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Ikot Ekpene PDP Receives APC Defectors, We Were Misled – Defectors

Some of the defectors publicly denouncing the APC after they were received into the PDP
Some of the defectors publicly denouncing the APC after they were received into the PDP
No fewer than 200 persons have left the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area. Mr. David Okon, the PDP chapter chairman and his executives received the defectors on Thursday, March 23, 2007, at the party’s office in Ikot Ekpene. The defection came barely a week after the All Progressive Congress claimed it had received new members into the party from the area.

Speaking on behalf of the defecting persons, Mr. Sunny Essien, a grassroot mobilizer, said they are returning to their ‘original family’ as the PDP remains their ‘home’.
‘We made a mistake when we temporarily went to seek an elusive shelter in APC. We were misled, we were deceived with fake promises of contracts and appointments. Now, we have realised our mistake and we have retraced our steps back to the PDP where we truly and originally belong,’ explained Essien.

He said the propaganda in a section of the local media space about the presence of APC in Ikot Ekpene is delusional and should be ignored. ‘It is only a hype.

We have been in there (referring to their brief moments as members of APC), it is basically empty noises and no real structures. The APC in Ikot Ekpene has no foundation members with political repute but borrowed members of the PDP who will return in droves before election in 2019. Ninety five percent of us here today (the over 200 defectors) had no APC membership card even while we were there. Even the remaining five percent still kept their PDP cards intact’.

Politics being basically about interest, Essien said the APC has proved them wrong so soon in thinking that it could offer a good deal for Ikot Ekpene people. ‘It is a political party founded on deception and sustained on deception. But the bubble will soon burst’, he averred.

‘We are back to the PDP and never to go astray again. The PDP holds better promises for us and the entirety of Ikot Ekpene people. We have returned today to the PDP fold based on our convictions. We are convinced that Governor Udom Emmanuel means well for Akwa Ibom and he is doing a good in wealth creation and redistribution of economic opportunities. We are determined to support his administration beyond 2019,’ he stated.

Welcoming back the defectors, the PDP chapter chairman, Mr. David Okon described their return as ‘home coming’. He said unlike the APC that derives pride in borrowing members and also thrives in marketing falsehood, the PDP has made no media show of the defection since it is a ‘family affair’.

‘All what we did was to invite a few media friends to witness and document your home coming because the APC people in their usual deceptive character, would wake up tomorrow and say that you people (defectors) have not returned to the PDP’.

Mr. Okon commended them for being bold to ‘realize their mistake’ soon enough and ‘making it back home on time’. He said their return to the party is a confirmation of the strength of PDP in Ikot Ekpene.

‘The PDP here will not contest propaganda rights with the APC. They can make all the noise, we will rather concentrate on delivering results and our results will speak for us’.
Okon urged them to remain firm and more resolute in their support for the PDP as the party will always reward its faithful and loyal members in due season.

Joseph Ita, from Ward 6, also speaking for the defectors, thanked the chapter leadership of the PDP for the warm reception accorded them on their return despite their initial actions which was in antithesis to the ideals and detrimental to the growth of the party.

He assured that they have learnt their lessons and will always stay true to the party.

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