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2015 Guber: INSIDE NSIMA EKERE's MIND – By Iniobong John

Although he served in the Governor Akpabio’s administration for about six years,first as Chairman of AKIIPOC and MD of Ibom Power Company and secondly as Deputy Governor where he took a smart walk when his traducers who were not able to match his rich profile and intimidating political structures across every length and breadth of the state ganged up and mobilised the state legislature to impeach him on trumped up charges with a view to truncating his future political ambitions . As a smart and ever vigilant man, he outsmarted his foes who thought that the only way they could stop him from realising his future political ambitions was to get him impeached just to dent his political records and rich profiles and in the past two decades he has been traversing all the nooks and crannies of the state relating and interacting with people,studying and appreciating their predicaments and how to tackle and solve them,it’s only recently that some people in the state have come to appreciate this silent but smooth operator as the man to beat in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state.

Obong Nsima Ekere means different things to different people . To those who hate him and his guts,he’s too prudent in spending his hard earned money,he’s not flamboyant,he’s not a fun-seeker,some will tell you he has known the system,its intrigues and the people so much and if he becomes the Governor,one may find it difficult to pocket,cage or make him a stooge or a puppet.

To those that like him, he is a perfect gentleman,a man with a large and forgiving heart, a grassrooter per excellence,a man with a clear vision to take the state to the next level, a man who has paid his dues in the politics of the state and ought to be rewarded,a strategic thinker and planner, a man who is well conversant with the diverse people of the state very well, a man who has committed his life to helping and building people irrespective of his or her tribe, religious faith, political inclination, race, a man who knows all the stakeholders of the Akwa Ibom project,youth leaders,women leaders,party leaders, professionals,traditional rulers by their names and faces,a very humble and down-to-earth person.

Yet, to some other people, he is an enigma . Too quiet,calm,confident and focused to be read and understood . Those in this category will always ask,is this man still interested in the gubernatorial race?.How come he is not talking,making noise, talking tough,, bragging and blabbing, dropping names of the outgoing governor of the state and his wife, the president and his wife, the Senate president, the national chairman of the party like some other pretenders and contenders in the race. Nobody seems to fathom his plans,strategies,source of his strength and confidence . He’s truly enigmatic.

Some of us are persuaded by the philosophy of his life and the depth of his commitment to his fellow human beings irrespective of his or her tribe, tongue or faith or political inclination . He may not be making noise it, he’s been quietly developing and empowering people without fan fare. Deep in his thoughts is how to transform the state from a civil service state status to an industrialised state,how to make the wealth of the state reflect on the lives of the people of the state,how to make the people of the state truly prosperous.

He is passionate about the economic prosperity of the people of the state and he has well thought out plans and strategies to empower and develop the people of the state irrespective of their tribes, tongues,religions. That’s Obong Nsima Ekere for you.

Nsima Ekere is passionate about partnering with the relevant agencies of the government to bring back the ailing ALSCON to life with a view to creating jobs for the teeming jobless youths in the state and reviving the economic lives of the place.

Nsima Ekere is passionate about turning the state to a big industrial estate.Deep in his thoughts is how to introduce industrial revolution in the state and he has developed a well thought out and practicable agenda,plan and strategy to pursue and accomplish the vision for the benefits of the people of the state and to the glory of God.

No wonder the people of the state have come to see in him the ANSWER to their yearnings and prayers for a man who will come and truly uplift them. Truly,Nsima is the ANSWER

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