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Governor Udom Emmanuel Takes Development to Oro Nation

-By Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon

In the past, most local Government Areas in Oro nation were left out by successive administrations -from military to democratic rule, in the spread of developmental projects.
I have a deep sense of the crises, and enough to know that, it was not intentional as assumed by the masses. Rather, it was mostly out of economic constraints , though most victims of the marginalization feel it was an intentional plot to keep their locality undeveloped and to also ensure their political and economic strength is undermined, not to be energized to contend with the majority ethnic groups.

I take exception from such faulty perceptions as one government cannot develop the entire State in its tenure, even if the administration has all the funds in the world to do so.
Some of these local Governments which were not getting fair share from government developmental strides became very restive to both government and people from other areas of the State who were touched massively by Government’s wand of development.

This also led to so many belligerent confrontations of government agents from the areas and those not from there. Most times, it led to physical fisticuffs and violent protests. So it will therefore be imperative for a sensitive government to shift the wheels of development to these areas to balance the equation , so that, some parts of the State will not be more developed than the others .
When Governor Udom Emmanuel was sworn-in he promised to take development to the hinterland of the underdeveloped local Government Areas in the State.
Barely two weeks in office, Governor Udom Emmanuel visited Oron metropolis under the rain. Speaking during the inspection, the State governor, Mr Emmanuel said he embarked on the visit on a rainy day to enable him assess erosion and flood situation in the area with a view to taking steps to control the menace which, he admitted, has ravaged the town. He said he is committed to restoring the economic and aquaculture life which Oron had long being known for and that he will commence the construction of drainage channels to control flood in Oron town before reaching out to the hinterland. His words: I didn’t like what I saw on one of the days I came here and it was raining. Oron used to be one of the finest ancient cities where visitors prefer to live because of its economic and aquaculture life.

We want to restore the lost glory of Oron. Once we finish with the drainage system, we’ll rehabilitate roads and install street lights.
One year after , Governor Udom Emmanuel’s government completed the construction outfalls drains to takeaway flood water from Oron metropolis and channel it to river basin, apart from the underground drains , he also constructed five roads in the first phase , this includes Efiat Street , Bassey lane , Bassey Street ,Awanasin , Maryanne and Post office street with water channelization to deflood the town .
Just as he has promised to restore Oron town to his depleted glory , Akwa Ibom State Government awarded the construction of a dual carriage way from Airport Road in Uyo to Oron by East-West Road and 55.5kilometer Ibaka superhighway that will start from Ukpenekan Junction on Ibeno-eket Road to Oron town at East-West Road with large water fountain at the roundabout and fly-over to convey motorist from Uyo into Oron town ,while motorist from Eket axis will go through grounds-gate of the road.
Apart from this two major dual carriage way, Akwa Ibom State Government has awarded the construction of five new roads. This includes Atta Street, Ebo Street, Market Street, Muritala Mohammed Road and Asbestonit Road.
Market Street drainages will be linked to both Awana Esin Road and Post office Street, complete with water channelization to serve as outfalls drainage that will collect the flood water and channel it to the river basin.
In Mbo Local Government Area , Governor Udom Emmanuel led administration has demonstrated a clear sense of commitment not to abandon any project started by the previous administration mobilized the contractor back to site to complete the abandoned, once very popular, Etebi Ewang Bridge, that links Esit Eket and Mbo Local Government Areas . Mbo Local Government is one highest beneficiary of 55.5 Ibaka-Superhighway.
Governor Udom Emmanuel has awarded contract for the construction of the 9 kilometer Secretariat Road that traverses Eyo Ulliong- Ediko- Uduetta in Udung Uko Local Government area with spurs of about 3 kilometres. Since creation of the local Government Area, no administration in State has constructed even one kilometer of Road in the Area. Apart from the awarded Road the State government is also profiling Udesi road that cut across Mbo-Udung Uko –Orue Ofong Oruku Local Government Areas Respectively.
In Okobo the State Government has awarded contract for the construction of Nung Atai Eta-Ebighi Eta-Obufi-Atabong Road with a jetty and Uruting- Eyede-Osu Offi-Afaha Osu-Otieke-Utine-Nsie Road.
Apart from these two roads, Okobo local Government Area is also one of the local Government Areas that are beneficiary of the dual carriage-way from Uyo to East-West Road .
In Urue Offong Oruko Local Government Area , Akwa Ibom State Government has begun the profiling two major roads for construction ,which will be flagged-off during the second anniversary of Governor Udom Emmanuel. First is construction of Ebughu-Udesi-Oruko road , which links Mbo with Orue Offong Oruko Local Government .
When Mr Udom Emmnuel says, “I am that Oro Governor that you were looking for, we are brothers and sisters from one family, I drink from the same river so I feel the plight of the people of Oro Nation”, he means every word of it. As a focused and result oriented leader, he has awarded contract for 55.5 kilometer Road called Ibaka Superhighway to actualize Ibom Deep Sea Port Project .
The Ibom Deep Seaport is an audacious attempt to change the maritime story of Akwa Ibom State. It holds the promise of an industrial revolution of our State. It holds the promise of the industrialization of Akwa Ibom. It holds the promise of the creation of over 300,000 jobs. It holds the promise of a self-sustaining commercial city with oil and gas support services. It holds the promise of our finally tapping into our awesome and largely untapped maritime potentials.
The Ibom Deep Sea Port will be an industrial mix that will pump our economy to its highest calibration of performance like it is in other climes
In boosting her hubbies effort to develop Oron Nation , Her Excellency , Deaconess Martha Emmanuel through her pet project ,Family Empowerment and Youth Reorientation Programme (FEYReP), has laid the foundation of Sea Food Processing Factory in Ibaka Beach, Mbo Local Government Area.
The First lady of Akwa Ibom State says that the factory is borne out of her desire to reach out to the women in the fishing communities, noting that it is in fulfillment of the campaign promises she made to the women of Oro Nation.
She said the factory will boost economic activities of the women and will also add value to the lives of the people of the areas because it will create more job opportunities.

These significant moves of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State are a clear testimony of a sincere and honest disposition to change the fortunes of the people of Oro nation. What the Oro nation owes to itself is full support to government that is genuinely interested in the welfare of its people.
Governor Udom Emmanuel does not play politics with projects and he made it clear to all of sundry that is out to be leader of political and economic inclusion and not a leader of Political and economic exclusion. He says that all part of Akwa Ibom State will be touched by his Superior performance.

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