Arising from xmas visit to the member representing Ikono State Constituency, Rt. Hon Victor Udofia with few Chapter Officers of Peoples Democratic Party, I am made to understand (via a report published on timeline of siteppe ke Akwa Ibom) that the State legal adviser of the party, Barr. Goddy Umoh had disclosed that the office of Political leader is not included in the party’s constitution thereby null and voiding such offices across the state and country at large.

I had wondered why the position of a Political Leader could be subject of discussion in Xmas visit between the State legal adviser of PDP, those few chapter Exco of the party and the Member of the Parliament.

Be that as it may, it is pertinent for the Chief Ekpe Atakpo, Obong Micheal Afangide, Mr Benji Udobia, Hon Uwem Ita Etuk, Sir Val Attah and other political and “emerging” political leaders to be in the know that the State leadership of the party via its legal adviser has stressed the need for them to deter from parading themselves as political leaders as they are not duly recognized by the Party’s constitution.

This looks like an absolute segregation! Assumption of too much powers by just an officer in the party or could one say a divide and rule policy?

For instance, Ekpe Atakpo has for more than a decade been the Political leader of his Local Government Area, he was enthroned by his own people who found him worthy. Even before the inception of PDP as a party.

Other Political leaders from my findings towed the same path… Even the Dr. Maurice Ebong, the Sunny Jackson who later left for APC were duly recognized by their people as political leaders of repute.

Political Leadership is an honour from a community choosing and recognizing an illustrious son to lead and direct the affairs of such area politically.

It’s a communal responsibility, an award and has nothing to do with political parties and constitution.

Reacting to the claims by the State legal adviser of the party, the former State Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, Prince Uwem Ita Etuk, himself a Political leader of Ibesikpo Asutan LGA/Uyo Federal constituency admitted that it was unconstitutional but maintained that, Political leadership is a machinery used in galvanizing and assembling the party together.

“I cannot really recall the year I assumed political leadership. If you go down my profile, from Ward Chairman, delegate, ward executive, Chapter Chairman.

“You see, if you like, in order to succeed, at times dictatorship comes in, whether benevolent dictatorship or oppressive dictatorship.

“So these things are selective. Political leadership are the things we used in galvanizing the party, assembling the party together.

“It is not constitutional, but it stems from the National. I remember when I was the state Chairman of the party and a member of NEC, Yaradua of blessed memories used to advise people not to address him as a leader because it is not constitutional.

“Political leadership is not constitutional, just like your wife. Your wife is your second, whether you give her that position or not. She is your second.

“If anyone challenges your wife in your house, you will know she is your second although unconstitutional.

“So the things that are benevolent, we allow them flow… In my political leadership, I am not using it to bite anyone.” He revealed.

Bola Tinibu is a National Leader of APC, is this position included in APC constitution? Nyesom Wike is now the “David” of Rivers State, is this title in PDP Constitution?

Someone needs to make this point at least clear to everyone including the Legal Adviser of the Party so that we will not mistaken honour to be something else.

I understand that law is subdivided into written and unwritten laws. While PDP constitution falls under written law, the art of conveying Political leadership, chieftaincy titles by members of an enclave to people of repute may likely fall under unwritten law…I stand to be corrected.

Political leadership is a concept central to understanding political processes and outcome, yet its definition is elusive.

Many disciplines have contributed to the study of leadership, including political theories, history, psychology and management studies. It has nothing to do with PDP or APC constitution.

However, I don’t know where Transition Committee fall under. In the case of written laws, the legislative or any law making body has the onus of making such laws…

The unwritten laws are made in total agreement by members of the society…I still stand to be corrected.

Pitiably, Transition Committee has absolutely nothing to do with the aforementioned. Thus, the reason I will like to know the legal point of view from a reputable lawyer.

I wouldn’t join any issue with the State legal adviser of the Peoples Democratic Party, Barr. Goddy Umoh.

While studying a two year course in law faculty of the University of Uyo, he taught me constitutional law and later became my long Essay supervisor. As such, I hold him in high esteem and wouldn’t like to bite the finger that once fed me.

However, a stoic novice would have also expected the constitutional lawyer to also educate the masses if Transition Committee as currently practiced in PDP led government of Akwa Ibom State is embedded in the constitution of PDP or that of Nigeria.

I may not know if Markarfi and Sheriff’s factions as currently operating are embedded in the constitution of PDP.

That is why I like advising those endorsing the governor for a second term to clearly state which faction of the leadership the endorsement is aligned with.

They should say, Stakeholders of so so so has endorsed the governor to go for a second term in old PDP under Markarfi as our Chairman.

Or we have unanimously agreed that he should go for a second term under the New PDP markevelically headed by Sheriff. Anything short of that leaves the public at comatose.

Cos, we all know that PDP has been divided into two: One headed by Sheriff, and the other (which has been unable till date to conduct its National Convention) headed by Markarfi.

Truth is, People’s Democratic Party especially in Akwa Ibom State has a whole lot of issues to sort out for themselves before the 2019 election. Political leadership should be the least of its worries.

Aside from aligning with the government of the day to conduct election into Local Government Areas, the party needs to as soon as possible park into its permanent office at Atan offort, Uyo.

Else, no one knows if with the emergence of new Mega party in 2017 as alleged, the permanent secretariat will be rented to one of the newly Pentecostal Churches in town.

The party has long overstayed its welcome in that rented apartments. From Ikot Ekpene Road to Four lane yet such issue didn’t bother the “think tank” of the party.

Well, I doubt if Akpabio’s intention was to leave the Permanent Site vacant till now. Maybe, recession may be the cause of such outright negligence, but I think this issue was more important than Political Leadership.

Off course, by 2017, the party may empty itself into Mega party or the little perturb members of the party may want to apply “Udoedehe’s” gambit (by claiming to be founders and live members of PDP) and by extension inherit the permanent secretariat free of charge.

Aside from that, the party should as a matter of urgency pray for God to turn backbiters, betrayers , blackmailers, propagandists and character assassins amongst them to take a new leaf.

We all know that majority of blackmail geared towards PDP are caused by PDP members as reported during refutal.

That someone is criticizing a public office holder doesn’t mean his perceived client (within the ranks of the party) should be blackmailed as being the sponsor of the critic.

We have read on Print and Internet cases of PDP members accusing fellow members of sponsoring faulty report on them.

Sometimes they used clause such as “disgruntled elements within the party” and I ask, are they not party members?…This to me, calls for concern more than political Leadership.

Before I proceed, I wish to say that, I am not saying that Barr. Goddy Umoh shouldn’t have discussed Political Leadership during his Xmas visit, I am only thinking that there are several other issues which call for attention more than political leadership.

Imagine a Deputy Governor travelling to his home town just to commission a borehole! Is that one part of REPORTING PROGRESS or it’s entrenched in the constitution of the party…? Well God knows better.

But by virtue of his age, we should try and honour that Pa Moses Ekpo… Being the oldest Deputy governor in West Africa is one honour we shouldn’t take for granted.

For PDP to stay in a rented apartment after seventeen years of ruling this state calls for attention.

Lest we forget, are members of the State leadership of the party entitled to any car as was the case during Godswill Obot Akpabio’s tenure?

What of newly constituted Chapter chairmen of PDP’s across the State? Do they have any bus to convey their members to and from the venue of their hustling? I think these issues are more important and demanding solutions before 2019.

I may not also know the discussion that led to such utterance, in as much as I am concern, I think that the issue was uncalled for to say the least.

One would expect that Barr Goddy Umoh from time to time consult senior and grassroot politicians in areas that needs education because no matter how vested we tend to have in a particular area, consultation is very necessary.

The Political leadership issue as raised on the meeting may likely draw disagreement between the Forum of Political leaders and the State Legal Adviser of the peoples Democratic Party.

Off course, grapevine has it that, the forum may likely issue a worded Press Statement on the issue.

Yea, we are humans, bound to make mistakes, but I think some blunders should be avoided as soon as we listen to our thoughts while alone and our words while with people.

Politics is more than mere playing football, writing, administration and in the case of Barr. GODDY UMOH,-wining court cases or teaching.

Political Leadership and politics is beyond game of age or seniority for these are numbers. It has to do with acceptability by the people and the grace of God.

Even in this state, we have seen where former Oga is now serving his “boy” in the party…all we need is just the grace of God.

No one has ever bestowed Political Leadership on him or herself. It is always a loyalty conferred on someone by the entirety of the members of the society which he or she hails from.

Political leadership, is not a hidden thing, that is why there is always an official coronation like the one in uruan Local Government Area which I have just mentioned, Esit Eket, Essien Udim etc.

That Political leadership is not entrenched in the constitution of the party, doesn’t mean the public shouldn’t allocate such power to someone found worthy in character to lead politically.

Even in churches aside the Presiding Pastor, we have Church Chairmen etc. In villages, we have youth Chairmen or Presidents, Village Chairmen etc not linked to PDP constitution but duly recognized by law, organs of government and the community.

Is there any thing Barr. GODDY Umoh, his entourage and Victor Udofia are afraid of? This is if we want to rely on the adage, “..there can never be any smoke without fire.”

It is somehow ridiculous that among several pressing issues in our country, an executive of a political party could leave his office for an xmas call on a lawmaker and by extension discuss on political leadership which should be the least of his worries.

I least expected such position from Barr. GODDY UMOH, he should rather discuss disgruntled elements in the party, who are fighting one another on the internet and pages of newspapers.

Truth is, the problem PDP is having in the state, is not about how to position itself for 2019, rather, it is about PDP members gossiping, blackmailing and tarnishing the revered integrity of other party members.

There should be a halt or complete eradication of such Pull Him Down gambit.

The issue of Political leadership shouldn’t cause unnecessary stir within the Party. All political leaders are bestowed on them by members of the community, not the constitution.

Just like we respect the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the constitution of PDP, we should also learn to respect the decision of our respective stakeholders and by extension respect the political leadership of our state, L.G.A and communities.

For all elevation comes from God almighty.

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