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A'Ibom State Govt Bans Dr Iguedo Goko Cleanser Drugs, Food Ors

In reaction to public outcry and apparently sensing the danger the continuous public hawking of these unwholesome drugs(roots, and herbs) and food poses to the health of unsuspecting members of the public, Akwa Ibom State government through the Ministry of Health has banned all forms of street display and sales of such products.
In a public announcement signed by the Director Pharamceutical Services in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mary Ukpong on behalf of the Health Commissioner, Dr. Dominic Ukpong, the Ministry in the press statement obtained by this medium, has banned the ‘sales, hawking and distribution of food and drugs and any form of cleansers’

The statement reads in parts “The drugs according to dispensers claims to provide cure for typhoid, diabetis, epilepsy, among others. The Ministry said the ‘claims have not been scientifically confirmed, stating that these products have been linked to kidney failure and other health conditions.
The statement has advised members of the public to exercise caution in consumption of un-prescribed herbs and roots.
Law enforcement agents have been put on alert, while a Task Force is being set on motion to enforce the ban order.

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  1. Finally!!! Kudos to the government of the state!!

  2. I knew it was wrong to buy such drugs without doctor’s prescription.they sell these liquid stuff all over abuja with lies it cures all & can resurrect dead men.if u know wa I mean.it is a fraud & endangers our health.pls stop them

  3. This is what we been waiting for past years; thanks be to God for the good governor that he has brought to us.

  4. I saw this coming. If not for the probable harmful effect or the drugs, the noise pollution on the streets of Uyo metropolis, the traffic disruption was just too hazardous. first time a ministry is standing up to one of its primary duties. Now awaiting the ministry of housing and urban renewal to also rise to its responsibilities. Good one.

  5. Who has belived really what goko cleanser cures?

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