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Act of Impunity: Nsima Ekere's Convoy Unleashes Terror on Uyo Residents

disobeys traffic rules

*Security detail brutalizes citizens

The motorcade of the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, Obong Nsima Ekere, has been spotted at several spots in the state terrorizing innocent citizens, reports The TOWN CRIER roaming reporter. Some respondents who exchanged views with our roaming reporter in a voxpop, condemned the rash use of siren by the MD of NDDC as well as the reckless driving of his convoy. They described the habit of the drivers and security personnel of Ekere as ” an act of impunity “.

The respondents told our reporter that abuse of Siren and impunity by Ekere’s men on the road often created unnecessary panic among road users which usually resulted to auto crashes. “The incessant blaring of siren by that man few days ago scared a man who was pushing truck on Uruan Street.

In fact the man and his truck ended up in the gutter as he struggled to give way,” Mrs Christiana Akpabio who owns boutique in Ewet Housing in Uyo, told our reporter. Mrs Akpabio who pleaded with the NDDC boss to show some level of respect to other road users however, urged government to be more careful in the issuance of permit for the use of siren on the minor roads like uruan street in Uyo.

“Nsima’s case is worrisome. I have spotted his convoy on several occasions terrorizing and abusing innocent road users. “For instance, his convoy has 1 Lexus GX570, 4 Toyota Land cruiser SUV5, 7 Toyota hilux trucks, 3 Toyota Hiace buses “He has over 34 police escorts, 12 soldiers, 5 DSS details in his convoy. His convoy lines up from his house up to Majesty Realms hotel”

“I think Government should not keep quiet because the poor are being harassed on the road by this man.”. Another respondent, Dr Felix Anwana who lives on Oron Road, regretted that in spite of existing laws that regulated the use of siren, the NDDC boss has continued to behave “with crass impunity on the road whenever he visits home. Is this how he wants to govern Akwa Ibom? Anwana asked rhetorically.

Continuing, he said: “I have seen a couple of topshots and senior citizens when stopped by traffic light, they would obey but, never would you see Nsima’s convoy obey. His security personnel are very brutish and rough. They have hit several keke riders on the road. It’s bad. “You would see them use the siren to scare other road users in a bid to beat the traffic and dare you stand on their way, his security personnel and detail would finish .

It has happened twice. Once, their harsh attitude caused a serious road accident along Itam junction,” he said. Dr Anwana who frowned at the act, reminded some government officials that all are equal before the law. He urged the police to punish those who break traffic rules and use security men to intimidate innocent road users to serve as deterrent to others.

Source: Town Crier Newspaper

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