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CONSIDER AN OAK TREE By Prince Aniekan Ekpo

If you plant it in a pot, it’s growth will be limited. Once its roots
fills the pot, it will drag. The problem is not with the tree, its
with the environment.
Perhaps you may have wondered why the oak tree? considering the
diversity of our state Akwa Ibom.

When u have bigger things in your heart than your present environment
can facilitate,God takes you out just for His perfect will to
manifest. He takes you to the next level where the dawn of a new phase

Looking back, Akwa Ibom State is the economic hub of the sub region,
but who can actualise that and awaken us to the reality that
governance goes beyond tarring roads. God being faithful is giving us
a man that will resurrect our dreams of a new Akwa Ibom.

Mike Sabastine has the much needed fascinating repertoire to take our
dear state to the much desired destination. I have interacted with him
at varied fronts and his philosophical sagacity is the magic wand that
believably can lift Akwa Ibom to the economic and Industrial hub.
Please lets all rise to the realties of a new dawn.

It must be noted that real governance goes beyond the profligacy of
uncommon development.
If the industrial potentials are harnessed unarguably there will be a
multiplier effects in economic, social and infrastructural
development. Akwa Ibom is blessed with vast deposits of both human and
natural resources that needs a leader with skilled excellence.

As earlier highlighted MIKE SABASTINE is driven by the emerging
exigencies that calls for the articulation of strategized leadership
that applies the cutting edge concept for higher governance commitment
and values, epitomising excellent, innovative and quality service
delivery. This will rekindle the hope of Akwa Ibom people for a
workable vibrant system.

The application of cutting edge governance ideals in handling state
affairs is beyond the charade of transformation brouhaha, but in line
with the value conscious era which MIKE SABASTINE of course, haS
already equipped himself viz ; his certification by the prestigious

His background as a geologist equips him with proactive and better
streamlining abilities coupled with his years of service to the Akwa
Ibom State government.

His success in all spheres further credits his profile and rekindles
the hope of Akwa Ibom people with a broad new vistas devoid of charade
chums. Let’s wake up & embrace the new dawn initiative for growth &
feasible value creation.

Everyone from all divides prays for a humble and God fearing leader
come 2015. A leader who will govern Akwa Ibom State selflessly,
constantly seeking higher plateau and make us an industrial haven as
well as a commercial hub in the sub region.

I submit here that Akwa Ibom State is tired of aberration and campaign
jingoism but wants a man whose rectitude is apt enough for progress
and quality value-creation.

So quite like the “OAK TREE” we now went out in search of a man that
is rich in intellect, patriotism and integrity to serve our purpose.
In timber world, no wood specie can be replaced for “oak”. That alone
informed our choice of oak tree as the metaphor for this great son of
the soil- Mike Sabastine.

I have implicit faith that Mike Sabastine will govern with humility.
Presently of course, he has a passionate mind-set which is one of the
basic ingredients in selfless service.

Our motivating factor this time is the aspirant’s resolve to improve
on the polity because in the past years our emphasis has never been on
the aspirant’s horned mettle; passionate enough to drive us beyond the
ballyhoo of the previous camarilla.
Our leaders must think beyond the monthly oil revenue and look for
parallel revenue streams that will lift the economic margin of our

For instance, the enormous economic potentials in Ikot Abasi, if
harnessed beyond the paper drawings and hype, will automatically shore
up our revenue base. Let’s also look at the untapped natural resources
in all our Local Government Areas.

Akwa Ibom State has the largest mangrove forest reserve in Africa
which is quite an investment resource for agriculture. Yet nobody
thinks beyond the oil revenue allocation. We must organise an
intellectual measuring debate to see who really has something
concrete, viable and sustainable for Akwa Ibom State – ambition or
May God lead us right !IMG_0964

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