As we are all aware, feeling of freshness is not only pleasant to self, but others around you. No one wanna feel rotten, stinky, pungent, offensive or sniffy. All wanna scent good, fresh and attractive, isn’t it? So many friendships, relationships, marriages etc have broken up all because of the so called minor health challenge.( Bad body odour) A lady once complain of losing fifteen suppose future husbands (serious guys) under one year due to this menace. No one will believe her story, but that’s the fact. Its happening. Few guys also face same no matter their financial buoyancy.
WHO IS LIABLE OF BODY ODOUR. Anyone, no matter the age can be a victim but adults are affected most.
1. Over sweating
2. Unkempt genital hairs (Hairs around your penis, armpit, vagina etc. )
3. Type of food… Foods like afang, nkong, onions, garlics etc has ways of reflecting self on your body scent anytime you sweat profusely.
4. Clothing materials. ..Some clothes are naturally blessed with pungent odour no matter how much you wash them.
5. Drugs, alchohols and other strong regimens.
6. Genetically made odour. This type is generational, transferable from parents to offsprings. You only detect this type of odour anytime you are threatened with danger or excited extremely beyond expectations that your blood pressure kicks!
7. Pungent perfumes and body sprays/ creams. When some of these creams combines with your body sweat, it gives out something terrible. Therefore, not all perfumes, body spray nor creams are worth using.
8. Demonic forces.. .When demonic forces wanna keep you single all through life, they inflict you with an earth shaking odour that makes even your spouse regret ever meeting you.

1.For excess sweating, the inner zones must be kept moderate with deodorants to arrest excess sweatings. Zones like the armpits, vagina, penis, etc.
2. No matter how many times you bath a day, without trimming your vaginal, penile and armpit hair very wel, you will still have body odour.
3. Shower at least twice a day.
4. Select clothing materials. Some clothing materials are experts in smells. Discard them.
5. Avoid combining perfumes.
6. Purge at least once a year. This doesn’t only clean your GIT but it also guarantee less toxins in your blood.
7. Some meals must be avoided on excess. Same with some drugs and drinks. You know those ones that echo in your sweats. Avoid them.
8. Don’t share clothes, talk less of undies.
9. Simple perfumes are okay. Don’t over spray. Don’tspray on already bad odoured clothes else, the bad odour will be multiplied, amplified and magnified hundred times.
10. Pray till you see result.
11. Fall in love with simple lifestyles.
Make personal hygiene your best friend. God bless!

Culled from a Facebook group

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