Youth Economic Strategy (YES) is simply training the youths on Practical Driven Solutions (PDS) focused on cutting down foreign imports through Local Contents technology, and populating these trainees into cottage Industries created through the program to commercialize these technological products at more affordable cost for exports and imports following strategic economy of scales.
Science Technology Innovation (STI) was created by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a model to provide the training facility for the youths, secure their creative works through patents, and provide the enabling environment to give them the required focus to achieve the objectives above (YES).
The training program is comprised of the following;
Career Enhancement Program (CEP): to train youths on industry related technology to gain them employment
Project Partnership Enhancement Scheme (PPES): aiding youths to have their own Company if they have sellable ideas
Science Made Simple (SMS): preparing teenagers technologically into higher institutions of learning
How It’s Made Akwa-Ibom State (HIMAS): we shall populate cottage industries and our trained and exceptionally brilliant youth will be directly employed to produce, sell and manage the industries.

After the training program, the students will be tried so as to select exceptionally brilliant and talented youths who take the program very serious, to be employed into the Cottage Industry.
The programme’s activities commences on the 29th of April 2016 with an Orientation/Exhibition program scheduled for the Ibom E-Library Conference Center by 10am and terminates with the Commencement of cottage industry activities on the 25th of July, 2016. THE PUBLIC IS BY THIS NOTICE IMPLORED TO ATTEND THE YES-STI ORIENTATION AND EXHIBITION SUMMIT AND ADMISSION IS FREE
The Project to be implemented in the training program is focused on the phrase, “PHASE-B” meaning, Power, Health, Agriculture, Security, Education and Business. The “Business” model is applicable in all defined sectors (PHASE). The essence is to ensure that “All” products made from the training program populated into the cottage industries are sell-able.
Some of the products to be produced and projected are assigned to the following Projects below;
Designs and manufacturing of Control Panels and Wireless interfaced modules
Remodeling and standardization of our series Security Surveillance Prepaid Meter (SSPM)
Research and Development of new breed Fuel-less Generators
Spectro analyzers in various small affordable pocket units to standalone units
Ultra Violet (UV) Wireless Germ Zapping Robots to destroy microbial activities in hospitals
Medical center for and Smart Solar Powered Pulse Readers for Adults, Children and Infants
Protein garri
Odorless fufu
Mixed Grain Oat meals
Bottled Snail meals
Bottled Shrimp meals
Canned assorted Fish Meals
Various confectionaries
Pure Coconut oil
Quality “Egg” detectors to reduce sales of spoilt eggs in the open market

Smart Wireless Motion Detectors
Smart Harmful Gas Detectors
Smart Laser Long range protection devices
Simless Mobile Phones with various unique security features
Smart Smoke Detectors
Practical application of the Laws of Physics in designing sellable technologies for the market
Research and Development on Light, Sound and Vibration technology
Hydrogenation technology for future fuels
Mobile Street walker Electric Vehicles
Designing Financial Models to put All Research, Development and Commercialized Products in the market
Know how to produce a “Cash Flow Statement and Spreadsheet” for All business models
Understanding Marketing Strategy, Accounting and Administration

During the training program, the youths are expected to come out successful with at least 60% of the Product line described above which has very wide economic value that can provide financial succor for the youths who are serious and eventually will be employed in the Cottage Industry that will emerge from the training program on the third month of its commencement.
We project that 60% of our trainees under PPES and HIMAS will gain employment into the cottage industry and 30% will be Ad-hoc staff who will earn a living in delivering the services to the market.

From this project, we equally forecast that more cottage industries will be populated into the various Local Government Areas of Akwa Ibom State and eventually, will be adopted by different States of the Federation, as a means to an end that will improve our National economy.
We will provide investors who will invest into these products and expand our production capacity beyond our norms to dynamically meet our foreign export demands.
Welcome on board!

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