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Kidnap Saga: Ita Enang Disowns Media Aide, Absolves Governor Udom


..Pundits insist Essien Inyang is being made a scapegoat

The Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on the Senate, Senator Ita Enang has disowned his media Assistant, Mr Essien Inyang over media reports linking him to statements made by the latter on the kidnap of the Proprietor of Sure Polytechnic, Dr Udom on Palm Sunday.

Worried by the outrage of so many well meaning citizens on the outrageous association of Governor Emmanuel to the kidnap of Dr Udom who is the father inlaw of Senator Ita Enang’s son, the Senator issued a statement dissociating himself from the attempt to blackmail the governor and thereby disowned his media aide who hurriedly issued an earlier position statement on the matter.

Senator Enang in the statement made available to a media platfprm, Ibom Telegraph wrote: “My attention is drawn to comments attributing some comments or posts on the media by some persons on the kidnap incident in Ukanafun to me or as if they were on my behalf. May I please state that I did not issue any statement nor authorise any person to so do. I know statement at this time of trauma should be aimed at solution, and mobilising every person to be part of a solution. I also know the relationship of His Excellency Gov. Udom Emmanuel to the community of the incident.

Besides, as Governor he, with the appropriate functionaries will be in the lead for solution and indeed rescue and will not cast the hash. I pray all at this time to have kind and building words for a together resolution of this unfortunate incident. God bless Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria. Senator (Dr) Ita Enang”

This conciliatory statement which shocked observers is a climb down from the high horse by Senator Enang who is a hardnosed critic of Governor Emmanuel and who infamously attacks the governor on radio time and again which earned him the sobriquet, ‘Executive Director’ of planet FM, from the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio.
Pundits say, Senator Enang may have only made Essien inyang a scapegoat, on seeing the backlash and how that ill-advised release by his media aide backfired and the public resentment it generated.

It will be recalled that, Essien inyang wrote in a statement about the kidnap where he fingered the governor as the one behind the kidnap stating that, “This is one of the reasons we are all calling for substitution in 2019.

Ever since the emergence of Udom Emmanuel as Governor, there has been series of crimes and coordinated evil practices carried out by his trained goons and most of it all is the resurrection of kidnapping, assassination, forceful hijack of people’s belongings and lots more in the name of his re-election .
All these are insignia(sic) that someone who call(sic) himself, chief security(sic) is either incapable, incompetent, clueless or he is wicked, callous, mien(???) and vampire(sic) who sees others below his pa(sic) .

Or was he elevated by Supreme Court(sic) to care for his family and cronies alone? The current kidnapping targeted at APC members and relatives is uncalled for. I’m ashamed of the leadership in the state!”

Many believe that this was simply the voice of jacob but the hand of Esau. However, Senator Enang has come out to clear the air on the matter and has pleaded that the state governor should lead the effort as every stakeholder should assist to ensure the kidnapped proprietor is rescued.

However many are of the opinion that, Senator Enang should call his media aide to order, check his excesses and ensure such indiscretions do not recur again, as this is not the first time he is courting controversy.

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