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2015: Free Ye Yourselves From the Shackles of the House of Akpabio, Abak 5! -By Itoro Ntia

The first law of nature is self defence. It is only on this basis that one nurtures the consciousness to defend one’s self, family, village, tribe, state and then the country from an external or even internal aggressor. Every indigene of former Abak( Abak, Etim Ekpo, Ika, Oruk Anam and Ukanafun) safe the slaves, must therefore rise up in defence of not only their territorial boundaries but mostly political power and privileges before an assumed brother from Ikot Ekpene axis encroaches beyond recognition.
I am no longer comfortable with the unchecked growth of the power of Gov. Godswill Akpabio and his people which as it is, unfortunately tantamount to the destruction and diminishing of the power and glory of my people. Before our very eyes, the Akpabios selected and imposed on every local government in former Abak their cronies in the name of local government election and these stooges have placed the interest of the Akpabios above the interest of the very people they assume to represent, therefore putting to defeat the essence of the third tier of government. Alongside the Akpabios, these slaves disrepute, trampled and dismantled all independent political structures and personalities in the former Abak who were capable of protecting the interest of their people and put in place virtually dependent, sycophantic and robotic elements.
It is no longer news that most concerned citizens of Akwa Ibom state have in the past few weeks indicted the government of Gov. Godswill Akpabio of being at least indirectly involved in the assassination of our son, Albert Ukpanah and attempted assassination of Chief Soni Udom, I will not therefore any further venture into that unproven allegation, though admissible these men are from former Abak also known as Abak5, the only people in Annang land hunted as long as 2015 elections are concerned (especially senate and governorship positions).
I wish therefore to only delve with you into some obvious and undeniable evidences of marginalization, victimization and isolation suffered by Abak5 as against what is seen in the Ikot Ekpene axis of the Annang land, depending on if you are among the few Akwa ibomites still capable of rationality, for certainly, some perceived human beings of our very tribe have apparently sold their freedom, soul, rationality, very existence and right to self determination to the house of Akpabio.
Like every patriotic being from Abak5:
I am very curious to know why Akwa Ibom state government finished constructing the ‘’modern’’ Ikot Ekpene prison before demolishing the old one but demolished Abak prison without any replacement? Why reconstruct at the site of Ikot Ekpene prison a colossal hotel but budget to put in place Abak prison a huge-useless-beatification-plaza of doom?

I wish to ask again, where is the replacement for Abak Independence Hall, a major landmark in Abak and the only event centre available for the people of Abak, Etim Ekpo, Ika, Ukanafun and Oruk Anam people?
Why demolished this widely patronised ancient edifice in Abak and erect the hardly patronised Akpabio Hall in ukana of Essien Udim, Ikot Ekpene?

Someone should please tell me the fairness, equity, and justice of fairness, equity and justice when one traversed all the federal constituencies in Akwa Ibom state advocating that the governorship position be zoned to Eket senatorial district but back home in his Annang land, the same person encouraged all his zombie legislators to aspire for another term in deviant of established zoning formulae of their people and worst still, bribed, intimidated and threaten others to adopt him as sole candidate for Ikot Ekpene senatorial seat, a turn that rightly belongs to only any of Abak, Etim Ekpo and Ika of Abak5.

The Ikot Ekpene political guru said Eket senatorial district is the only qualified zone for the gubernatorial seat in 2015 because they have never produced the governor of Akwa Ibom state and now I ask, has Abak, Etim Ekpo and Ika that he is up to usurp their seat ever produced a senator? He disqualified uyo senatorial district from the race by listing their sons who such as late Obong Akpan Isemin, Otuekong Idongesit Nkanga and Obong Victor Attah who have been in that position but yet close his open eyes to the very fact that Senator Nsima Akpabio(his uncle) , Senator Raymond Umoh (from his federal constituency), Senator Ibokessien( still from his federal constituency) and even senator Aloysius Etok are of Ikot Ekpene axis.

What is the moral justification for Gov. Akpabio’s seizure and sitting of federal polytechnic in a little and hitherto unknown village already burdened and fractured by location of a mobile police base, police college, general hospital? Well, Ukana ikeboho ke ayo ayaisiak!

Now our Ime umanah like Ambassador Sam Edem of the Ibibios can no longer have a say in his people’s affairs, because of forged allegations permanently heaped on his head to shut his mouth.

It took men of integrity at the National body of PDP for Otuekong Don Etiebet to retain his seat as a member, Board of Trustees as more money was shipped to bring him low.

But then some professional politicians good at nothing else, ‘esaulike’, seeing all these blatant deception, will urge me to cherish his assumed good works, maintain harmony with his kind and foster a lasting relationship with his cohorts. No, never, not when he continuously exhibit uninhibited crass greed, dictatorship and sectionalism!
We must and we will defend and redeem ourselves in 2015 by rejecting every stooge packaged to us in 2015 by the slaves and house of Akpabio!

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