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Breaking News: Obong Victor Attah Incites Civil Unrest in Akwa Ibom State


-By Barr. Ewa Okpo

The very intelligent and sagacious elder statesman and former executive governor of Akwa Ibom State- Obong Victor Attah during a two hour interview on Planet 101.1 FM today, Monday 28 March, 2017 after quite a long time of reticence finally lend his voice on issues affecting the polity at the state and national level and successfully did so leaving so stir behind. The Architect and chief to the greatest chagrin and disappoint of many fans the made a wonderful interview replete with punctuations of half truths and dodges by accusing the present administration of lack of knowledge on how to implement certain projects and failure to complete same, blamed PDP the platform on which he was Governor of corruption. He further bragged about how people friendly his administration was and lamented how he’s unaware of any addition or improvement in the state by way of infrastructure and otherwise since he left office.

However, when the listeners started contributing in questions about his own performance and completion of his own projects after 8 years at the hilltop mansion the former governor failed to come clean in his response. For instance when asked to state a single project he started and completed in his 8years residency at the hilltop mansion considering the fact that the information available to Akwa Ibom people is that as at when he left the Le Meridien Hotels and Suites project was not completed, the Akwa Ibom Airport was not in existence at all and Ibom Science Park is till date a mere figment of the imagination; in response the patriarch stated that his send forth and the reception for Gov. Godswil Akpabio held at Le Meridien and that he is not aware of any addition that has been made on the project since he left though admitting that completion may vary, he coyly avoided answering the question regarding Ibom Science Park and the air port. But the Presenter quickly directed his attention to Akwa State University and he simply denied knowledge of the existence of such institution.

The former governor repeatedly, blatantly and emphatically stated that he is not aware of infrastructures provided in the state this immediate past decade since he left office as governor and even accused the state house of assembly of being tied to the apron strings of the governor.

Truth be told, Obong Attah did his best as Governor of Akwa Ibom State with the resources available to him as at then considering the fact that Akwa Ibom a still had so much money than other states making marks then like Cross River State under Mr. Donald Duke but attempting to smear the performance of Udom Emmanuel who is barely 2 years a governor with so much already to show is very hypocritical for someone who has practically a “bouquet of nothings” to show for his 8 years at the government house.

Interestingly, it is not a secret that there was no airport in Akwa Ibom state by the time Obong Attah left even when outrageous portions of public funds were squandered the guise of paying a certain Ime Ekanem as consultant to the airport project. The clamor for probe was only dismissed by the good will of Sen. Godswil Akpabio who reinvested in the project and commissioned Akwa Ibom International Airport barely two years as Governor. Common “Thank You Akpabio” isn’t too much for Obong Attah to say for that bail out.

Equally, it is on record that Le Meridien had 80 rooms as at the time Obong Attah left office and Godswill Akpabio added 80 more rooms and other facilities. It is also on record that there were barely roads in Akwa Ibom State let alone having motorable ones until Akpabio became the state governor and in barely 18 months as governor first class roads were commissioned across the state. The rest speak for themselves. In fact, even Obong Attah now visits his village in Ibesikpo driving through the five star road constructed by Akpabio yet denies having knowledge of any infrastructure added to the state since he left office instead of tweeting “God a Bless Akpabio” whenever he rides on these roads!

Perhaps, Obong Attah should tell us what happened to 85℅ mobilisation paid to the so called South African contractor that handled Ibom science park project instead of blaming other governments for the failure and abandonment of that project. And that is not to mention his failed hospital projects at Ibeno and Eastern Obolo LGA’s as well as the failed abandoned shelter afrique internal roads project.

In conclusion he signed out by calling for civil unrests in the state he once govern ended and still reigns as a patriarch and elder statesman by saying that “In 2015, Umana was the one who railed against the imposition of Udom Emmanuel as Governor. That is why I supported him. Akwa Ibom people should rise and object to bad policies by the state government. If need be hit the street. I hardly see protests in Akwa Ibom state…”

Hence, one begins to wonder why he hasn’t asked Nigerians to protest against his newly found love – the APC led Federal Government which himself has admittedly confessed to their culpableness in the social crime of bad governance in his lamentation that “someone brought the concept of change but even that change isn’t comprehensive as we thought…”

Truth be told, these old men and their generation have so failed our nation that they should not even attempt to show their faces in our public but they still dare and lie when they do so.
Only God can help us!!!

Culled from Watchout Naija

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