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APC FOR SALE: A'Ibom APC Now Sells Buhari's Empowerment Programmes…



If the duo of Dr. Amadu Atai, and Mr. Effiong Etok (aka Charles Taylor) the Akwa Ibom APC Chairman and Secretary respectively are allowed to head the party until 2019, then APC should abandon their tall dream of occupying the Hiltop Mansion from May 29, 2019 Global Concord can authoritatively report.

Although there are other bad eggs in the State Executive Council of the party, their role in the ongoing destruction of the party is not alarming, though it is equally lethal to the Party.

Last Monday. This paper (Global Concord) published the authentic list of the state and chapter executives of the APC in Akwa Ibom State. The publication was borne out of the paper’s determination to bring the truth to the fore, because the authentic and elected party leaders at the both the State and Chapter had been shoved out of their Party unconstitutionally.

Some of those in the State Exco who were barred from performing their constitutional duties include : Mr. Samuel Udobong ( State Publicity Secretary) ; Mr Idara Udoh ( State Youth Leader); Mr Mitchell George (an ex offcio of the party); etc.

Some Local Government Chapter Chairmen who were sacked from their offices include : Hon Emmanuel Andy (Chapter Chairman Uyo LGA) ; Mr. Uyire (Chapter Chairman Itu LGA) ;Mr Nkereuwem (Chapter Chairman Etinan); Mr Okon ( Ibiono LGA) etc.

The paper gathered that in all Twenty – Two (22)elected Chapter Chaurman , adjudged by the State Chairman and his gang, to be loyal to Sen. AkpanUdoedehe, were sacked from the party without any cogent reasons, and were replaced by unelected people, who were not members of the Exco in the first place.
The Adamu Atai impunity did not stop at the Chapter levels ; but also affected Wards, as many Ward Chairmen were unconstitutionally removed.

Our Political desk reported that “ In the APC constitution, the State Chairman has no power to sack any elected officer of the party, even at the ward level. The only power vested on the state chairman , after due consultation with stakeholders of the ward and chapter of the affected person, is to make recommendations to the National Working Committee for the suspension or sack of erring Party Leader.

The State Chairman has no power to take any decision pending the determination of the national body of the party.’’
The paper can authoritatively report that since the publication of the authentic APC State Exco and Chapter List, there has been uneasy calm in Amadu Atai and Effiong Etok camps. In their bid to save their faces, they hurriedly placed advertorial on the Midweek edition, advertising their culpability by stating thus “There is no other list/list of the state and chapter executive members of the APC in Akwa Ibom State, except the one that can be pbtained at the state secretariat of the party recognized by relevant authorities..”

Global Concord gathered that why Adamu Atai and Effiong Etok acted that way they did, was because they allegedly took money to sell positions to non-party, and non-elected people. A highly placed source in APC who is currently one of the surviving authentic Exco members told the paper that “They are using it to make money, For instance to become a Caucus Member, you must pay the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira. They are saying that they will generate money. Adamu Atai and Effiong Etok have taken money from so many people including widows, orphans etc. They are mortgaging all the programmes of the Federal Government. They sell form for empowerment, distorting APC policies. They are fraudsters.

“If you go to the website, you will see the authentic full – list of the Ward, Chapter and State Exco members. It is not different from the one you published. They collected money to make people Chapter Chairman; members of the State Exco : etc, because they think that they can do illegal jobs and go scot free. That’s why they failed in the last South – South meeting of the party. They thought that they would be able to change the list: but they failed. They are fraudsters.
“ It is a great challenge to your paper now, to tell them that if they have another list to counter what you have published, they should bring it to the public and stop writing folk – tales in the newspapers.
Amadu Atai and Effion Etok are destroying APC in Akwa Ibom. They came to the Caucus meeting at Datty hotel to subsititute the orginal list as they planned, but they failed because the south south Chairman, Mr Hillary Eta refused to condone that nonsense: and because they thought Udoedehe would not attend the meeting. Infact , we all thought Udoedehe will not attend the meeting: and that is why we aggred that Amadu should come with the list for ratification. But the presence of Udoedehe changed the whole plan, and the list remained where it was (Adamu Atai”s pocket).
The paper gathered from Chapter and Ward Chairmen across the state, that they were instructed to go and search for men and women capable of becoming Chapter Elders and Ward Elders. The credentials to qualify one to become a party elder is money.
“ anyone who wishes to vie to become an elder of the party in the ward is asked to pay the sum of ten thousand naira, while anyone wishing to become an elder in the chapter must pay twenty thousand naira only.”

“it does not matter if the aspirant to the Eldership position in the ward or chapter is not a member of the party, all that the state hierarchy of the party wants is the money.
“So far , in my ward, the real APC members cant afford such money, when I complained to my chapter chairman, he said I should take money from anybody. That indicates interest regardless of his political affiliations.

“From my records I have collected Twenty thousand naira from three persons who aspire to Chapter Eldership. One of them is the immediate past councilor in my ward; and about four persons who have been able to pay ten thousand naira for their inclusion in the ward eldership.
In all I have handed over a total of One hundred thousand naira to my Chapter Chairman who had in turn handed over same to State Chairman.

The paper gathered that the state chairman, his secretary and a few others, likr Elder Emmanuel Udoh (aka Mandu) have made millions of naira from “selling the party” and allotting positions to the highest bidders.

Finding shows that Chapter and Ward chairmen are used as tools to get money for the state chairman and his cabal. As at the last count, everything being equal, the state chairman and his cabal have made over three hundred million naira through the selling of eldership forms.
A chieftain of the APC told Global Concord that “All those who aspire to the Eldership position at the state level, were asked to pay one hundred naira.
Apart from selling positions, the state chairman of APC and his cabal, also received Hundred thousand naira each from every person that indicated interest to be appointed into any Federal Board.

Global concord can report authoritatively, that over two hundred persons summited their CV’s and money to the state chairman of APC through their respective Chapter Chairmen.

A source who spoke to Global Concord on condition of anonymity, said : “they cajoled me into believing that once you pay the sum of fifity thousand naira, and submit your CV, you get an automatic appointment by President Buhari, I did not have any money, but had to borrow from a friend, who equally paid. But up till now, no appointment. All we hear is Excuses.

The Paper gleaned from reliable sources that the state chairman and his cabal claimed that the fifty thousand naira fee was a directive from the National Secretariat of the party; but a source from the NEC of the party disavowed the claim; and maintained that : “Some people in the party positions across the country are tarnishing the image of the President, the federal government and the APC.

Global Concord can authoritatively report every Federal Government programme (which is free) is mortaged by the state chairman of APC and his cronies. For Instance, the N – Power form was sold for five thousand naira each; and over five thousand participants in the state were in addition, asked to pay an ‘Examination fee’ of five hundred naira each.
Meanwhile the State Publicity Secretary of APC, Hon. Samuel Udobong, while responding to questions from Global Concord said “ it is not the party’s position : and not in the interest of the party to raise illegal funds. The party has a way of raising money; which is in the party’s constitution

By Thomas Thomas Tomas

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