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A'Ibom Brand Management introduces Dakkada Support Initiative


The Directorate
The Directorate of Marketing and Brand Management, AkwaIbom State is the office that handles the Government ‘s social re-orientation and entrepreneurship programme known as“Dakkada”. Through the Dakkada platform we motivate and inspire AkwaIbomites to embrace the virtues of hardwork, integrity, excellence and entrepreneurship. The thrust of the Directorate’s activities is to inform and connect AkwaIbomites to the endless opportunities that are available both in our immediate environment and the rest of the world. At the moment the Directorate runs several programmes including the Dakkada Ambassadors Recruitment and Entrepreneurship Campaign.
The Dakkada Support Initiative (Lift a Dakkada Mind)
This initiative is one of the Directorate’s entrepreneurship programme. It is a vehicle to reduce unemployment, create wealth for the people of the state and help to grow the state’s economy. The programme seeks to support willing and practicing up-and-coming entrepreneurs to grow and expand their businesses through training, exposure and empowerment. Our belief is that as their businesses grow more people will be employed thus helping to reduce unemployment and keep the state economy buoyed.
Our strategy is to cooperate and partner with the private sector in a unique and economically beneficial manner to the 2 sectors. This strong partnership will attract real hands-on, practical training and exposure in live work and business situations. We also intend to attract private capital to fund some of the empowerment programmes. In certain circumstances we may also assist our people with direct employment and job placement for qualified and ready AkwaIbomites.
The first phase of this programme is starting in September 2016 and it is meant to benefit a total of 155 AkwaIbomites. To commence this scheme and this first phase we are in partnership with the following private sector organizations:
• Hensek Integrated Services Limited
• Nigerpet Structures Limited
• Verini Construction
It is important to note that we are currently in discussions with a number of other indigenous and multinational organizations and the organizations will be joining the scheme as we conclude our discussions and sign partnership agreements with them. However, we express our deep appreciation to the organizations we have listed above who have demonstrated faith in our vision and objectives and have given us the necessary support to kick start this initiative today.
Specifically this first phase shall entail training and exposure for 155 AkwaIbomites in different skill areas including Survey, Mechanical, Carpentry, Information System, IT Networking, Engineering Orientation etc; empowerment of the various trainees and, in some instances, employment of trainees. The aim again is to reduce unemployment, create wealth for the people and help to grow the state’s economy.
This programme is for people who have taken the initiative and have made a start in any area of entrepreneurship by setting up their own business. We are doing this to encourage them and to inspire more AkwaIbomites to take the first step and make a start.
Criteria for Selection of Beneficiaries
Beneficiaries of this project will be selected based strictly on merit. However, it is very important to note that they will come from our pool of registered Dakkada Ambassadors all over the state. We do not encourage and will not entertain any form of solicitation.AkwaIbomites are hereby encouraged to register as Dakkada Ambassadors.
How to Register as Dakkada Ambassador
The process of registering as a Dakkada Ambassador is simple and free. To register please
1. Visit www.dakkadaambassadors.com to complete and submit an online application or
2. Visit the Directorate of Marketing and Brand Management at #65 Wellington Bassey Way, UyoAkwaIbom State to complete and submit a form
3. Contact us through the Protocol Assistant attached to your Local Government Area to complete and submit a form.
We use this opportunity to call on other organizations and well-meaning AkwaIbomites who have arisen to the greatness in one way or the other to join hands with the Government in this task of raising the next generation of AkwaIbom entrepreneurs and ensuring that our children are gainfully engaged. We are open to partner at all levels.
It is our belief that this is only the first step in a long and sustainable journey. There are many more projects soon to come from the Directorate to help AkwaIbomitesand indeed AkwaIbom State to arise to sustained greatness.

Samuel Edoho
Senior Special Assistant
Directorate of Marketing and Brand Management

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