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Alleged Embezzlement: PDP Legal Adviser Lands Gov. Udom in Fresh Trouble


Moses Edem

If care is not well taken, all efforts made by the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel to ensure that all the facets of these society enjoy dividend of Democracy may be jeopardized in Ikono local government Area as a result of incessant sharp practice by the state Legal Adviser of PDP, Barr. Goddy Umoh, himself a native of the area.

Some months ago, the said Umoh, was accused of anti party activities and betrayal of the governor on the Front Page of The Post Newspaper, a publication he is yet to refute.

Suffice to add that, his aide, Mr. Idongesit Ukaetuk was in the last dispensation allegedly indulging in this anti party activities, a case where all party officers drew the attention of the then Governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio and that eventually led to the removal of Barr. Goddy Umoh as a commissioner.

Bittered by the removal, Umoh surrendered his polling unit to his then benefactor, Sen. John James Udoedehe and PDP lost woefully.

Why do I need to recall this stale news? It’s is as a result of the recent happenings in the society, if not clearly stalemate, it may lead to another blow on the governor.

Recently, the governor in his magnanimity doled out twenty million Naira each to all the thirty one local government areas across the state. In Ikono, the cheque was received by Barr. Goddy Umoh, who was the resource person nominated in 2015 in the area by the Ukana cabal where his unalloyed loyalty lies.

To the surprise of everyone. Umoh, singlehandedly seized the sum of two million naira, claiming that he was mandated by the governor to use the cash and pay the governor’s brother, sister and relatives.

The issue, initially triggered queries, investigations and gnashing of teeth. Politicians wondered why the governor should be so interested in money meant for Ikono people, when other Local Government Areas had their fair share of largess.

It was later discovered that, the claim by Barr. Goddy Umoh, was into a daylight robbery. As such, the Special Assistant to the governor on Inter-ministerial, Hon. Jack Essien decided to clear his doubt by sending him this message, “I’ve made calls to my contacts across the state and have discovered that no single local government has done any PR with the money His Excellency the Governor graciously made available for the people. As a Special Assistant to the Governor I have the right to advise that it will be in our common interest if you call another meeting and redistribute the 2m naira to the eleven wards in Ikono to touch some more people at the electoral units as intended by the governor. This is my humble advice, Sir. Thanks. Jack Essien.”

Our reporter on contacting Goddy Umoh had it claimed that the said Jack Essien, Hon Victor Udofia and Hon Iboro Ekanem who are all public officers holders in Ikono submitted to his argument on PR but later reacted as he refused to yield to their pressure of giving them a fair share of the 2million naira agreed for PR to government house family. On noticing that it was a dubious act, Goddy Umoh changed his rhythm by claiming that the cash was meant for Udom key men in power.

Till date, no one in Ikono knows the fate of the embezzled 2million naira. Already the cash has developed turmoil between different segments of Ikono people.

“A leader should be sincere, takes into cognisance the dreams and aspirations of his boss. Goddy Umoh Is not helping the government in this aspect. He has succeeded in heating up the politics of Ikono with more decampees. This is the same way he behaved many years ago with my Boss Godswill Akpabio with embezzlement of election funds that caused his removal as Chairman election committee to Hon Clement Bassey as replacement. It later escalated to his position as Commissioner being sacrificed” Hon Jack Essien deposited.

It behooves on the governor to proffer solution to this pressing saga which has thrown the political class of Ikono into disrepute.

Umoh knows what he is trying to achieve, it is left for the governor to keep an eye on his gambit else by tomorrow, he may be surprised by what the actions and inactions of Barr. Goddy Umoh will cause to his political future.

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