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The Ephraim Inyang-Eyen People Don’t Know

By Inimfon Silas

Recently, there has been a growing loathing on the reputation of the Honourable Commissioner for works in Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Ephraim Inyang-Eyen. This repugnance flitting is orchestrated by individuals who are aiming at using the slurs in stealing the trust and confidence of the Nigerian public on this illustrious grandee and the state government.

Findings however, revealed that the strikers of these inglorious ventures are people who know little or nothing about the Commissioner. Sad! You say?
Today, it has become a known effigy in the dooming entrance of the opposition to describe Mr. Ephraim Inyang as pompous, corky and the destroyer of the government. The attacks, findings equally revealed are an indirect way of attacking and crumbling the defence of the State Governor, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel in a bid to win the minds of the electorate.

It is an obvious fact that the commissioner has remained a committed-ally and die-hard supporter and promoter of Governor Udom led administration. Like the Biblical Peter to Jesus Christ, Inyang has in many occasions, proving to be a trusted ally and confidant of the Governor.

Little wonder therefore, the rationale behind the mountainous image demolition of the commissioner for works by the unrepentant apologists of retrogression in the State. Moreover, Pundits are of the strong believe that the strong virtue and uncompromising disposition of Inyang in carrying out his assigned duties is among the main strolls that has elicited fears and jittery of losing out hence, the obnoxious smearing on his image by the harbingers of falsehood and propagandists.

Given credence to the volume of achievements especially in the areas of road constructions and other infrastructural developments which, are directly designed and supervised by his ministry which now dotted the landscape of the state within the past two years and thereabout, one cannot fails to see him as the best bet for destruction by the government’s opposition.

In a close study of the Works Commissioner, three things readily come to play: One, his love for God and His people, and two, his boldness and uncompromising spirit and three, his resilience for duty.
Ephraim Inyang, is well known for his penchant for the service of God and humanity. He loves God and strongly holds onto His principles and ordinances. He is hospitable, generous, and patriotic.

Yet these enviable virtues are what many a gossip fails to see. Although it is an unarguable fact that one cannot see beyond what he actually plans to see and for refusing to see the truth and cuddle a positive perception about another such an individual is bound to be riddled by the fantasy of naysayers.
Without any fear of contradiction, I make bold to reiterate that those who consistently attack the reputation of the commissioner do so for sinister purposes while their only source of information on the commissioner remains the rumour mills.

According to the Commissioner, while fielding questions from journalists recently, “he was with a friend at the departure terminal of Ibom International Airport awaiting his flight schedule when a man walked in and informed his friend in a rather harsh tone that he just came out of the commissioner’s office and complained about how rude the commissioner was with him, adding that he even walked him out of his office.
He added that his friend while expressing shock, asked the man politely how long was this, the man replied that it was not quite long he left the commissioner’s office and noted he is still there in his office and continue to utter insulting words against the commissioner.

He said his friend who was jostling his eyes from him and the man asked the man if he actually knows the commissioner? The man became more embittered, and replied, “I just told you, I left him in his office not quite long ago and you are here busy asking if I know him.”
The Commissioner stated that his friend looked at the man and pointed towards his direction and asked him gently, if he knows the man seated there? His reply was no! It was right there and then that his friend informed him that that is the Commissioner for Works you said walked you out of his office not long ago.

The man out of shock walked to him and begged for forgiveness and confessed that a friend of his friend told his friend who then told him.
The question is, how many Akwa Ibomites like the man above, are caught in this deceptive web, cunningly designed by detractors and peddlers of falsehood against Ephraim Inyang-eyen?
Lastly, it became necessary to advise that we adhere to this statement; “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say it at all.

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