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INIBEHE EFFIONG: Focus on your Charge and Bail Practice, Stop Blackmailing Senator Akpabio – Lawyers Coalition



Our attention has been drawn to a publication by one  Inibehe Effiong who claims to be a lawyer from Akwa Ibom State; currently undergoing ‘Charge and Bail’ practice somewhere in Lagos State; whose chambers is unknown though still struggling to evangelize and win disciples in the  Court  of facebook. The publication dated   February 17, 2017 can be found on  Sahara Reporters   and the electronic media .The gravamen of this  false alarm  by the  attention- seeking and hippy- haliette  lawyer is to smear the hard earned reputation of a man who has made uncommon and gigantic contributions to the development of Law in our Country.

This jumble publication raises reasonable doubts and serious questions for consideration: Who is Inibehe Effiong? How many cases has he ever been briefed to handle? How many cases has he won and lost? Where did he do his pupilage? What is his philosophy about the practice of Law? What is his legal reasoning model? Who is he to merit such cheap popularity such that the Nigerian Security Agencies can be compromised ? What capacity has he got to hide away from the search light of State Security Agencies? Who possibly can he be  to compare or compete with any good lawyer; let alone the Senate Minority leader? What was his grade in the Univeristy? What is Ini-ibehe Effiong’s social, economic,  religious , political and  legal nuisance value?  Here is a man who was disqualified from contesting a Faculty election due to Weak Academic Performance (WAP). Inibehe Edem  Effiong  was admitted into the University of Uyo with registration number-08/LA/858 in 2008 as the eight hundred and fifty eighth student in the Faculty of Law, University of Uyo from the year 2000. He was ”wapped” out of contesting  elections in the micro Students’ politics of the Faculty of Law, University of Uyo ;being far below the borderline  of an average student’s academic capability. Here is a mere paranoid schizophrenic (a form of dementia precox); entertaining delusions of grandeur, religiosity, popularity and  significance ; inviting reasonable people  to join him to dance the macabre dance of madness on the social media. For clarity, a person affected by schizophrenia views the world differently from those around him. He hears, sees, smells, tastes and  feels things that are not experienced by others (auditory ,visual, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile, hallucinations).He finds his thoughts confusing and frightening (thought insertion and thought withdrawal) such as believing that people are reading his mind (thought broadcasting), controlling his thoughts or planning to harm him(paranoid delusion or delusion of persecution). These thoughts make such a person feel anxious and may find that he is so disordered. This makes him scared of people and leaves him with no option than to scare those around him. This is the state of mind of this acclaimed face book lawyer. This facebook lawyer whose stock- in- trade is to peddle falsehood and raise false alarm to gain cheap popularity is at it again. This time, he has thrown caution to the wind by accusing the Distinguished Minority Leader of the Nigerian Senate and his dear wife of being after his life. This alarm apart from being worthless comes at a time when Nigerians must begin to question the credibility of people who parade themselves as activists. It is unnervingly difficult to imagine that any lawyer worth his salt would choose to embark on this self diminishing voyage. For the records, this self-seeking counsel has been in this habit for too long. It is professionally unethical to misrepresent facts or turn summersault over settled facts as counsel; such as alleging a phantom assassination plot. This alarmist has apparently abandoned the traditional methods of seeking redress in the event of any infringement or likelihood of infringement of right(s) known to our laws; whether constitutional or otherwise! Any lawyer worth his salt knows where and how best to ventilate his grievances.  For  purposes of clarity, emphasis and completeness, Section 46 (1) of the  Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) is very clear and unambiguous. Anyone alleging that any of the provisions of the constitution relating to his Fundamental right (Right to life) is being or is likely to be contravened in any state is entitled to  apply to a High Court for redress. This is a constitutional guarantee that is available to all citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Thus the Constitution makes ample provisions for the protection and enforcement of Fundamental rights of citizens whose rights have been infringed or are likely to be infringed to access the courts for redress. The online media, facebook or Sahara reporters are unknown to law as platforms for seeking legal succor. For a lawyer to openly allege on facebook and Sahara Reporters that there is a phantom assassination plot against him and that the Security agencies in Nigeria have been compromised is to say the least, demonic, imaginary, speculative and hypocritically hysterical. It is strange to the practice of  law. It is however so  sad  and condemnable that this lawyer would choose to depart from the hallowed training and discipline of legal practice by resorting to the idea of raising false alarm perhaps in a failed attempt to smear the name of  Senator Godswill Akpabio. Rather than approach the regular courts for redress (if any), this lawyer has resorted to Sahara reporters and facebook for redress. For emphasis, Law Practice is not about facebook. This  would of course be a sad departure from the known paradigms of conservative  nature of law or our  legal practice. Law practice is done in the Courts. This is where seasoned and consummate lawyers show their skills and dexterity; not on facebook or Sahara Reporters for cheap popularity. This  is where boys are separated from men. Mr. Effiong who is barely one year old at the Bar is yet to cut his legal teeth or find his footing at the Bar.  He gives his facebook friends the impression that he is a Public interest lawyer. This is to say the least very misleading, disgusting, repulsive and condemnable. Public interest lawyering is an interesting aspect of Nigerian law; but it is in the courts that these skills are appreciated not on facebook or online platforms.  Mr.  Effiong gives the impression that he has lost faith  even those  reading his falsehood.

He even threatens that anyone who does not believe in his falsehood is sick in the head! One wonders if such uncouth language should come from a learned gentleman. This is bizarre and absolutely unethical. He accuses the security agencies of our country as being compromised. The petrifying smell of this arrogance is horrendous, atrocious and inexcusable . We think it is time for the security agencies in this country to investigate and unravel the genuineness of this Alarmist; the veracity or otherwise of his tales of falsehood. If Effiong Esq. has his hard facts, we challenge him to approach the courts and seek redress rather than contaminate the public media space. Mr. Effiong’s attitude smirks of bad faith. This lawyer is not to be taken seriously.  We urge on all well meaning Nigerians to discountenance this false alarm; coming from a lawyer who is yet to find his feet or cut his teeth in legal practice. Nigeria is in need of good lawyers who are sincere about fighting poverty-whether mental or material,  ignorance real or self induced, and above all ,lawyers who will strive to uphold the rule of Law. This goes beyond speculative cum false alarm on face book, Sahara reporters,  the electronic media  etc. It goes to the core of our calling as lawyers and social engineers. Fellow Nigerians, there never was, there is none and there will never  be another Godswill  Akpabio. His political sagacity is unequalled in a loose mode of speech. It is therefore inconceivable for anyone to suddenly emerge to be on a demonic mission to bring down a colossus.

Enough is enough!

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