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Recently, I had the privilege of watching again the telecast of the 2015 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award, AMVCA promoted by Africa Magic, Mnet and DSTV.
To those who were physically present at the event, it was a night to remember. From the red carpet to the main event, actors and actresses appeared gorgeous in the best attires. The event was attended by crème-de-la crème of actors, actresses and film makers across the globe.
Among the attendees and whose presence captured my attention was one of Nigeria’s finest comedian and Globacom Ambassador, Bright Okpocha alias Basket Mouth.
Mr. Okpocha did not attend the event as a mere observer. He was there to give comic relieve to a serious event to break the boredom of the attendees. Trust him, he did not disappoint his audience with his rib-cracking jokes. As I listened to him, he said ‘most Nigerians are depressed because a depressed person sees things differently from the way others see the same thing.’
His joke or what should be regarded as statement came almost at the time I was reading another funny and infantile joke crafted by one Ita Awak, a new kid on the comedy block on facebook.

Awak’s joke that Senator Godswill Akpabio and Governor Udom Emmanuel and Hon. Victor Antai were plotting to assassinate him is hilarious. I call it a joke because such allegation can only exist in the imagination of a depressed mind or better still in the mind of someone who is hallucinating.
For one, Awak in his stable mind should know that the State Governor, Udom Gabriel Emmanuel is rock solid to be distracted by his tantrums. Emmanuel as it is today is more worried in seeing how to transform the state economy from a mono oil dependent economy to an industrialized state.

I am sure and tempted to believe that Awak is depressed for several reasons. Depression is known to come in different shades and variety and its symptoms also vary from one individual to another. The severity of the symptoms may also be different for every person and even vary over time.
Listening to Awak either on radio or reading through some of his warped write ups, one could easily come to agreement that he is suffering from either extreme sadness, anxiety, or “empty” feelings decreased energy, fatigue, or feelings of hopelessness and pessimism, feelings of helplessness, worthlessness and sometimes thoughts of death or suicide attempts.

Moreover, if Awak is suffering from manic depression as it appears he is, there is no doubt that his inappropriate social or deviant behaviour, poor judgment, increased talking are all as a result of the effect of this illness.
Regardless, it sounds rather illogical and nonsensical for Awak to think that Emmanuel or Senator Godswill Akpabio would leave important state and national assembly matters respectively to condescend so low to the inappropriate levels of joining issues with a numskull.
Considering the understanding of a depressed person as enunciated by Okpocha, it is easy to conclude that the acute depression which Awak is believed to be suffering has overtime resulted in his deception of innocent minds.

For instance, Awak during an interview recently said “Gov Udom Emmanuel has collected well over N90b from the Federation account. When you ask him to explain what he has done with the money, he turns around to call you illiterates.” Such callous statement can only come from depressed mind. Well, let it be said that though Awak can read and write, he displays a legendary illiteracy quite often.

Awak cannot deny the fact that he is enjoying a near interrupted power supply where he is currently squatting. Is it not illiteracy that would make Awak claim that there is no work going on in the taxi way of the airport?. Is it not a depressed person like Awak who will not see the ongoing construction of 1.2 km underground drainage in Uyo by Emmanuel’s administration? Is it not depressed person like Awak who would not notice the ongoing remodeling of Eket Township?, is it not only a depressed person who would not notice government intervention in St. Lukes’ Hospital Anua, ongoing construction of 39 kilometer Etinan-Ndon Eyo with 2 bridges and a spur.

Methinks since Awak does not know what the government is using allocations for, it is imperative to inform him that within the last seven months, Akwa Ibom state government under ebullient and more pragmatic leadership of Udom Emmanuel, has awarded contract for the dualisation of Uyo –Oron road, undertaken the dualisation of Eket –Ibeno road, construction of urban roads in Oron, Ongoing construction of 3.5km Ikot Udom road with a bridge in Ibiono Ibom, ongoing dualisation work on 19.7 kmUyo-Etinan road among several others.

Also, let Awak also be told that since the creation of Akwa Ibom state some 28 years ago , this is the first time in history that a governor would attract over 50 investors across the globe and performed groundbreaking ceremonies for the establishment of at least seven industries in less than seven months in office with more investors invading the state.

Let Awak be told that the Emmanuel’s government rehabilitated the Peacock paint in less than 3 months and it is running, let Awak, who is working to return Akwa Ibom indigenes to servitude as house girls and gatemen in Lagos, be told that Udom Emmanuel’s government is sustaining the free and compulsory education with subventions paid to head teachers.
More importantly, since Awak appears blinded because of his depressed state, he should be reminded that Udom Emmanuel came with a clean heart and mind to serve the state and God with every ounce of energy in him and not to enrich himself from the state resources.

That Udom is vigorously pursuing his 5-point agenda of industrialization, job creation, poverty alleviation, wealth creation as well as Economic Empowerment of the people as has been exhibited in the training of over 200 youths power sector training, 1000 on Oracle certification and plans are underway to empower over 10000 others to make self-reliant.

Let Awak be told that because the governor is exposed and focused in achieving sustainable development, no amount of blackmail, unrestrained lies, tantrums, and cheap propaganda would distract him from delivering on the dividends of democracy to the people who elected him on April 11, 2015. Please tell Awak and his cohorts in case depression has taken a toll on them, that Udom Emmanuel is working and Akwa Ibom is working.

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