Some of the defectors publicly denouncing the APC after they were received into the PDP
Some of the defectors publicly denouncing the APC after they were received into the PDP

The suppressed anger among members of the All Progressives Congress is about to reach a crescendo Global Pilot can authoritatively report.
According to our investigations, the party is in deep crises as it has been factionalized into three prominent groups with Obong Nsima Ekere, Senator John Udoedeghe and Senator Nelson Effiong as main gladiators.

According to our findings, the three main gladiators are not ready to shift ground as they represent diverse interest in the party.

For instance, while Nsima Ekere feels he should be the sole candidate for the governorship contest against the PDP candidate, Senator Udoedeghe represents the neglected members of Action Congress of Nigeria (one of the parties that forms the present day APC) while Senator Nelson Effiong is flying the Oro flag in the party.

Apart from the interest each political actor represents, there is growing discontentment among members of the party as a result of unfulfilled promises made to them by the party.

It was learnt in the course of investigation that despite the closeness of Senator Udoedeghe to Senator Bola Tinubu he is yet to get one federal appointment for members of the old ACN who bore the pains of nursing what is today known as APC in the state.

The painful part of it is the recognition and appointment of those who decamped from PDP in December 2014 and some card carrying members of PDP into federal government parastatals while they continue in their endless wait two years after APC formed government at the centre.

On the other hand, the Managing Director of NDDC, Mr. Nsima Ekere who has turned the commission into a bait for hungry and greedy politicians is under severe attack from the media wing of the party.
It was gathered that the promise of a well-equipped media resource centre is yet to be kept as promised while the promise of a laptop and other work tool for journalists working for the party is yet to be fulfilled seven months after his appointment.

The media team led by the Publisher of The Guide newspaper, Mr. Emmanuel Sam last Thursday at NDDC stakeholders’ meeting held at Daaty Hotel Ewet Housing Estate in Uyo, threatened to boycott all Nsima Ekere’s function since he has proven to be a very unreliable political leader.

“Few weeks ago, we went on project inspection and at the end of the exercise, nothing was given to journalists in that team, now seven months after he resumed office he is yet to empower any journalist working for him and the party.

We cannot be fighting Udom for free while others come to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We expected a change in APC where those who labour will be rewarded but the story remains the same, same cheating, same neglect” he fumed at the stakeholders meeting which had in attendance the commissioner representing Akwa Ibom in NDDC Mr. Samuel Frank in attendance.

Some politicians who joined APC upon the appointment of Nsima Ekere as Managing Director of NDDC have expressed regrets that they made the worst political mistake as they are yet to see any difference in the new party.
According to one of them who spoke to Global Pilot on condition of anonymity, their hopes of becoming NDDC contractors have been dashed from the very beginning with Nsima Ekere playing hide and seek with NDDC contracts.

“He is telling us that we cannot execute a multi- million naira contract, yes agreed but as noted in the communiqué, let NDDC adopt the crowd contractors model where big contracts are shared by milestones to many small contractors. We will not run with him in 2019 in an empty stomach and he should know his tenure ends in 2018” he disclosed.

Political pundits believe this level of disenchantment will provide PDP the needed boost ahead of 2019 general elections. According to them, the defection in the state will not affect the fortune of the party in the state following internal bickering in the party. Though political zoning which is rooted in the state does not favour any other Eket Senatorial District candidate, the ongoing crises will go a long way to destabilize the party in future elections.

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  1. It’s not the personalities there in holding the fort in any of the factions of APC(Akwa Ibom State Chapter),but how coherent are they to front the formidable PDP in Akwa Ibom State.Having the present coherence of PDP in Akwa Ibom State,it should not sit on the fence watching the gladiators taking the full disadvantage of the so taken factionalisation óf APC granted-o.PDP should match sword with sword ready the battle-o,else regret!

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