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Worrisome killings in Northern Nigeria: Nigerians on twitter react- @cavilT

As incessant killings continues in Northern Nigeria, a lot of Nigerians have lend their voices through their twitter handles to condemn the act perpetuated by boko haram terrorist and the fullani herdmens.

The tweets also indicates that some politicians, religious leaders and some media houses have collaborated to make sure that this barbaric acts are not known to the international community.

This is against the happenings in
previous administration were each attack by this sect made d headlines daily, Just few days back, the millitary came out publicly to warn borno elders to desist from the act of working against ending terrorism by the present administration.
“The army has said that ‘some prominent individuals and political groups who hailed from Borno State in particular and North East generally’

What is your view on the army’s statement?”

Why would the media be silent on a sensitive issue like this and what are politicians gaining from the activities of this sect?

“@KauraKaura1: @adeyanjudeji Tinubu nd Rufai are Media Gurus, can sabotage reporting in Media houses…My tweets #BH based on direct info #Borno @segalink”

“@adeyanjudeji: Majority of our news platforms are not even reporting the killings in Borno State yesterday. What kind of a country is this? #Conspiracy”

“@otitokoro77: @adeyanjudeji Jonathan isn’t President anymore. Boko Haram killings isn’t newsworthy anymore. Overlords have cashed out.”

“@ppanda23: @adeyanjudeji why ranting? Tinubu only a few wks ago told NGE ie editors to ‘tone’ down on their reportage aspa BH and ‘support’ gmb’s admin”

“@ppanda23: @adeyanjudeji U will NEVER hear any noise frm APC/most media houses on BH attrocities until dey lose power @ d centre.”

“@mister_teejay: @adeyanjudeji All overlords gone quiet because they got paid on this BH ish! God will stay quiet in your matter! #ThatsAFact”

“@adeyanjudeji: When Tinubu begins to confidently speak about corruption & claim sainthood then you know that your country is doomed. Recession is coming.”

“@adeyanjudeji: How did we manage to get this low as a people. So this is the change they deceived 15m Nigerians with? Unbelievable.”

See what APC people are using as true leadership because Buhari slaughtered a ram. So this is the change?

What of the Nigerians killed in Baga & Mongono yesterday? Any word for their families?

“@KauraKaura1: Most times there were CONFLICTS #Reports between the field marshals #North East and #Abuja under pressure 2 impress #BH #Insurgency #Nigeria”

“@KauraKaura1: Either unreported or half reported, if not misreported #BH #Attacks #Victims #Deaths #Injuries #Insurgency #Nigeria”

“@KauraKaura1: @2xpensiv4U You won’t c it #hypocrisy of Nig Media…I’ve d link but not comprehensive, it arose my curiosity, I muted myself till I confirm”

“@KauraKaura1: @adeyanjudeji Tinubu nd Rufai are Media Gurus, can sabotage reporting in Media houses…My tweets #BH based on direct info #Borno @segalink”

“@KauraKaura1: @adeyanjudeji 200 Bokos surrender today, perhaps replacing the victims of yesterday’s attacks…No reports by 60% Media houses @segalink”

“@adeyanjudeji: Boko Haram members attacked 2 major towns in Borno State yesterday Sallah day killing almost 200 people, do you see it trending?”

“@opoyochuks: @mr_ochonogor these are kanuris that are boko haram. They are coperating with northern elites 4 the war to continue

“@mr_ochonogor: I have some things that I av heard about Boko haram. I av a kid broda there fighting till 2moro Most kanuri Peeps/fulani Elders aare boko”

Tweets gathered by @cavilT


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