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Gov. Udom Emmanuel: Akwa Ibom Three times lucky – By Dr. Ekanem


In the mist of all the noise the real revolution is took place in
Akwa Ibom yesterday as Udom G.Emmanuel takes power from
Godswill Akpabio. Akwa Ibom has always been mostly lucky
with the kind of governors she produces. From Attah to Akpabio
and now Udom Emmanuel. We have been 3 times consecutively
lucky. I don’t know which state has been that lucky. Attah laid
down excellent foundation with his revolutionary ideas for a
better Akwa Ibom. Godswill ensured that there was no
truncation of the progress by ensuring that most of Attah’s
dreams and many of his own as well came to pass. No state or
country can go forward without infrastructural renaissance.
Every economic policy must be driven on the back of relevant
infrastructure and no state or country has ever had enough of it.
Which means we still need to provide further as the people and
the state advance.

As Udom Emmanuel steps in he should hit the ground running.
He must take advantage of the contributions of the last 16
years. A real developer is needed now and thank God his
pedigree matches the requirements. I believe Udom is just the
man to effect the real revolution we all have been asking for. It
is easy to want to focus on job creation or industrialization but
he must understand that infrastructural development should
never be allowed to slip behind again.

As the economy grows and purchasing power increases,
population will expand and more schools, roads, hospitals,
libraries, electricity, markets, water, internet bandwidth will be
needed. Even policing will have to be improved and soon we
may have the need to implement a city wide CCTV system for
better crime prevention and control.
People will need good places to relax and spend some of their
money and so the state must do more in the area of tourism
despite the unprecedented achievement of the outgoing
administration in that sector.

It is against this backdrop that i believe that UDOM Emmanuel​ is
in for a colossal task greater than that of his predecessors.
Majority of Akwa Ibomites expect him to create jobs but i dare
to say he will have to do that side by side with continuous and
aggressive infrastructural development if he hopes to leave any
real legacies by the time he’s gone. I know he will succeed.
Congratulations Gov. Udom, G.Emmanuel.

– Dr. Emmanuel E. Ekanem

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