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Based on True Life Story: Money Don't Bring Happiness!


What i want to say now is a true life story but i will not mention names. I am able to post this because the person involved died of an undisclosed sickness yesterday at University of Uyo Teaching Hospital.

We left Holy Family College in 2004 after writting WAEC. Athough this friend of mine was not too intelligent, he was not doing badly too. He was this kind of person that likes”big big” things. His school uniform, day wears, rolling box, school sandals etc were of high qualities. Even though he was not from a very rich home, he could afford what rich men children were using. While in SS3 my guy was dating two married women and a UNICAL student then. During visiting days, all his sugar mums will drive in with goodies that can sustain him for months. While we were eating in the dining, my guy was eating at “Joy point”, when we were managing Forest Singlet, my guy was wearing original BYC etc….

After our SS3, we were still very close, while i was struggling with JAMB, my guy had already rented self con and was living big. He did not have any source of income, he was not in school, no business, below average parents but was driving a benz 190.

Fast forward to 2014, he called me one day to come meet him at Shelter Afrique, on getting there, he took me to a house he has just bought (a duplix). In my estimation that house should be around N30 Million, well furnished. I saw a Lexus RX350, pencil light Camry and a Toyota Hilux all his. I asked him what he does to be that rich, he responded thus ” Idong Uyo, i be hustler oooo na una the die for book, my own na to make money. Truth be told, the guy made me feel education is worthless. I hated my MSc programme and my 2.1 made no sense to me but i thank God for everything now.

This was a guy that a certain female commissioner was dying for, a certain female permanent secretary once knelt dowm at G park and begged him. According to their conversation, the woman was suppose to meet him at EEJMM hotel but could not cos she was in a meeting with the governor or so. After the meeting, he called my guy and was begging and crying like a child, this is someones wife and mother. My friend was dating more than eleven married women. I mean very rich women. He controls them like fools, he orders them around as he likes.

One day, i went to his house, on getting there i went straight to his main bedroom. While inside his bedroom, i observed that he had two big fridge, while one was connected to power, the other was not, the one not connected to power was locked with a very big padlock but its key was hanging. I became curious but i kept shut. As we were talking, he heard a knock on his main door which he left me to go check. When he left, i stood up to go check what was inside the fridge, my brothers and sisters, i was shocked to my bone. Inside the fridge was a very big lifeless snake, local pots wit feathers, red, white and black dirty cloths plus other fettish stuffs. I could not believe my eye, my guy was using jazz to sleep and control married women, i mean women with class. That was the last time i ever set my foot there. The more he tried getting close to me, the more i shifted till we lost contact.

Last week, i heard he was very sick and that he was vomiting blood, the doctors could not say what his problem was. At a point, he became pale. I went to visit him on friday, i tried leading him to christ but he could not open his mouth to utter a word. He was smelling like a dead animal and died yesterday.

(c) Idongesit Uyo

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