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LG POLLS: 'You MUST have clear cut means of Livelihood' – Gov. Udom Warns Aspirants


Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State has said that the era of hand picking political praise singers and other unqualified persons as Council Helmsman was long gone.

In a recent meeting he had with some of the PDP stakeholders,  Governor Udom insisted that any aspirant to the position of a Council Chairman must first of all have a clear cut means of livelihood and also arm himself/herself educational qualification of at least first Degree or HND before dreaming to aspire to such exalted office.

According to the source, who was at the meeting,  “Governor Udom has taken exception to a situation where chronic applicants and political layabouts were entrusted with such exalted position, only for them to turn out to be drain on the council treasury”.

He was quoted as saying that the present economic realities have made it imperative for the State Government to look inward and avoid the mistake of the past.

“We cannot afford to encourage political vagabonds and compulsive square pegs in round holes to continue to defraud the councils in the name of Council Chairman.

“It is a very common wisdom that if you elected and entrust someone who has never had a means of livelihood or managed N100,000 into a position of a Council Boss, it means that you have given such a person a franchise to loot the Council”, Udom stated.

The Governor noted that “experience have shown that immediately have shown that immediately such persons come on board, they will first of all want to marry the best of women, build the most expensive house and go for dream cars,  so that their ego could be boosted as those who are swimming in cash”.

Udom reasoned that, even though future applicants into that office are not expected to be ready – made millionaires or professors “we are saying that, at least let them be seen as people that have been able to cater for themselves”.

Governor Udom explained that he will not be a party to corruption; as encouragement of illiterates and unemployed as Council Chairmen will only breed corrupt leaders at the Council level which had been a bane to Grassroot administration in the past.

He advised those with genuine and qualified Aspirants to toe the new line of action, as failure to do this definitely will bring about an unending face off between him and such recalcitrant stakeholders.

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  1. The Governor has spoken well. This is the kind of governor we need to correct the mistakes of the past. Let the era of appointing political thugs, touts, school drop-outs, illiterates be long gone and never to return again. The era where people without experience, without managerial or financial skill to run the affairs of LGAs never happen again. Let’s appoint and vote for people who have proven record of integrity, vision and mission to transform the rot on ground. May we never have stooges who sit in for their political mentors as LGA chairs again. All hail Udom Emmanuel.

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