The year was 1993, I grew up with a burning passion to join the altar boys. At a tender age I did. It was all fun and few memories keep me smiling. Let me share. One day, I woke up at about 1:00a.m not known to me that the battery on the wall clock had drained at about 5:00pm without anybody noticing it. “Oh! God, am late for mass.” I jumped out of my bed, had my bath and started racing to the church. In the middle of it, I never knew some little dogs were having a bite just where I sped past. All I had was a rush on my trouser and some thin voice barking. “Oh! Jesus ooOoOo! Mummy OoOo!!” I kept screaming and did my best to double my steps but the mighty dog (nursing mother) kept dragging me behind. Naturally, I fear dogs than being broke. But that same fear in me gave me more muscles to run with all my energy and I made it to the church without a single hurt.

Behold, on getting to the church, the entrance gate was under lock & key. I called on the nightwatchman. He shouted back at me, “who be that; wetin you dey find?” I replied, “Acram, it’s me, Peter Patrick.” He couldn’t believe I was truly the one. I could see him act some movies in a bit to have a better view of me, the acrobatics was funny but I was sure scared to death. “Peter, what’s your time by now?” He queried. Did I even remember my little wrist watch? Hell No! I didn’t. Finally, he opened the gate and I went straight to the parish boys’ quarters and slept till it was time for mass. While serving as a mass server, I could remember the many times I would have to kneel down to offer a bishop a wash hand basin to wash his hands, many at times I bowed before priests. All as a sign of honour to the vessels of God.

Inibehe Effiong, my good friend had placed a burden on my heart with his broken pen. I have been so busy but I knew I won’t let it slide. His pen got broken when he reel out this offensive piece. Permit me to paste it verbatim.


After 8 years of “uncommon transformation” this is the result. Senator Godswill Akpabio has turned citizens to slaves. We keep sending the impression that Africans and blacks are sub-humans. What will make a full grown man to do this if not poverty and joblessness?

See what has become of our people in the 21st century. I feel insulted as an Akwa Ibom person seeing this. Our youths now have to lay on the ground to beg for alms from those in charge of our collective patrimony. This took place yesterday at the Akwa Ibom International Airport.

So disgusting. SHAME.”

As a proud son of Akwa Ibom; I was offended after reading that piece. As a friend; I was dissapointed. As a mass server who had served for more than a decade; I was flummoxed that the biblical record isn’t known to all. As an admirer of my amiable senate minority leader; I was betrayed by my own brother’s broken pen claiming that a good man, the peoples’ senator has turned citizens to slaves. That’s false. And I’m not a fan of lies. But in all, I decided to keep mute to honor him for the sake of his birthday. I really did wish him happy birthday but not to keep mum completely.

If I may recall, 1 Samuel 24:8 states, “Now after David arose and went out of the cave and called after Saul, saying “My lord the king!” and when Saul looked behind him, David bowed with his face to the ground and prostrated himself.” Now, everybody knows that from birth; David had the kingship in him. The entire world knows that David was a king. If David as a king could bow and prostrate before Saul, does that imply that David was a slave? Was God ashamed of David for prostrating before Saul? Leave the answers to your conscience.

Let’s get some sort of throwback, while the presidential campaign was intense. I saw a rich celebrity amidst all his fame and material wealth bowed and prostrated in total submission and honour to a great man. That celebrity is the famous Sean Tizzle and the great man is, Goodluck E. Jonathan. Is Sean Tizzle a poor chap or a slave? That’s a token of humility being displayed. No worries, it’s a mere broken pen floating everywhere. I don’t want to mention that popes and other clergies prostrate before the blessed sacrament; I mean to honor and worship God. If I do, a voice will snap; ah! That’s worship to God. I won’t contest.

Time wise, I have seen people adore celebrities by having their cloths torn in admiration and sights of beholding their presence. I have even seen a celebrity, Denrele prostrate before Femi Kuti, not because he is poor but driven by joy of a thankful heart for their remarkable performances. I know that you know, Sen. Godswill Obot Akpabio has accomplished a lot for the amiable state of the promised land #AkwaIbom. I see Inibehe Effiong, fly places from one of those significant effort of Sen. Akpabio who completed the Ibom airport where you enjoy a pool of selfie. What are you ashamed of Bar. Inibehe? The senate minority leader has done excellently, remarkably what other governors couldn’t do. He’s a honorable man.

Recently, I had a good discussion with one of the past speakers of Akwa Ibom State. I was thrilled at the way a respectable leader could speak good of his one time boss. He made me understand that Sen. Akpabio had given him the pride of a great state. Like Prince Charles, he can confidently take his visitors around the palace-state of Akwa Ibom for sight-seeing. He gave credit to whom credit is due.

How will I settle for the ink from a broken pen when I could see the honor expressed by the current president of the federal republic of Nigeria as he bowed before his honourable members of the hallowed chambers. Inibehe Effiong, did you see who sat directly before him? Sen. Godswill Akpabio, a man whose presence is honoured by the lords, kings, queens, presidents and all… Sen. Akpabio, is a leader of all leaders. No contest. He was ordained to be great and having that great son of Akwa Ibom prostrate before him was yet another sign of GREAT HONOR not a symbol of poverty as acclaimed. I have never and would never insult leaders of my great state; not even our son, father and brother Mr. Umana Okon Umana. These men have contributed their quota. Thank them and see how your pen can bring great good for our lovely state than seek to threaten public peace.

Broken pen isn’t good for a piece. Throw it away, let’s build our state with the talents we’ve got. Irrespective of any divide; don’t spit fire. Sen. Akpabio is loved by majority of the people in the state and across the nation. He is truly a NATIONAL LEADER. We are not poor, we are a shining light in Nigeria. And we will massively continue to celebrate our leaders. Sen. Akpabio leads. Our ambassadors of good governance. Broken pen has no good trademark; only the brave can apologise. Akwa Ibom people are offended by that piece you published.

God bless Sen. Godswill Obot Akpabio!
God bless that son of ours that honoured him with a prostrate!!
God bless Inibehe Effiong!!!
God bless Mfon Patrick!!!
God Bless Akwa Ibom State!!!
God bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria!!!

Mfon Patrick, Uyo

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  1. Inibehe Effiong has no coutesy in his books,he just writes for his money.No professionalism to his noble profession.If I were to act on his activities,he would have been suspended and probed for I doubt his professional credentials and competence..

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