By Uwemedimoh Umanah

*Following Umana’s Reported forceful Invasion of Markets, Uwemedimoh Umana analyzes the disconnect between Umana Umana and the market women.

I read with utter dismay, Etim’s story of how UOU took his campaign message to the markets and all that.
These traders and artisans know as well as we do that Umana is a hypocrite, who neither meant what he said nor cared about the plight of the people he addressed. The question should be/ is, what were his contributions or efforts towards alleviating the unenviable plight of some of these electorates, five years ago? Or did he not have the finances to do that? That’s the hypocrisy in UOU that I and many other brave Akwa Ibomites will relentlessly put things in the right perspective!
Truth be told, Umana’s sycophancy predates his ambition to govern Akwa Ibom people. The ‘Icabod’ was busy dancing around Governor Akpabio, his estranged friend for six years, and today he is talking about change.
For instance, the merchant of hate said in one of his campaign rallies that “he would make the Akwa Ibom State University, a single campus university, in line with the original vision”. Hahahaha Umana!
This again exposes Umana’s lack of intellectual depth and knowledge of running a state for the common wealth. State universities are part of state development catalysts and growth poles, aimed at engendering even spread of development, while also promoting school enrollment across a state.
Umana was simply expressing the ethnic- instinct in him; a way of telling Oruk Anam people that he was deeply grieved by the siting of a campus of the Akwa Ibom State University Obio Akpa, Oruk Anam LGA.
Why does UOU think he was in a better place to develop Oruk Anam LGA, where Udom’s wife hailed? Why didn’t he suggest the ideas that encompass his proposed blueprints or manifesto to his boss, Governor Godswill Akpabio when he served as SSG? This infantalizes UOU’s governorship ambition and exposes it to terrible ridicule!
Why do many state Universities in Nigeria have multiple campuses?. For instance, the Olabisi Onabanjo University where UOU’s deputy attended, and where I lectured for three years, has its Medical College (called Obafemi Awolowo College of Medicine), Ikene, the main campus at Ago Iwoye, and other faculties in Abeokuta and Ilaro. Should I give you examples abroad? No, let me give case studies of some federal universities in Nigeria. Why is there ESUT, a campus of the UNN in Enugu? Why is Ime Umana Campus of Uniuyo at Abak?
If we may ask, what does the APC mean by change; change to what?
For a man whose cars, home, uncountable investments and children’s fees are gotten from public loots disguising as a pivot of change, is lamentable.
For someone that has saved looted public funds for his grand children in pits and bunkers to contemplate leading the same people he raped of their collective wealth, again is the height of illogic!
Umana’s life is an exemplification of deceits and subterfuge. I hope the poor and innocent market women and artisans won’t fall prey to this predator whose interest in the governorship is mainly to loot the public coffers and build an empire for him future generations!
Why on earth should every major stakeholder in his local government, Nsit Ubium openly speak against the inordinacy of one person? It means that UOU lacks the home support and the legitimacy to propel his ambition.
It’s understandable if Senator Bob, Onofiok Luke, Chief Ibiok among others denounced UOU and pledged unalloyed loyalty to the PDP; these are men known for their affiliation with the establishment, but what would we say of Ambassador Sam Edem and others who have little or no stake in the present system?
I am sure that UOU will not have 20 percent of the total votes in the governorship elections. The reason is that the aggrieved elements now have credible avenues to channel their grievances, by supporting the Labour Party and the Accord Party.
All in all, Udom Emmanuel will emerge winner of the 2015 governorship election, because he has what eludes other governorship candidates.
Udom Emmanuel is a breath of fresh air in Akwa Ibom political system, in that he is the least -controversial, has not stepped on toes, has fewer or no enemy in the political scene, and his ambition isn’t anchored on vengeance. By implication, it’s natural that Udom will have more support base and greater acceptability than his contenders.
Secondly, the global economy is presently driven by the private sector. Udom is a private sector General, understands the rudiments of wealth creation and value chains. Udom, alone can use his financial sector connections to attract CBN loans to Akwa Ibom businessmen. He is best qualified to integrate Akwa Ibom into the global economy, and all that.
Beyond these, Udom is not corrupt, or at least corrupt. He has no record of corruption and graft, and would better lead the state to prosperity.

If Umana Okon Umana provides convincing answers to the following questions, it may doused the apprehensions I and many others have regarding his personality and capacity to govern Akwa Ibom State:
1. What is the worth of his home?
2. How did he get the funds to build such home?
3. What are his investments in the oil, gas and banking sectors?
4. Where did he get the funds for these investments?
5. Aren’t these loots from public treasury, or are they gift from friends?
Umana’s date with history has come;

One thing I know is that the 2015 election will be Umana’s “evil day”, when the people will get back all that he surreptitiously got from them.

Let the game continue!


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