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PDP: The Political Stabilizing Factor of 'The Paul of Politics'


By Iniubong ANAKO

To many people who have know his ability, capability and efficiency starting from when he was young, they knew his intelligence to fix any wrong in any part of endeavor of the existence.

Politically, he is a founding member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. He had variously served as a national member of the political committee of the Mboho Mkparawa Ibiblo; Special Adviser (political) of Akwa Ibom Community, Abuja; Special Adviser (political) of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Abuja; and Director of Social, Akwa Ibom Community, Abuja from 2002 to 2004. For Akwa Ibom Professionals in Abuja, he was their Director of Welfare in 2004. During his days in serving humanity through these various capacities, He has never found wanted of any mischievous act. Excellent is doing what is right excellently.

In August 2007, His Excellency, Chief Godswill Akpabio, appointed him as the Honourable Commissioner for Commerce and Industry and by July 2008 after his capability and efficiency to right all wrong has been tested and visible and in respect on his sincere dedication to deliver on any mandate that would have a direct impact on the masses and his loyalty, forthrightness, accountability, dedication to duty, and skill in handling the royal fathers, the Local Government Chairmen, and the Councilors, he was persuaded to work in the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs as Commissioner in full capacity. Today, he was the best man to have worked in that capacity successfully after Godwill Akpabio.

Following the numerous achievement recorded in managing the old and the young, traditional rulers were pleased with the way his intermediary knowledge between the traditional institution and the government, he managed excellently man and resources.

During his reign as Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, the young people and the entire citizens of the state also enjoy a stable partnership with their royal fathers. Verily, when the righteous rule, the masses enjoy. Within limited time, he married all wrong with the best possible solution.

Since 2012 as the State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Akwa Ibom State, Obong Paul has amply demonstrated that he is a square peg in a square hole. The steadfastness and diligence he brought to bear on the management of the party, the courage he consistently displayed, and his ability to continually stir up the belief and commitment of the party members, rallied the entire PDP family in the State round theDivine Mandate of Mr. Udom Emmanuel as one strong, invincible and formidable team.

All these political energies culminated in electoral victory not only for the governor, but also for all the Akwa Ibom representatives at both home and the federal level.

Right from the nomination of candidates for the 2015 General Elections through the campaigns to the voting and legal contests that followed at the Election Tribunals, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, Obong Ekpo proved that he was a master mobilizer, a convincing leader, and a political bulldozer. The opposition was too weak to match the strength of the Peoples Democratic Party and the resolve of the Akwa Ibom people to defend their mandate which the Supreme Court eventually upheld and confirmed in February 2016.

I could remember during one of my encountered with him over the court shuttle to have the mandate, in fact he always looks without worried. When the supreme court of the land unanimously gave a supreme judgment upheld and confirmed Udom’s mandate, he was satisfied with the supreme judgment and calls on other opposition parties in the state to join Udom to reform Akwa Ibom to the promise land. He extended hands of fellowship and strongly opined that the progress of Akwa Ibom State must remains sacrosanct irrespective of political affiliation. This is what is termedHumility of the Highest Order.

It was asserted that the efficacy of a man cannot be tested and confirmed until he has been giving an avenue to serve. Paul Ekpo efficacy on serving humanity has been tested and confirmed. Today, am sure if the national chairmanship of PDP slot was to be zoned to the South South, Niger Delta region where this bulldozer originated from, he would have been the best man for the job. Nevertheless, he has promised to work with anyone dully voted by the party to contribute his quota to the development of the party and Nigeria in general.  Couple with his tremendous and sagacity of knowledge in righting all wrong, his contribution would surely be of benevolence to the fortune of PDP to claim back the centre.

We know him as a best brain of political calculator. Can anyone with absence of integrity and dearth of efficiency be nominated by Godwill Akpabio to control the party at the state level? The answer is capital NO. You know the efficient leader during the trying period.

Today, one of the stronghold state of PDP as a democratic party with zero influence of opposition is being chair by this trailblazer. Since the inauguration of the administration of His Excellency Udom Emmanuel, he has been keeping the momentum of keeping PDP as a family. No one can identify any aggrieved party member unlike their sisters state Abia, where another PDP family member is challenging the authenticity of the present Governor of Abia State as the true party flag-bearer. It was very disgusting when you see members belonging to the same party fighting for the supremacy of the party, we should know without any oracle that their leaders most especially party chairman and other executive were not leaving up to their expectations.

In recognition of his political wisdom and numerous contributions to the growth and unity of Akwa Ibom State and country in general, the Chairman, State Council of Chiefs (2008/2009) and Paramount Ruler of Etinan, on recommendation of the State Advisory Council, had earlier conferred on Obong Ekpo the chieftaincy title of Eduek Akwa Ibom. With this singular title confirmation is an attestation of his benevolence loyalty and excellence delivery of the assignment bestowed on him.

All in All, His Love for Akwa Ibom people and by extension Nigerians, is the energy that drives him even beyond himself to serve humanity as Chairman PDP Akwa Ibom State for another term, thus; based on his strength are humility, respect for fellow men, compassion, discipline, faith in God, unalloyed loyalty to his boss and anybody irrespective of their level in national discourse, and respect for fellow men without prejudice for race, creed, culture, religion and background, he was unanimously voted for to keep the momentum of chairing the state PDP.

He has done it before; he will certainly do it better again. I fall in love with his acceptance speech accepting the responsibility voted on him to continue steering the party forward in victory tone.

Iniubong Anako, is a Political, Public Affairs and Social Analyst, and can be reach on 09085534640, 07066986727

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