him in the back . It doesn’t matter to him and he wouldn’t even want to stab you back .

Obong Nsima Ekere is not a desperate man . He pursues his ambition with decorum . He doesn’t believe in antagonising, embarking on smear campaigns against his opponents to actualize his ambition . Some misconstrue this as an act of weakness. But I see this as an act of meekness worthy of emulation.

His quietness, calmness and confidence in the face of storm is confusing a lot of people. His style of politicking is so intriguing to a lot of people. He is one man that doesn’t jump on the bandwagon,he doesn’t play to the gallery. He is one person who takes his time thinking,strategizing before stepping out into the field. He is a very careful and focused man. Right now, he is still on his drawing board and when he steps into the field the different shall be clear, the world shall feel and believe him.

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