Hon. Ephraim Inyang
Hon. Ephraim Inyang

-By Emmanuel Nicholas
I have watched and read with trepidation, the gathering storm of blackmail against the Honourable Commissioner for Works in Akwa Ibom State, Mr Ephraim Inyaneyen. His primary offence is that, he is perceivable, very close to his boss, the Governor, His Excellency, Mr Udom Gabriel Emmanuel. For every keen watcher of the power game, such gang up is nothing new.
Did the scriptures not assure, that those who gather against God’s elect will scatter and fall for their sake? I have no doubt Ephraim Inyangeyen will survive the fierce, but false onslaught of his foes, to tarnish his hard earned image and every weapon fashioned against him shall not prosper.
Perhaps you are unaware of the matter, so let me fix that.
Some state based newspapers have singled out the Works Commissioner for unrestrained and sustained blackmail and smear campaign. In a state with over a 100 Newspapers, it is easy to have some deviate from ethical practice and become tools of intimidation and calumny in the hands of opponents.
Five false accusations have been made against Ephraim in furtherance of the very obvious plot to Pull him down. One is that, He is planning to run against Governor Udom Emmanuel in 2019. That is most laughable. For a man who worked assiduously from the very start, with the Transformation Initiative for the Empowerment of Ibom People, TIEP, which he founded and became a formidable group market and mobilize mass support for the candidacy of then aspirant Udom Gabriel Emmanuel as the Mr Right to succeed Governor Godswill Akpabio in 2015, it is preposterous to say, he is fighting to destroy what he laboured
With countless other good people of the state to build.
Unknown to his traducers, Mr Inyangeyen has already started to make advocacy for the second term of the governor who he argues, is the Doyen of industrialization and needs a full tenure of 8 years to actualize his lofty vision of turning the state to a hub of industries. So, their hate campaign with this flimsy allegation as a smear falls flat on its face.
Secondly, they allege, Mr inyangeyen wants to impose a political leader on Urue Offong Oruko for whatever. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The works commissioner being a grassroots mobilizer with good relationship and networking in the state and beyond may indeed have the person as an associate. But that or whatever aspiration his associate may nurse is personal to them and should not be used against him. Again this is balderdash and will not fly.
There is also this dumb accusation that, Mr Inyangeyen ‘boasts’ that the governor cannot sack him and that he is indispensable to the governor. This is where their fear really lies. Those who made this allegation know as well as the Works Commissioner that Governor Emmanuel can hire and fire anyone of his appointees no matter how highly placed at will.
Mr inyangeyen even makes it a point to tell all those who come with proposals to cut shady deals in the open that, he guards cautiously not to err and incur the wrath of the governor and that only integrity and prudence an sustain him in that office. So, where did they get this tissue of lie from?
It is not in doubt that, the intention of the creators of these fictional so-called ‘sins’ of the works commissioner want him out of the picture. They are desperate to have him removed as he seems to be the obstacle to their dirty schemes.
That’s why they are dangling the remove him card and hoping Governor Emmanuel will dance to their tune. But the governor is not their handmaiden and that is the bad news for them. The Governor Emmanuel I have come to know is a True shepherd who knows his sheep as well as his sheep know him and hear his voice.
On another scale, the writers of the various false stories intend to incite some colleagues and stakeholders against Ephraim Inyang-eyen.
The insinuations that, the works Commissioner is locked in a cold war of supremacy with some Commissioners, or that he is rooting to oust the so-called Akpabio era commissioners from office is a point of note. Any unsuspecting person will believe, Mr Inyangeyen is fighting his colleagues, whereas, he is part and parcel of a tightly knit team working in tandem with Governor Emmanuel to actualize his vision and blueprint for superior performance and sustainable development in the state.
The Works Commissioner is so focused and committed to his assigned duties as to be distracted by all these false campaigns of mudslinging or to join issues with the perpetrators of lies from the pit of hell or their collaborators.
In a down-slide to push their eliminate Ephraim Inyang pet project, they have resorted to more subterfuge by purporting that, Onna people have called for Ephraim Inyangeyen’s sack. Again, this is a figment of the imagination of the writers. If truth be told, Inyangeyen is one Prophet, who, in defiance of the norm, has honour among his people. He is an illustrious son of Onna, who has faithfully stood by their foremost son, Governor Udom gabriel Emmanuel through thick and thin to ensure, Onna Local Government takes the pride of place she currently occupies in the current era in the state.
His people are indeed appreciative of this and have proven same time and again by turning out massively in unprecedented numbers to celebrate with their son, Inyangeyen, as they did in the recent Thanksgiving service he hosted in celebration of the Supreme Court victory of his boss, Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel.
I know, having worked closely with the Works Commissioner that some powerful interests who used to rip off the state in the name of evaluations, compensation’s and award of road contracts are not happy with the sensitization of and strict procedure of tight checks and balances Mr Inyangeyen has since entrenched in the system.
They will have none of that and want the status quo ante of business as usual culture of impunity to continue. That is why Ephraim inyaneyen is a marked prey that the political hawks and predators have vowed and are all out to devour.
But let them have this note of warning! They will fail in their evil plot. Akwa ibom people have come of age and are happy with the sanity, honesty of purpose and due process with which the Works Ministry hitherto treated as a conduit and cash cow is being run and will defend the new regime of accountability and due diligence. They should leave Ephraim Inyang alone.

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  1. I mhanguezogie Doyin Peter

    No weapon of intimidation, distraction, and calumny formed against the Hon. Com Will prosper. I am not an Indigene of Akwa Ibom, but those of us outside the state who are keen watchers of the development in the state knows that all the allegations are false and baseless.


    Mr. Ephraim Inyang-Eyen Hon. Commissioner for Works was born on November 25,1965 in Ikot Ebiere of Onna Local Government Area.
    He graduated in 1988 with B.sc degree in Chemistry(Second Class Upper Division) from prestigious University of Ibadan .He has bagged Masters in Business Administration degree(MBA) in 2014 from University of Lagos.

    As energetic young man he has claimed to the position of Chief Supt. Of Customs at Nigeria Customs Service where he has served actively for about 20 years. He has maintained an excellent track record of performance, discipline and hard working knowledge across various departments of service. He is respected in Nigeria Custom cycle and Nigeria at large.
    Mr. Ephraim Inyang is commemorate Commissioner, Practical Christian, a good team player, tremendous work capacity, strong character and leadership capabilities whose activities is same of the governor industrializing the state , creating jobs for teeming youths and human empowerment. Is that why you are afraid of him?
    Why this PULL HIM DOWN SYNDROME had not leaved our people now?
    Sha! They say a Prophet has no Honor and Respect in his home town. This man with such pedigree did not do any mistake to come into polities.
    Please leave him alone!
    Is not his fault to come from Onna!
    Please leave him alone!
    He shares the same vision of industrializing the state with His Excellency, Deacon Udom Emmanuel,S Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State.
    Please leave him alone!
    Where were these blackmailers when he started this Transformation agenda in 2014 inconjuction with other interest groups that lead to the success of the governor at the poll in Apirl 2015.
    Please sir continue evolving from your predecessor we are happy and behind you.
    Go back to your bible again; what crime did our saviour lord Jesus Christ commit? But, everywhere he went he was doing good. Mr. Works Commissioner continues to do good in the state and beyond.

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