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Teachers' Volunteer Scheme Sets for Commencement on Friday


The Teachers’ Volunteer Scheme is an initiative powered by VELTIO – an education management and human resource development organization, to support government quest for quality education in Akwa Ibom State. This is done by recruiting, intensively training, and deploying volunteer teachers in specific subject areas to address existing vacant positions in public schools in the state.

It will also serve as a platform for empowerment, to complement current government efforts aimed at reducing the increasing rate of unemployment in the state.
It is a non governmental effort by a group of genuinely concerned persons who are passionate about raising the bar in the Nigerian education sector with special attention on quality. We cannot rely on the contents of about four or even two decades ago to solve the challenges of today, bearing in mind that the Global community today, is dynamic, and accelerates at a speed that is faster than light. The TVS is a not-for-profit project. Basically wrapped in the concept of volunteerism, it runs on a firm conviction that greater successes that will be beneficial to all concerned can be recorded if citizens do not depend entirely on government to ‘cure’ their problems.

In a situation such as this, we are strong advocates of self medication. We should be physicians unto ourselves. For the TVS and its ivolunteer programs, we believe that devoting our time, committing our resources, offering our skills and energy towards rewriting the narrative on our education is a more effective and realistic way of achieving the desired change.
This approach will provide person-to-person, teacher/student exchanges and quality educational opportunity for the less privilege. This set of volunteer teachers, thus endowed with requisite experience may then serve as a reservoir or ‘go to market’ for future recruitment by the public or private educational institutions. TVS is further aimed at reducing the unfortunate teacher/student ratio in our public schools, thereby, leading to improvement in the quality of teaching/learning, focusing on sustainable development goals.

It is also aimed at instigating effective delivery of quality instructions to meet global education standard, increase the number and proportion of children accessing and completing quality education in Akwa Ibom State. We have screened entries for volunteer trainees and we had over three thousand entries in this category.

Unfortunately, we are taking 350 volunteer trainees in this first batch. We will have the rest saved up on our database even as more people continue to apply. We dream to grow the scheme beyond the frontiers of Akwa Ibom and make it a template for education development in Nigeria.

This is our moment with history and there is no better opportunity to create that envisaged history than now. Let us also use this opportunity to inform and invite all education stakeholders and Akwa Ibom people the public that TVS will be publicly unveiled on Friday, September 16, 2016.

The event will hold at Ibom Hall and time is 10am.

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