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Apologize to Nigerians for not fulfilling your Decorated Change Promises – A’Ibom PDP Publicity Sec.

Comrade Ini Ememobong
Comrade Ini Ememobong
-By Atuekong Paul Bassey

The Publicity Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party, Akwa Ibom State Chapter, Comrade Ini Ememobong has urged the Federal Government led All Progressive Congress (APC) to openly apologize to Nigerians for not being able to keep to their decorated change promises.

The State PDP Spokesman stated this today during a live radio interview monitored in Uyo. According to him, “If after one year you couldn’t meet with your campaign promises which you set out to achieve in one year, then you need to come out and apologize to Nigerians.”

“The Government at the centre had freely entered in a contract with Nigerians, but have failed to fulfill their end of the bargain. But they are free to re-negotiate since their expected change promises have not been met.”

“PDP is glad that APC won at the centre because Nigerians now know the difference. They now understand what it means to be a progressive movement of people in a direction headed to positive change, but for how long will the APC continue to play the blame game? APC has to settle down and accept the responsibility of this country that they sought to rule.” He added.

Nigerians so far have reacted on their social media channels about the failed change promises made by APC during last year’s electioneering campaigns. Their responses are as varied as they are interesting.

Law Mefor, Social activist wrote:
The 222 promises made by the All Progressives Congress, (APC), during the electioneering campaign have since been rescaled, or should I say, condensed, into four and what the party today agrees to be its promises are now only security, fight against corruption, tackling unemployment and fixing the economy. Out of these four, it is clear to all Nigerians that work has started in earnest only in the war against corruption and insecurity. The economy is yet to take a direction and the economic policy actions and inactions have only made things harder. Government argument has been that things are so bad that they needed some time to reset the foundations before building a brand new economy, which is the Eldorado they promised Nigerians while demonising Goodluck Jonathan out of office.

Godwin Eyo, Driver wrote:
Go to the villages and see how the people are suffering because he [Buhari] has not fulfilled his promises. He has added to the price of fuel, where people pay N50 now they pay N100 and how much do they earn? How will they even go to work? Many people are now at home because they cannot afford the money while those that do menial jobs are now jobless.
Now people are stranded and suffering. He should have done something before the fuel price was increased and not after. Everything is now expensive.

Afam Nkebiche, a Consulting Engineer:
The government appears to be focusing much on fighting corruption and, somehow, that has distracted the president from attending to other sensitive issues. He needs to get the economy right. It is good to fight corruption because so much money was taken out of the system from what we hear.
The government should focus on getting needed capital and developing infrastructures. He has not done really well when it comes to the issue of the Naira value, the government is saying it is not going to devalue but then what should be the value of the Naira? Beyond security, there are more important issues. If the economy is not doing well, it could lead to financial insecurity and this could lead to corruption. I don’t support the idea of giving people money. It could encourage laziness rather he should create an enabling environment for people to work.

Mr Andrawus Yakubu, an internally displaced person:
During Goodluck Jonathan-led administration, food stuff were cheaper but now they are getting beyond the reach of a common man.
The increase in the fuel price has led to the increase in almost all the commodities. But the government has done well in tackling insurgency.

Nehemiah Anini, Journalist:
The things we expect to be in place by now are not there but he has done well in fighting insurgency. Unlike what has happened before he assumed office, many places are now relatively peaceful. His fight against corruption is commendable. But same cannot be said in the area of infrastructure, though he has just assented to the budget, we are waiting to see how that will be perfected.

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