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President Jonathan's Concession Speech: 'I am as disappointed as you. But our…'

Fellow compatriots, we have come to the end of a landmark
journey and the most participatory election in the annals of our
dear country. We deserve to win, much as all parties that presented candidates for this election. Ultimately, the Nigerian people; the umpires of this election, have made a stance, and let there be no distrust in their decision. I therefore accept the finality of this election’s result. And in keeping faith with my promise of accepting the outcome of the election, for the interest of unity of an indivisible country, and the underpinning of our democracy, I make bold to offer my concession, and set a precedent as the first president in our nation’s history to do so. I then assent to my obligation to honour the president-elect, and give him all the support I can, for the attainment of the Nigeria of our dream.

Coming this far, may all ethnic, religious, partisan, and intolerant
sentiments assume patriotism. In congruence with fiercely
contested elections, hurt words were traded, friends pitted against friends, sworn enemies became friends, all, to put our oneness to the test. Yet, we have come from that labyrinth pathway to announce to our doubters, our firm believers and the whole world, that Nigeria can manage herself! Beyond our disagreements, differences, and distinctiveness, which may transcend this election, or even transcend our life spans, let us see love, peace, and unity of our country as a reviewer of all motives, for it is not pride, until it is to the pride of one’s nation.

There is also a higher responsibility and loyalty to the one we owe our political parties, it is duty to our fatherland. For this worthy respect, I say, if our loss in this election would guarantee a collective win for the country, in progress, love and unity, let’s lose again!

I realize how disappointed my supporters are with the turn-out of the election, I am as disappointed as you. But our disappointment must be conquered by our love for our dear country. Be emboldened for no human history would mention your name to have failed in this election, but mine! Dear friends, if you truly supported me, I ask you for equal commitment for our new president, for in his success, lies largely our country’s success. It
is natural to, as such a moment, count losses both in energy and
materials, however, what price is greater than unity and progress
of fatherland?
It is a challenging time for our country: insurgents may determine to fight back, although thoroughly defeated by the Nigerian military might, affected economy, occasioned by dwindling global oil price, and growing unemployment. Let us rejoice in hope of a greater Nigeria, considering the bold strides this government has chalked up in infrastructure, education, agriculture, women and youth empowerment, aviation, among others. There is a task before the next government, to ensure better living standard, also with better quality of life which evinces through fundamental human rights for all Nigerians. Let’s ensure that the citizens of this country are
never again made to get hold on the wrong end of the stick. Like
this election, let winning always favour the majority!
I thank you all for the trust of the noblest responsibility in the land.
I thank my wife in a special way, children and my lovely mother,
and all my family members, also my good friends for
demonstrating true support, standing by me through all substrates
of opposition. Thank you Arc. Namadi Sambo, the best vice
president, I have seen. I am overwhelmed by the energy and
commitment of my campaign organisation. I am most grateful to Chief Tony Anenih, my National campaign adviser, Alhaji Adamu Muazu, PDP Chairman, Sen. Dr. Amadu Ali, GCON- director general of my campaign organisation. Prof Tunde Adeniran, Mr. Peter Obi, Dr. Aliyu Modibo Umar, Prof Jerry Gana, Sen. Nenadi Usman, Sen. Nimi Barigha Amange, Femi Fani Kayode, and Amb. Emmanuel Imohe. Abdullahi Hussani, Mai Basira, Prof. Nik. Ezeh, Hon. Mrs. Becky Igwe, and Alhaji Yahaya Ahmed deserve appreciation. My gratitude to deputy directors, and state coordinators of my re- election campaign organisation, and various companies, parastatals, and individuals that donated to my re-election campaign. I am immensely thankful to all volunteers. Once more, congratulations, President Muhammadu Buhari!

May God bless you, and may God bless Nigeria. Thank you all.

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  1. congrats to u our rear leader, u hav set a generational example to d upcomin leaders, u r a d best

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