With the recent inauguration of the Akwa Ibom State Executive Council and assignment of portfolio to Commissioners and Special Advisers by the state Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel, it signalled the commencement of full activity and programmes of government. Undoubtedly these are the people who will interpret, execute, and implement the vision, mission, and programmes of the present administration in various sectors.

The composition of Commissioners, Special Advisers and their assignment into different ministries and parastatals in the state by the governor can best be described as putting a square peg in a square hole. One of such square peg in a square hole is the appointment of Akparawa Ephraim Inyang, a seasoned technocrat and a transformation initiator as the Commissioner for Works in the state.

The strategic nature of the ministry of works in the implementation of industrialization agenda of the present government of Mr Udom Emmanuel explains the choice of this tested and trusted Onna born administrator to head and give direction in this all important ministry which the industrial plan of the government largely depends on it.

Akparawa Ephraim Inyang is well schooled and has the capacity and competence to bring to fusion, the infrastructural and industrial revolution of Akwa Ibom state. As a competent and tested administrator with good sense of public relations, the works ministry commissioner hit the ground running in collaboration with staff of the ministry on his first day in office. This demonstrates his good mature and administrative prowess which has fast endeared him to the staff of the ministry who sees him as a careering father to all. He is a man who believes in team work, hence his called on all staff of the ministry to see themselves as stakeholders which according to him the success of the ministry depends on the contributions of staff.

Having been around and feel the pulse of Akwa Ibom people, it was not difficult for the commissioner to swing into action aimed at ameliorating the sufferings of people in the state. Immediately assumption of office, the commissioner commenced inspection of roads across the three Senatorial District of the state to have first-hand information on the situation of roads in the state.

As a man who took an active part in the campaigns during the just concluded general election in the state, Akparawa Inyang knows virtually all parts of the state and the various problems confronting them. The effectiveness of the works commissioner has resulted in a lot of interventions and remedial works undertaken by the present administration to save lives and properties of people in the last few weeks.

Since his assumption of office as the commissioner for works, a lot has been achieved by this articulate loyal and dynamic commissioner in terms of interpreting the vision of his boss the governor to concrete reality. Having understand what drives industrialization which is good road, the state ministry of works currently under the watch of Akparawa Inyang had inspected those roads that will play a major role in the industrialization drive of government, he has carefully selected those roads in the three Senatorial Districts of the state for designs which contracts for construction will soon be awarded once the designs are completed.

Akparawa Inyang, the commissioner for works is one man who does not play politics with development, like his boss the governor, he does not say one thing and do another, he is a man of high integrity and reputation of honesty, super performance, being smart at work, intelligent, and result oriented at home and abroad. He sees politics as a means for development and betterment of the society not as an avenue of deceit as was practiced in the state before.

He has a clear vision on the development agenda, policy trust, and vision of the present administration particularly in the area of infrastructural revolution and industrialization. Within few weeks in office, contract will soon be awarded for the expansion of Oron road from a two lane road to four lanes from Uyo to Oron which demolition of illegal structures has begun to paved way for the flagging off of the project to be performed by the state governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel. This will signal the full commencement of the project which is expected to be completed within a record time.

The commissioner is indeed a square peg in a square hole; he has the needed capacity and intellectual competence to deliver quality road projects to the people of Akwa Ibom state through the ministry of works. The Uyo/ Eket, Esit Eket to Ibeno dualization road project is on course and others. The CCECC contractors handling the project have been mobilized to site in line with the clear determination of the present administration proactive development agenda. In all these, the man behind the scene who is not very much pronounced is the indefatigable commissioner for works, Akparawa Ephraim Inyang.

Among his numerous endearing and attractive qualities is his detribalized nature. Just like the governor, the commissioner does not care about where one comes from provided is an Akwa Ibomite, he see all as one and equal who deserves the best. It was this exceptional and rare quality in him, coupled with his integrity, honesty and perseverance that stood him out as one that people can reckon with as a rallying point for the emergence of Mr Udom Emmanuel while leading the transformation initiative.

Undoubtedly, the commissioner has brought his good nature to bear in the discharge of his ministerial responsibilities. His words are bankable asset which he respects so much. This is one man who will not make any promise he is not sure of fulfilling them in the name of politics. He allows sincerity and truth to be his watch word. These explains why the Akwa Ibom state ministry of works today has become a destination point to many who desire to tap from the compassionate and humane disposition of the amiable works commissioner.

Today, the ministry of works has fast become one place in the state with a lot of visitors patiently waiting every day to see and discuss with the friendly works commissioner which was never the case before now. He has completely overhauled and rebranded the ministry to add value and dignity to staff of the ministry which is in line with his administrative ideology and beliefs that comfortable working environment stimulates and enhance staff performance.

He is one man who makes himself available and accessible to all. It is important to note here that the commissioner does not leave his office without attending to all visitors. His humility and simplicity in approach to issues is second to none. With the new opportunity created by the visionary leadership of Akparawa Inyang to create jobs for Akwa Ibom populace, the commissioner is inviting all youths to take advantage of these opportunities abound on road construction projects in the state. The new policy is that any local government the road passes through, it is the indigenes of the area that will handle other sub contracts like supplies available in line with the government mission of empowering Akwa Ibom people.

As a conscientious and God fearing Christian, Akparawa Inyang completely submitted himself to God who used him as an instrument in collaboration with others to bring about his will through the emergence of Mr Udom Emmanuel, the executive governor of Akwa Ibom state. Anybody who knows the history of transformation initiative, the mass mobilization group for the actualization of Udom’s governorship will understand that God truly used Akparawa Inyang and his team to bring to pass the mergence of this super performing Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom.

The emergence of Akparawa Inyang has brought a lot of positive change to this state in the area of infrastructural development to stimulate industrialization. This is actually the change Akwa Ibom people were looking for in the last election not as a political mantra or slogan, but visible and tangible progressive has been recorded by the commissioner for works. Truly the Ephraim Inyang is a working commissioner for works.

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