It is often said that, an old man’s self-destruction, is like a man who voluntarily jumps into a pit toilet, worms and cockroaches will never seek the permission of the housefly turning his head to their bed and his mouth to their door.

On Wednesday 29 July while doing routine checks on my online media networks, I stumbled on the pictures of ex-Governor Obong {Arc } Victor Attah with , Chief Don Etiebet whose political integrity and sound judgment call is questionable, and in my opinion, is politically dead.
Why do I say that Chief Don Etiebet is no more? For a man who was a founding father of Peoples Democratic Party, and was not able to win a governorship nomination, and he has never won any election in his unit , so his political value has since depreciated . He has now become Personal Assistant to Obong Umana Okon Umana just to earn a living.

Back to the pictures narrative. Yes, there was a picture description on it was clearly written, Obong Attah in court as a witness in Umana’s suit against Udom Emmanuel. I wept uncontrollably. It took the conviction of my children for me to clean my tears, but I couldn’t eat throughout the remaining part of that unholy Wednesday.

Many thoughts ran through my mind , because I remember as a little Child , when I saw my great Grandmother miss the door post of her room and when I enquired from my mum to know why Nne, as we fondly called her, could miss her door of almost hundred years ,she told me , that Old age made elderly people misbehave like children .

Can someone explain to me why a man that was loved by my millions of masses in Niger Delta for the fight of resource control could decide to destroy his reputation on the Altar of Umana Okon Umana suit against Udom Emmanuel? Is it worth his reputation? 
One of my friends, an APC member told me over the phone that he was in the court room , but was not able to lift up his face throughout the proceeding while Attah was being cross- examined by Udom’s counsel. That, seeing the former Governor of his State in the witness box lying to the court as a common criminal was heartbroken , my friend added that, he wants his Party to succeed but Obong Attah should not have mortgaged his grey hairs and Statesmanship in such a humiliating manner .

After hanging up his calls , my MTN phone rang and it was my South-West friend ,who took time to mock me that my people are like periwinkle that has no respect for the elderly. Barr. Mutui Lanre told me told that he has thrown to the dust all the respect he had for the former Governor of my home State,” Emma the man is in deep ‘’shit’’ can you imagine the way the Mr, Paul Usoro ridiculed your former Governor in the witness box ? Usoro asked him, sir we learnt you are bankrupt, are you here in court for a price fee of five hundred thousand? Is the man really so bankrupt such that he stooped that low?

Let me not bore you my readers with my personal experience. Let me repost here the comments of some Nigerians on social networks unedited. Kingsley Udoh wrote ‘’This is the highest level of embarrassment, a former minister and Governor being a witness to a former Commissioner. This is the beginning of their downfall. I don’t know why people don’t think about their past, somebody should help me remind them’’ 
Ralph Ebukiba wrote, These men are broke n have decided to throw integrity into d latrine. They are supporting someone whom they claim to be very rich as a result of a protracted looting of Akwa Abasi Ibom treasury. Its unfortunate and sad that we don’t have real elder statesmen but elder ‘’brokemen’’. May we not be like them in Jesus name. Udom Emmanuel is our golden asset. Even Buhari, the president attests to this, that a real statesman. May we not support a man that all his wealth is traced to Akwa Ibom treasury. Let’s support integrity, industrialization, massive employment and genuine wealth.

Idorenyin Umana wrote -Very soon the case will be struck out by the tribunal cos of lack of evidence. Attah n Etiebet are a bunch of shameless supposed elder Statesmen who have sold their positions bcos of small food to chop n stupid ego. It’s now clear that Attah wanted power to go to ISD bcos of his selfish interest of wanting his coconut watered head son in law to be governor. People who are supposed to be neutral in the State polity to advise the younger generation how to play politics are busy showing their foolish old faces at tribunals. Where again in Nigeria have u seen former governors being reduced n ridiculed to becoming witnesses? I don’t know when Akwa Ibom State will have an elder Statesman who can speak for our State. 
Prince Brown Owoh wrote, I don’t know what the pro Umana are intending. Even if the election is annulled, Umana is not going to be sworn in. A fresh election will be held and i tell you, Udom will still win. I have heard many times people calling him an impostor. 
I don’t know if you know the meaning of that and how it applies to Udom, his right to run for a political office and his qualification for the office. The seat is not a property of Umana’s father or his. He ran for office just like Udom and the electorate endorsed Udom with their votes. Do i don’t see how and what makes him an impostor. I know God has a way of making people pay for their sins. Umana has looted our treasury for 16 years and i think it’s high time he spent some of what he looted. Otherwise, Attah and Etiebet who now testify for him were foes when late Ime Umana was also challenging his election which we all knew was heavily rigged. The both leaders are disgrace to the entire Akwa Ibom State , they are saint seeking justice for the sins they have committed. What a paradox. 
Edidiong Beddy Akpan wrote Please can I have an audience because I just want to know what the former Governor, OBONG for that matter Victor Attah is up to? Where is the Attah that fought for Akwa Ibom onshore and offshore dichotomy? How can he allow himself to be belittled by a person of UMANA? How much is UMANA paying him let him tell me I will refund? I said it once and I repeat myself, come rain or shine UMANA OKON UMANA will never be a governor of this state. Believe that! 
Camilius Bassey Wrote Aniekeme pls tell that frustrated APC self-centred man to stop distracting my Governor ooo… Tell him that Akwa Ibom is bigger than him oo… Abeg warn him o tell him to go home and rest ok, Attah from now on is not a Statesman but a complete fool 
Idongesit Johnson Ekong wrote, I repeat! The destiny of our dear state Akwa Ibom state is rested upon the shoulder of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Akwa ibom state, Mr. Udom Emmanuel. Any case challenging his victory at the tribunal is an exercise in futility. Mr Udom will govern for 4yrs and beyond. In jesus Name. Akwa ibom isongo 
Anietie E. Davies wrote there is nothing tribunal under the heaven can do to a man divinely appointed by God to bring to pass HIS will for Akwa Ibom people. Mark my word, hear me n hear me well, Gov. Udom will govern Akwa ibom for 8yrs and every counsel of Ahitophel will be null and void whether it be Umana Okon Umana, Etibet or Victor Attah. They have all failed big time and are of no electoral value 
Emmanuel Eyo wrote Mr Udom Emmanule, don’t worry, the lord is on ur side u shalt not fear what can man or APC do unto you. God that send u to AKWA IBOM will stand with you in Jesus name amen. Attah you don fall my hands, you have totally disgraced the people of Ibesikpo Asutan 
Meanwhile more than fifteen suits filed by All Progressives Congress members against Peoples Democratic House of Assembly elections have been struck out , those elections took place on the same day and time with the governorship Election . So will the Tribunal accept there were State Assemblies election and the governorship did not take place?

At the resumed hearing of the case on Wednesday, July 29, Atuekong Etiebet appearing as a witness for the APC candidate had sought to tender some newspaper and video evidence which he claimed he had made during and after the election 
However counsel to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Paul Usoro, SAN had strongly objected to the admissibility of such documents by the Court claiming that they did not meet the basic ingredients of the law for them to be admitted by the Tribunal. 
Hon Justice A. S. Umar, Hon Justice K. O. Dawodu and Hon Justice P. T. Kwahar unanimously agreed with the Counsel to Mr Udom Emmanuel that the newspapers and video evidence which Atuekong Etiebet had sought to tender did not meet the necessary legal requirements and subsequently threw them out. 
The rejection of Mr Don Etiebet add more ignominy to the tandem of these supposed elders , who have lost their respect before the masses and mortgage their values on the Altar of peanut from the left over crumbs of Umana Okon Umana loot. Oh God my tears can’t stop dripping

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