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Victoria Holiday: A Classic Case of Exuberance on Social Media.

In order not to heat up the polity in the light of the ongoing election tribunal, it is pertinent to closely examine the facts surrounding an alleged post on facebook by a certain Victoria Holiday which generated a recent uproar in the media. From the picture, the said Victoria Holiday appears to have been deployed as an ad hoc staff during the 2015 elections.

Without realizing the possible repercussions, she posted a picture of herself on duty (as it were) with the caption “working to save Udom Emmanuel our next governor.” Like every Nigerian, she HAS and is ENTITLED TO her PERSONAL preferences and choices (of candidate); unfortunately, such personal and individual predilection have very little bearing on the overall outcome of the polls.

Unfortunately, the APC and its supporters in their desperate search for every available evidence (no matter how minute), have decided to jump at this unfounded piece of “evidence”. Let us assume that her identity is authentic and it is not some propagandist masquerading through some scam facebook account. What credibility does this post have? It is actually baseless to make a mountain out of the grain of sand that her post really was. If anything, her “controversial” post ONLY proves she is just an exuberant and attention seeking young woman, going by other pictures and posts on her facebook account.

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