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Crime: Mr/Mrs Lovers

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This is what a fellow human created by God did to her so called ex-lover last week in Kogi state. They started as lovers in secondary school days. Unfortunately, pregnancy out of wedlock surfaced. So the lady had no other choice than to pack into the guy’s house. On the first birthday ,the baby died. The young guy went out for another wife. Both stayed in the same house, but the new wife couldn’t concieve. So she started accusing this first lady of her misfortunes. That was the begining of her travail. 

This lady couldn’t bear it again, she made a move pack out against the guy’s wish. Few days after, the guy visited her in her Fruit’s shop to issue a threat. The threat was to destroy her beauty for ever!.. She took it litely, but the young man did his wish. In the process, all the lady could say was “please don’t let me die).. As am talking now, her beauty is totally off.. 

Before now, this lady was the number one beauty of her community and ofcus the LGA. She was sought for by all men that cherishes physical beauty. 


1. Don’t start what you can’t finish. 
2. Be mindful of the guys you have fun with. Majority of them are devils, demonic and fettish! 
3. Wait for your time. God shall bring your own life partner. Don’t push buttons negatively. 
4. Don’t allow any man trap you into love net (life prsion/bondage) by way of gift. It’s always difficult to go out ooo! Don’t say I didn’t telll you. 
5. Make God fearing guys your friends. Forget about bad boys. Its fun being with bad boys pe se..with them, no dulling shea?..but why not secure your life, destiny and future first. There is more to come than what’s obtainable now. The future is great amd ur ending shall be glorious. 


If you do this to my sister, whether she merit it or not,..hm! hey! ha!… I laugh u!… THIS IS TOTALLY INHUMANE!.. 

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