I believe His Excellency, Obong Victor Attah, one time governor of Akwa Ibom state, as an elderly man, who wll shortly clock 77, very well knows my next line. “No man ever looked better by making another look so bad.
How else do we place the story of the Pharisee who went to the temple to pray. According to Jesus, “The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed this prayer: ‘I thank you, God, that I am not a sinner like everyone else. For I don’t cheat, I don’t sin, and I don’t commit
adultery. I’m certainly not like that
tax collector(see Luke 11:18)! Such impudent self-piety and deification never brought the man any good.
Of him Jesus said, he left God’s presence without justification, compared to the penitent tax collector he so indicted.
Did the same Jesus not stun those religious leaders, who were on cue to stone the woman caught in adultery to death a test no man has been able to answer ever since.” “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her (see John 8:7).”
If that does not suffice, how about the self interrogation Jesus proposed for all self appointed change agents and moral crusaders. “…First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck
from your brother’s eye(again see Mathew 7:5).
As a devout Catholic, Obong Attah most certainly is at home with those scriptures. I however reinstate them to his introspective purview, in the aftermath of reading his latest outburst, yet again titled; WHAT DOES OBONG VICTOR ATTAH WANT? Being A Press Statement issued by Obong Attah on Tuesday 27th October 2015 at a press briefing in Darty Hotel, Uyo.

Consistent with his avowed vocation of attacking his political son and successor, Senator Dr. Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio, Attah took time out to indict the former in his released “WHITE PAPER”. The crux of the matter Obong Attah hammered, is the yet to be completed Ibom Tropicana and secondly, his declared aversion to the succession plan of Chief Akpabio, which produced His Excellency, Mr Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, the incumbent governor of Akwa Ibom State.
Permit me a brief perusal of those issues replicated here. In the opening paragraph, he stated: “Early in the life of the last government of Barr. Godswill Obot Akpabio, CON, when a most uncommon fraud in the name of TROPICANA was being foisted on our beloved state and its people, I was moved to express my candid opinion on that project by way of advice in a letter to the governor.” I have this to say and with all sense of responsibility: SHOW ME AN IBOM TROPICANA, AND I SHOW YOU AND IBOM SCIENCE PARK.

The sad tale of the eye sore called Ibom Science park initiated by the Attah administration is an open wound to the conscience of Obong Attah. Leaving that to sanctimoniously harass Chief Akpabio for a Tropicana which is working and is at 85 percent completion rate, for me, Is a disservice to morality. There is no equity in this grandstanding. I remember Chief Akpabio said, if he had left the Ibom International Airport the way he met it, the status of Ibom Science Park could very certainly have been its plight.

Akpabio, methinks deserves some credit. He honoured Obong Attah by building on his(Attah’s) laudable vision. But for the attacks of Attah on Akpabio, I believe, even that Science Park would have been reality.
I’m still waiting for the day, Obong Attah will be humble and unbiased enough to accept that, at least, Chief Akpabio strived hard for Akwa Ibom and did his best for the state. As a man, Akpabio did err and make some blunders. That should be conceeded to him. He is man and not God and therefore not infallible. I will vehemently reject this thesis Attah is ‘promulgating’ and pushing as a sacred text, that, his advent was the last best thing that ever happened in Akwa Ibom state and that Godswill Akpabio’s tenure was a non event. That is a white lie.
I will also like to ask: when Obong Attah talks about impunity vis-a-vis the succession project of Chief Akpabio to back his preferred choice, Udom Emmanuel, what does his failed adventure on annointing his Son in-law and coercing every apparatus of government for the fruition of that project in 2006/07 amount to? Is it because the project collapsed for reasons best left for historians and political scientists to research and put forward? This revisionism of political idealism cannot stand the scrutiny of unprejudiced inquiry. Attah should spare us a sermon on this issue.

On his membership or not of the PDP or the APC, that’s his private affair and of no relevance whatsoever to our commonwealth. Let me however aver that: Obong Attah is allowing bitterness with his successor, Chief Akpabio defined the rest of his alloted days and guide his every action. The adrenaline of settling scores with his estranged son is so severe, Obong Attah, it seems, will have no peace until Akpabio is down. Truth is, God does not think like man and does not allow his elect fall into the snare of his enemy. I plead with him to leave Akpabio alone and move on. This should not be a war without end. Akpabio has since moved on and is currently the Minority leader in the Senate of the Federal Republic. Let him be.

Governor Udom Emmanuel also remains the duely elected Governor of Akwa Ibom state. Obong Attah revels in the so-called Tribunal ruling which even acknowledged, contrary to the script his opponents are selling, that he(Udom) scored the highest number of valid votes cast. It serves to remind Attah that, the Late Ime Umanah, peace on his ashes, gave him the scare of his life, for the same allegations of treachery in electoral process. Nevertheless, he(Attah) survived it.
Let me say therefore that, election petition is not a warranty, to defile the integrity of the office he once occupied.
I won’t dispute with him that he is
an elder statesman blessed with the grace of years. I however wish he pays the role of a non partisan father for all, and not the opposite.
Let me remind Obong Attah of his wise counsel to all Akwa Ibom people, declared at their sacred groove of Asan Ibibio: “we must learn to accept that, in a dark room, my candle does not burn brighter simply by my putting out the other person’s candle. On the contrary, the more candles we can light, the greater will be the
brightness in that room. And in that situation, even the obscure one among us may become visible and recognized.” Q.E.D!

By Osondu Ahirika

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  1. The elder stateman had even surrendered at last after much ado about nothing of his unsuccessful attack on his estranged enemies, men and State,may God don’t forgive him of his attrocities that he only can determine who will rule the State.Thank God that had preserved his life to witness his dream not manifesting and had backed out of active ‘open’ exploit to noctornal politiking no doubt about that.You are welcome home OBONG in ur DARTY! SOMETHING…

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