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The Audacity of Hope: I Believe – By Ehpriam Enoidem

We have spent our days, time and resources on worshiping  political big wits who take our shared opportunities away from us the masses and give to only their children and wives, what do we get in return, distractions with bags of rice, Christmas double pay, discussion topics on how USA and UK laws are affecting us, who is getting what appointment and who keeps loyalty where…

Fair enough, am not saying defy the masters but I say let’s start gossips, folk tales, bedtime stories and whispers about real issues like our budgets, spendings on education that affect our kids, spending on welfare so our women can provide for the family, cuts on political office spendings, what’s effective representation, how accountable is the representative, why would the gods favour few men, I say we take our fates in our hands and decide who gets favours so our children also might share in these favour bonanzas.

This is the message I preach, not of milk and honey words to excite the political crowd but of hope for the poor, less privileged and the real owners of the society, hope against fear, hope against marginalization, hope against slavery, hope against poverty, hope that not only colours every family’s sky with rainbow clouds but hope that seeks to see every life live the beauty. This is what we fight for I am from akwa ibom state, I supported pdp in the just concluded elections, but does that therefore mean if there is a family in kano that supported apc and can’t afford three square meals it shouldn’t bother me? Does it mean that the igbo graduate who can’t afford bank loans to start up his business idea because of interest rates shouldn’t bother me? Does it mean that I should shut my eyes and accept importation of Goods thate I’ll compete strongly with benue farmers or should I refuse to invest in osun state cultural heritage because it competes with ekpo calabar?

We all belong to Nigeria, Muslim or Christian or whatever you believe in, our passports says Nigeria.

In the end, do we the younger generation participate in political ideology of cynicism or do we start and contribute to hope of a United and stronger Nigeria, where we hope for our police officers and army generals to bravely fight and defend the flag, where we hope to see a children from sokoto to cross river believe that Nigeria can provide opportunities to build and grow their dreams, where we hope in the face of uncertainty, hope in the face of difficulty. This is what I present to you. The audacity of hope… #Ibelieve

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