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GIDEON EKERE: True Story of a Son who killed his Mother to inherit Pension

-The true story of a son who killed his mother to inherit pension, gratuity

By Ofonime Billy


The story of Gideon Ekere is like that of the biblical prodigal son. What makes the prodigal son in the bible better than that of Gideon Ekere is that he did not blame his self-inflicted misery on anybody but himself.

This made him to realize his mistakes and decided to seek forgiveness from his father.

But Gideon Ekere’s own is more complicated than that of the prodigal son. He has offended the living and the dead. His recent behaviors of running from pole to post with all manners of blackmails are as a result of the curse he has brought upon himself. He has completely lost his sense, and he is currently being hunted by his shadow.

Gideon Ekere’s unending desire for money did not start today. He is in the class of those who can do anything for money without any fear of God.

A lot of people in Etinan where he comes from believe that because he is a product of a broken home that makes him become irresponsible.

His father divorced his mother and disowned all of them some years back when Gideon was very small. The mother was accused of committing adultery which leaves Mr Ekere uncertain of who is actually the biological father of Gideon (IMAIKOB) and others. As it is now, Gideon Ekere does not know who his biological father is. He believes that the man who divorced his mother some years back is his father. The mother moved them to their family compound very close to the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital along Abak road.

This frustration some people believes leads to his irresponsible lifestyle. Gideon became very angry with the mother when his aunty he was staying with at NSENTIP STREET told him how irresponsible and adulterous his late mother was. This is why Gideon Ekere will never say anything about his father; he does not even know who his real father is.

Back then when he was leaving with the aunty at NSENTIP STREET, he once told one of his friends how irresponsible his mother has been. He disclosed that he does not even know who his real father is. He asked his friend that if he sees anyway he can kill his mother that he will do to inherit her pension and gratuity as a judiciary staff then. The mother was working at the judiciary as one of the state legal counsels.

Few months after the conversation, Gideon’s mother died from food poison which the autopsy conducted on the woman revealed that she was poisoned to death. This happened a day after Gideon visited the mother who was still very healthy. Soon after the burial was concluded, Gideon Ekere immediately begins to process his mother’s benefits from government.

When he collected the first payment of the late mother’s benefit, his friend whom he asked how he can kill the mother asked him to give him parts of the money, but Gideon responded, “go and kill your mother, bring the money let’s share. You don’t have mind to do what I did to my mother”.

Because Gideon was the only person around, he hurriedly used the money to build a house for himself along Aka Etinan road. He tricked the Elder brother who was not around in the country that he wants to use the money and build a family house. When the Elder brother came back, Gideon lied that the house was his own, that he collected money from Obong Umana Okon Umana to build the house.

He told the Elder brother that he lost the mother’s document that could help them collect the late mother’s entitlement.
The Elder brother who is staying with one of their aunties outside Nigeria had long returned leaving the other small boy, UKPONO who is currently taking refuge at another aunt’s place in Uyo. Gideon has long chased his own brother from the house claiming that the house belongs to him.

In 2014, his junior brother, UKPONO openly accused him of killing their mother before his friend who visited him. UKPONO said that he is the reason that his condition is the way it is today. It was on the bases of this accusation that Gideon chased his brother out of the house he claimed to have build with is money.

This is a known fact that Gideon Ekere cannot deny. He cannot deny the fact that his younger brother is not leaving with him but the young man is squatting with one of their aunty.

During the 2015 governorship election, Gideon was bragging with one of his friend that he has cast a spell on the governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress APC, Obong Umana Okon Umana.

He was said to have boosted that if Umana become a governor, that he will be very influential in that government. He said he will become the youngest commissioner in the state because of his influence on Umana. And that there is no request he presents to him that he can say no.

He also told some of his close friends that he gets whatever he wants whenever he wants it. He used to tell people that Umana Umana was his remote control who obeys all his commands. One of the journalists from Etinan who used to work with him at his Global Post newspaper who pleaded anonymity revealed that Gideon Ekere uses a spell to extorted millions from Prince Ukpong Akpabio.

He said that despite all the blackmails on Prince Akpabio by Gideon Ekere, and his false report about Godswill Akpabio’s administration, Gideon had successfully extorted millions from Prince. When it became obvious that the charms were not working on Prince Akpabio any longer, he plotted blackmailing Prince with fake video of sleeping with prostitute.
A lot of people believe that Gideon has used the same spell on Nsima Ekere since he uses cast spells on politicians to get whatever he wants.

Because Gideon Ekere is a cheat, some years back when Sam Ikon was the speaker of the House of Assembly, one of the guys who used to write good things about Ikon from Etinan and published on Global Post was given an advertorial so he could have some percentage, but immediately Gideon learnt that the advert money was paid, he invited the guy to his house. There the guy tendered half of the money; Gideon locked the guy in his toilet for three days without food.

As a product of a broken home, Gideon Ekere has been very irresponsible in life. So far, he has more than 7 children from 5 different mothers. His unending desire to have every woman has made him to sleep with anything under the skirt. Gideon Ekere does not care about the size, be it small, old or ugly, and even a cripple provided that she wears skirt. This 7 children are the ones he accepted responsibility, there are others whom he denied being responsible for the pregnancy.

A case on point is the one that happened in 2012 when he newly bought his Toyota Camry. He had an accident one evening along Abak road. The girl he hit on the car was rushed to St. Athanasius Hospital at Federal Housing Estate for treatment. Gideon Ekere became a regular visitor in the hospital, few weeks later when the girl was transfer to a traditional bone attendance; she was already pregnant for Gideon. The list is endless.

It was gathered from his brother UKPONO, that it was the Igbo girl he deceived that he wanted to marry her that introduced him to a native doctor in Amambra State who prepared the charms for him. The Igbo girl has had about three children for him, but unfortunately on was sacrificed some years ago for the ritual charms.

Because Gideon Ekere does not want to marry the Igbo girl, he is so afraid that if he marries another person, the girl might destroy his charm of money. This is why Gideon Ekere will never marry any other woman apart from the Igbo girl.

He is currently being hunted by his devilish acts, even his shadow has now become his enemy. He once told a friend that in their church; Liberty Gospel Church, Helen Ukpabio had told them that there is nothing wrong in doing anything for money.

He has committed a lot of atrocities in life which he needs to repent of like the biblical prodigal son.

But the question now is; how will he obtain forgiveness of all his atrocities? How will his late mother forgive him in the grave? What about the child that was innocently consumed in his quest for money? He seriously needs repentance and confession.

Ofonime Billy is a concerned citizen writes from Ikot Akpabio, Etinan local government area of Akwa Ibom State.

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